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Why Your Hair Scalp Hurts Sometimes?


Have you ever had pain in your scalp or experienced a painful scalp and hair sometimes? It happens sometimes when we feel a strange pain that develops in our hair roots. And, just by taking down your tight ponytail, you must have felt so relieved too.

Well, it often seems real that originates in the nerves of your hair scalp. To fix it, you have to understand its causes as to why your hair scalp hurts sometimes. Let’s us to deal with the details to look around several ways to relieve this pain. 

hair scalp

No, it is not just your imagination that plays some tricks on you as dermatologists always say that hair scalp pain is a very real condition along with various issues.

First, we need to know the science behind it, it says, the pain originates from the hair roots. Is it happening due to an inflammation that comes from the blood vessels in your scalp? Is your hair scalp developing the blood vessels that flood in your hair follicles that cause this painful scalp? Many studies around the clock have developed many causes related to scalp pain but this pain takes place in your hair follicles indistinguishably from the strand, hence it feels like your hair in pain. But luckily, we have some ways to erase this pain.

First, we need to understand this painful and burning or tingling sensation that we have experienced while we comb or move our hair. When we comb or move our hair this pain comes from nerves in our scalp. We often feel a strong spill on the head.

It happens when blood vessels in hair get inflamed and when we press the surrounding surface in our head, it generates a scalp sensitivity.

There may be some valid reason for this pain including tight or complex hairstyles, scalp psoriasis and folliculitis, stress, dandruff, dryness, seborrheic dermatitis, allergic inflammation, burning hair syndrome, dysesthesia, temperature, head injuries, allodynia or migraine, use of helmets, hairdryers, hair curlers or flat irons, and many more.

Well, when we have acquainted with all the essential reasons for hair scalp pain, let’s find out the cure to redeem this hair pain easily. 

Spill Your Hair Down 

A tight or complex hairstyle is the worst perpetrator sometimes. For example, a high ponytail, bun, cornrow, and braid can pull or damage hair follicles that lead to pain in the scalp.

It is always recommended to wear rigid-less hairstyles if you ever feel pain in your hair scalp. Don’t leave your hair open all the time in day and night as it also makes your hair dry that often causes scalp pain. You need to pay attention to this kind of hair pain when you leave your hair open every time day or night, it gives you a warning about a sudden hair loss too.


Your hair can be gradually so blunt and brittle and eventually get damaged. Patients who have experienced such pain, are advised to prone to this hair pain by using soft cloth hair ties with no gripped elastics. These people should always opt for loose hairstyles instead of anything that spill their hair roots. Don’t leave your hair tied while you go to sleep overnight as it spills your hair for hours that results in scalp pain. 


Take A Break From Hair Products 

Various hair products including dry shampoos that every girl is fond of this, sometimes turn into pain due to an overdose. Extending your life on a blowout or making use of an extra wash-free substance once in a while may be fine but always depending on the replacements to regular wash your hair can break your follicles.

Most people use some shortcuts to wash their hair by spraying the chemicals in their scalp instead of strands. Consequently, some bacteria thrive on your hair scalp easily, and especially when they are mixed with sweat, it potentially causes chronic inflammation on your hair scalp in form of pain and itching. 

Wash Well, However Not Too Often

When we talk about cleansing your hair, it doesn’t mean to over-wash and under-wash it, it makes your hair fussy either and eliminates the complete pH balance off from your hair roots. It becomes another reason for your painful hair too often. Conversely, constant shampooing your hair makes your hair scalp dry which may even induce a critical condition such as dermatitis, a chronic state of scalp inflammation.

hair scalp

If your hair naturally is very sensitive and you have to wash your hair too often or daily, always use a gentle baby shampoo or body wash that contains essential oils and glycerin. You can also use avocado-extracts shampoos which help to strengthen your hair skin barriers. 

Evaluate Your Hair Color Chemistry

It can be another source of hair scalp pain that might be taking on regular days. If you are addicted to using a hair dye, color, or bleach, it also causes pain in hair roots when the season changes. Whether it is extreme cold or humidity, you often feel scalp pain just after applying hair color or dye to your hair.

Many people have premature graying at a very young age which makes them addicted to many years of coloring. Dermatologists are working to bring a solution but still, no relief has been invented. Hair coloring always gives you pain and other inflammation. If you want to revive this pain, always use ammonia-free or chemical-free coloring. 

Prevention is Always Better Than Cure 

Well, scalp pain now becomes very common and peculiar for the people who suffer migraine headaches. For people who are addicted to this existing and excruciating condition, its causes are very different. You should first get relief from a migraine headache with medications before the process of hair allodynia gets developed.

You should immediately consult with a neurologist to calm down the migraine headache. Since your hair follicles need time to time decompression to rejuvenate them, you should consult a dermatologist. Moreover, you should change your hairstyle and washing habits consistently as prevention is always better than cure.


Kiran Sharma


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