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What Skin-Care Trends Tread in the Pandemic Year of 2020 ?


Since people are inclined increasingly towards injectable experiences or treatments to treat their skin-related problems in the pandemic year of 2020, various skincare trends are traveling to the world of cosmetology according to dermatologists. Syringe Botox, face masks, and laser hair removal devices have taken their places in the mind of millions of people to treat their all skin problems in COVID-19.

Requests of more injectable for hair loss and skin problems that increased due to an overuse of facemasks have been receiving by dermatologists in the year 2020. When this Corona Virus began to hit rapidly in the several states with stay-at-home orders, dermatologists have shut down the doors of their clinics which allowed people to get cosmetic treatments like fillers, Botox, and lasers.

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With the excessive use of facemasks, people are facing new skin challenges that appear in form of acne, pigmentation, and scars on their face. Hence, they are more concerned to consider telemedicine by teleconsultation with their doctors. 

This pandemic has completely changed the thoughts of people to treat their skin-related issues. Here, in this article, we will talk about the changes and new challenges that people around the world are facing to treat their skin-related problems in the year 2020. Many researchers are discussing their analysis to search for the new skin-related trends that tread in the life of people.

They have also found some general skin issues which include eczema, acne, skin inflammation, and rashes those treatments have been declined during this pandemic and still hasn’t returned to the baseline level.

However, some people are slowly beginning to return to their skin specialist’s clinic in search of the written prescriptions to treat their skin-related problems like acne, redness, wrinkles, inflammation, and much-needed skin cancer checkups. Here, we are discussing skin-related trends that float in the world of dermatology. 

Botox Syringe in Eye Area Becomes More in Demand 

Botox syringe in the eye area has now become more in demand due to the pandemic. Even covered with a mask, people are still looking to smooth wrinkles on their face with Botox treatment. Hence, Botox has now become popular in this pandemic time with the hands wearing the gloves.

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People can overlook their image which is tagged by many wrinkles around their lips but they can’t ignore their looks with fine lines under their eyes.

Therefore, Botox syringe under the eyes becomes more in demand. This is because, this area which you can’t cover with your mask, is still visible. If you are worried about the injectable that can freeze your face and people can’t read your expressions, a well-done Botox injectable allows your expressions to come out even when you are wearing a mask. 

The Trend of Telemedicine Via a Pre-Appointment

This trend of telemedicine has had fascinated people in many countries before COVID-19 but after sudden shut-down orders closed everything down, it exploded. It is the best way to seek prescriptions from your dermatologist to cure any skin problem.

Your doctor is still able to take your calls via some video apps and can see your skin whether it is inflated with acne, redness, itching, rashes, pigmentation, bumps, and discoloration. A video appointment is good to hear your skin problems and to give you suggestions to cure them. 

Mask Pops-Up Many of People 

Although, wearing a mask is essential to protect yourself in public areas in this pandemic when social distancing is not possible. A mask helps to slow down the effect of the coronavirus but it can give you an experience of rosacea skin or dermatitis.

Wearing a mask for long hours can give you some impressions of acne-like rashes around your lips and nose according to the studies of dermatologists. According to a survey in skincare clinics, ten cases every day are being registered of skin allergy and skin inflammation problems by wearing a mask.

Increased humidity and warmth within your mask provide you the reason for clogged pores and acne. Humidity and heat exaggerate the rosacea and cause irritation which leads to dermatitis. If you want to avoid this situation, you should wear a mask which is made of cotton. You should use a lightweight and breathable mask. 

Requests of Lip Fillers Are Increasing 

Wearing a mask can create irritation when it comes to contact your skin for a long time. To accept the new challenges to protect their beauty, people now choose to get a lip filler. Lip fillers involve downtime of 1 or 2 days that are needed for recovery.

Lip Fillers

But this trend doesn’t work every time as people can develop swelling or inflammation just after this treatment. You should be careful if you seek this help to provide a base to your lips to limit your additional physical activity. 

Laser Treatment for Hair Removal Now Becomes on Rising 

People are incommodious with the hair on their upper lips or under their chin areas, but laser treatment for this hair removal can have a permanent solution to remove them. However, laser damages the complete hair follicles but it provides a series of treatments to stop the growth of this hair.

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Our main concern is to focus on break down the skin tissues with laser treatment which makes the skin more sensitive when it contacts the sun. So always avoid the laser treatment in the summer seasons to protect against its side effects.  

Radiofrequency Micro-Needling Is On a Hike 

In this pandemic time, where few places to go with no big events on the calendar, people have sufficient time to embrace Radiofrequency Micro-needling to stimulate collagen production in their skin. According to the various studies results in dermatologist’s publications, a Radiofrequency heats the skin to force collagen production.

This process follows micro-needling which causes minor damage to your skin along with fine needles that inject to promote collagen. It makes your skin red for a specific time period and your skin appears pixelated for a couple of weeks but the results are worth it. This Radiofrequency treatment has its value to address everything from skin texture and wrinkles to discoloration and uneven tone.


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