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Why Should Beauty Always Be Justified with Appearance & A Fair Complexion? 


Beautiful women, oh it’s all about their fair looking skin what we love to look at her and talk about her. We always inclined to the sharp corners of fair complexion that build the nature of beauty, isn’t true? Yes, it is!

Whenever we look at a fair-skinned girl whose complexion gives a grace without any justification, we preferably always say, “she has got it all”, right? A beautiful girl to date with every night, men always fall over the girls who have a fair complexion literally and figuratively. 

Okay, let us face it! When you meet someone for the first time, the first impression always speaks about the personality and looks; later on, we start to think about brain and character to switch on a meaning.

Beauty with a fair complexion plays a big role absolutely that may be connected with success. Why in India, the fair complexion beauty is everywhere considered.


Why the big brand always place a premium hiring for just the fair-skinned models? Why these brands always prefer to choose a creamy face to advertise their beauty products? Why not black beauty is considered to do this? Many opinions have been granted to visualize the beauty in the serious fair complexion to define its nature.

The public clearly recompenses the business with only beautiful faces. In a New York Times interview, it is found that the people who have a fair skin tone always considered for their professed attitudes.

They are preferred to attract more customers to buy their products from fair-skinned salespersons. Jurors always listen to beautiful fair-looking attorneys and voters often to be led by fair-looking politicians. Moreover, students always like to be learned from beautiful fair-skin female lecturers. 

How About in India to Fix the Beauty Norms?

Over the years Indians have been more programmed to evaluate their beauty on the fair skin tone. The craze for white skin is aggressively marketed now in India. In many advertisements, white skin beauty is always texted to be successful that granted by people.

Hence, it is essential to have fair skin in whatever you want to do. Awkwardly, now people are only apprehended on the surface of fair skin beauty to pay a little attention to one’s character as well.


A fair skin always catches the attraction but what if, when you have sharp features along with dark skin? Truly, it is also calculated as in some beauty norms but not with the highest amount of being beautiful.

You could be called attractive but not as beautiful. Indian girls mostly have a whitish complexion due to the extreme environmental conditions that have always been changing. 

Why Beauty is Considered More Than Other Personality Traits?

Not only in India but the people around many counties pay their attention much to beauty which is defined by the white skin tone, then other essential personality traits like intelligence, character, and brain that complete a person. Since beauty is considered more than any other personality trait, it has now become common everywhere in the world. It has a strong gravity to catch the attention of anybody in a crowd.

A fair complex can never be ignored if we are talking about a well-groomed staff in an organization too. Well, all the fairness cream manufacturers have always claimed to turn your dark complexion into a fair skin tone when their products protect skin from UV rays. But significantly, they can’t completely change your complexion from dark to light with their chemical-based ingredients. 

What is the Psychology of a Beauty?

Fair skin women may have it even better to get away all things that ordinary can’t. Whether you are talking to an officer or walking without a reservation and trying to fix a meeting with someone, you must have seen to get facilitated very soon with your fair complexion.

It does make a difference as white tone beauties have always a bigger-than-life personality which is higher than self-esteem with an impression that she is someone special that deserves the best things as much as possible.

physicology of beauty

So, does it sound good? In today’s life, beauty is considered a bomb that the luckiest people enough to have. No, all things do not glitter as with most things, you will find a downside as well. Something would even have elaborated as the dark side of beauty. How beautiful women can hold an obsession to maintain it with any difficulties? 

What a Low Self-Esteem Is Denominated in Beauty?

Low self-esteem could be more common in a beautiful woman than you expect. Some beautiful women don’t even consider themselves as beautiful and attractive. They have created their own perceptions about beauty and don’t trust others who treat them as stunning beauty. Some of them justify their beauty in their first impression or reactions of others to define themselves.

They start developing a complex nature that has no talent, no brainpower, and even no quality that makes them beautiful. Similarly, some beautiful women truly have a shy nature which protects them to be constant harassment. It makes them even arrogant.

But when we try to know about them instead of their beauty, we might find out their true personality traits. We are subconsciously or maybe consciously looking at the reasons to judge their beauty in different perceptions.  

What Is So Good and Bad About Beauty?

It is good and bad about beauty which depends on what actually determines a woman to parley her beauty to chase the success and what will succumb them to approach a dark side of beauty. For women, their beauty is an asset that equally plays with their physical awareness, brain, emotions, and intelligence.

But the key to determining their beauty is the way to use it. It can be an asset that can be used sensibly with an understanding. Beauty can be your blessings also which can be turned into a curse. Things happen very difficultly and different for beautiful women than a plain one. So the next time, when you stick to a woman’s beauty, don’t judge her in this regards as she is beautiful.


Kiran Sharma

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