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What is Sea Buckthorn and how it benefits you?


There are several herbs, fruits, and vegetables on the earth that are extremely beneficial for our body. However, some herbs are much more beneficial and loaded with multiple qualities. One such herb is Sea Buckthorn.

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What is Sea Buckthorn?

Sea Buckthorn is a very small berry having a yellow-orange color. It is mainly found in northern China, Mongolia, Europe, Russia, and Canada.

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What makes Sea Buckthorn so important?

Sea Buckthorn is loaded with an extensive inventory of nutrients and vitamins that provides it a cutting edge over other fruits. For instance, the Vitamin C content of Sea Buckthorn is as high as 12X an orange. It also has a very high amount of antioxidants, protein, minerals, and vitamins. To be precise it packs an inventory of 190 different bioactive compounds. Due to its impressive nutrition profile, Sea Buckthorn is gaining wide popularity in the national and international health industry.

What are the benefits of sea buckthorn?

There are a number of health benefits of Sea Buckthorn as we mention below:

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Helps in losing weight

Regular intake of sea buckthorn in ideal quantity helps in avoiding extra fat storage and thus actively assists in losing weight. It not only helps people don a well-toned body but also minimize the probabilities of various disease-related to fat like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and BP. 

 Moreover it also helps in reducing inflammation which is related to diabetes and heart-related disease.

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Moisturize the body and regulates functioning

Omega fatty acids are extremely important to regulate the different functions of the body and keep their vital organs healthy. Sea Buckthorn contains multiple different Omega fatty acids. Along with omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9, it also contains omega 7 which isn’t found easily. The last one is also associated with reducing inflammation as per the primary ongoing research suggests.

When consumed regularly the family of omega fatty acids can also heal constipation by acting as a lubricant to regularize bowel movements.

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Offers natural glow to the skin

Several highly effective yet chemical-free skin creams use Sea buckthorn due to the huge volume of vitamin C. It is worth mentioning that vitamin C increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin and restores its original qualities to stop the effects of aging. Moreover, Vitamin C also assists in forming collagen that is vitally important for naturally healthy skin.

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Reduce the skin irritation

 Along with keeping your skin healthy and shining Se buckthorn also helps in healing skin irritation. Its Omega 3 fatty acids heal burning and itching. Sea Buckthorn also helps you recover from scarring by acting as a potent natural healer- thanks to its high content of vitamin E. The presence of essential fatty acids also minimizes skin inflammation.

How can you get Sea Buckthorn?

You may either buy Buckthorn oil and apply topically over your skin or use it in the domestically prepared beauty blends to multiply their benefits. Besides many beauty products also contain buckthorn oil but you need to be careful before buying such products and make sure that they shouldn’t be loaded with too many harsh chemicals as such chemicals hurt your skin.

How to consume Sea Buckthorn?

Though loaded with so many qualities the Sea buckthorn doesn’t taste great. Eating unprocessed sea buckthorn is tart. That’s why it is generally consumed as syrups, jams, etc. However, if you are taking it purely for medicinal benefits then the most convenient way is to consume it as a capsule or concentrated juice. Such supplements contain the ideal extract of sea buckthorn that is kept intact in the ideal format.

It is equally possible to buy sea buckthorn juice but that isn’t easy and you may have difficulty getting it easily. At least you cannot expect it lying at the shelf of your nearest supermarket.



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