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Will a salad help me lose weight?


Dieting has always been considered one of the best ways of inducing weight loss, but it works the best only when it is used in combination with an effective exercise routine.

Salads have traditionally been considered the foods to eat, frequently, when one chooses to go on a diet. Hence we see that when people choose to go on a diet, they begin to order salads more frequently.

Most readers will be surprised to know that 90% of salads that we eat are not any healthier than any other items that we find on the menu.

Healthy Salad

So, when one needs to order a salad, it is prudent to look into what goes behind making the salad. This should be easy to find over the restaurant menu if they have a description for each of the products on offer.

  • What makes the salads unhealthy, in most cases?

There are times when the salad itself is healthy, but with the dressing over the top, it becomes a high-calorie meal. This nullifies the very purpose of ordering a salad because most people order salads to lose weight.

Additives to a salad frequently comprise of dressings that are thick and creamy. Similarly, other high-calorie additives to a salad are canned fruits and croutons, which are again high-calorie foods.

unhealthy salad

Hence if one wants to consume a salad, it is better to make it home and have it. This way one can be sure that no unhealthy and fattening foods have gone behind making the salad.

  • Can a salad replace my meal?

People have a gut feeling that eating away from home, in restaurants is the key to their weight gain. In an attempt to eat healthy when they are away from home, they always order salads when at a restaurant.

Several factors make a salad a healthy meal, such as micronutrients and fibers. But salads do not have sufficient proteins required for our diet. Hence replacing meals with salads may not be a great idea.

It is invariably important for one to ensure that one’s diet is not lagging in proteins. If this is going to happen, one may develop a long term protein deficiency.

healthy Meal

For our regulatory functions, proteins are a must. So, regular meals cannot be replaced in favor of salads. When one has a salad once in a while instead of a regular meal, it is okay. But this should not turn into a regular practice.

Similarly, when salads are entirely calorie-free, they still cannot do the body well for long. Calories also make an important part of the diet. A certain amount of calories are a must for our bodies and helps the body effectively go about its functions.

If one deprives one’s body of calories and proteins, one would be starving oneself. This would not help one lose weight. Instead, one will feel hungry and binge eat at a later point in time. The process will turn out to be counterproductive.

Hence, instead of consuming salads in place of meals, one should eat proper meals. One can lose weight by eating less, but never by starving oneself.

  • Can a salad account for weight gain?

Yes, there are cases wherein consuming a salad does account for weight gain. Let us suppose one makes a salad using cherry tomatoes and lettuces. The salad is healthy till now. But when one adds a blob of cream atop it, it becomes a high-calorie meal that could lead to weight gain.

healthy meal

The dish is now counterproductive in terms of weight loss. By slowing down the metabolism, such a dish is likely to account for additional weight gain over the long term.

Henceforth, one should always try and ensure that one uses only those salad dressings or additives over a salad that are not unhealthy. They may come in the format of olive oil, and herbs and spices such as oregano.

  • Salad recipe withholds the key to whether a salad is healthy or not

When we consider the basic salad recipe, it will include leafy greens and other veggies, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and carrots. This kind of salad is safe to consume as there would be no excessive addition of calories to one’s diet. But few people prefer plain salads.

Instead, people like to have salads that look and taste fancy. In case they have a choice, they like to have croutons or fried bread added to their salads.

Sugar-laden canned fruits frequently make another common addition to their salads. Creamy dressings are another common culprit, in terms of adding calories to a salad. In many cases, the dressings that we put atop the salads have more calories than the remainder of the salad.

Adding fried noodles to a salad is one way of making a salad calorie-rich. This is not the right thing to do for someone who is suffering from a cardiovascular disorder. So, in case one is ailing with a heart condition, he can avoid going for a fancy salad.

In an attempt to keep the calorie count in a salad manageable, it is better to avoid putting excessive cheese in one’s salad. But it is generically difficult to get the idea across to consumers. People are seldom concerned about the dressings that go with their salad. For a calorie-conscious consumer, this becomes an important point to be looked into.

healthy food

In case one consumes a salad at a restaurant, they are just about to sure oil, salt, and preservatives to the salad. People frequently add salt to the salads that they make at home as well. But in restaurants, they add more salt, which makes a salad unhealthy. Hence, the healthiest salads are always prepared at home.

This fact is however difficult to present before consumers because restaurants always advertise their salads to be exceedingly healthy. Overall it is important for a consumer to understand that in his bid for weight loss, a fancy salad may not do the needful.

Therefore, the next time you order a salad with fried chicken and mayonnaise dressing, you should think about its caloric value as well.


Kiran Sharma


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