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What Is A Healthy Weight Loss and How to Achieve it?


Being overweight always increases the risks of developing some serious diseases like Diabetes, cancers, and coronary heart diseases.

While the risk of increasing these diseases, obesity can also decrease your quality of life that leads to other psychological issues like depression and lack of self-esteem and confidence. Idealistically, it is far better to avoid the risk of being overweight by ignoring unhealthy food. Replace your overeating with eating healthy foods and regular exercising to keep maintain a quality of life.

However, there are some problems also associated with weight loss that are literally very common. So here we have gathered some useful information to assist you to lose weight healthily and sensibly.  

A Healthy Weight Loss is Not About to Follow a “Diet” or “Program”

  • As our body is determined with the amount of active energy that we obtained from eating healthy food that compared the amount of this energy that you are using for weight loss. The overall dynamism you gain by eating healthy food and drinks.
  • Conversely, the overall weight you always like to gain by eating junk food and unhealthy drinks that are stored as fat in your body. For healthy weight loss, you need to use this energy by eating less and exercising more. Be aware, that there is no short cut to fix obesity.

A healthy weight loss will take time and your commitment and determination to work hard.

  • Although, even losing or keep off a small amount of weight could also produce some significant health benefits. It reduces the risk of obesity-related issues. Well, it is natural for everyone to try for losing weight passionately but very quickly. But studies have shown the results of being successful more at keeping weight off gradually & steadily about 1-2 pounds every week. Logically, a healthy weight loss is not just about following a diet or a weight loss program.
  • It is about to adopt an ongoing lifestyle which includes a long term change in your daily habits of eating and exercising.  It is not a matter of a short span of time. Once you achieved this healthy weight loss, you have to rely on eating healthy and on a regular physical workout to maintain it for the long term.

What Should Consider to Achieve a Healthy Weight Loss?

You should consider a healthy metabolism in your body to keep maintain a healthy BMI cycle and waist circumference which is influenced by ethnic background. For example, if you are maintaining an ethnic background like Asian or African, your BMI and waist perimeter should threshold of being considered overweight must be fewer. Your ethnicity may affect the risk of being overlapped by a certain health condition like diabase and heart failure.

If you are from a South African or Chinese background, your waist size should be less than 90 cm. You may also seek help from a dietician if you have some doubts about it. A sensible weight loss depends on an overall change that revolves around your eating habits. You should eat a healthy meal or a balanced diet along with some major essential physical Workouts like yoga or running

What Weight Loss Guidelines Recommend?

Some official weight-loss guidelines recommend that one should try to lose some weight gradually and sensibly about 1-2 LBS which is approximately 0.5-1 KG in a week. In this way, obesity is more likely to keep off. This rate is proved by official weight-loss guidelines.

Moreover, these guidelines also officially announced for women to consume no more than 1400 kcal per day and for men, not more than 1900 kcal per day. The total amount of weight depends on how much you want to lose but how much active and passionate you are to lose. 

What Are Different Approaches for a Healthy Weight Loss?

Many approaches have been identified for successful and healthy weight loss for a long time and people are following them for a perfect weight loss result.

  • Weight loss to be claimed successfully by trying weight loss approaches that will definitely work for you. Calories & portion size control is the important approach to lose weight that defines an effective strategy but it depends on how passionately you can stick to it for a long time. It defines a low card diet and low-fat foods to intake.
  • Some other approaches may also recommend a very low-calorie diet, especially you need to lose weight instantly. Whenever and whichever you choose a perfect diet plan to lose your weight, you must be ensured about the end of the program to make you stick on a long-term healthy diet and some essential changes in your lifestyle to keep your weight to lost-off.
  • The only significant approach to healthy weight loss is, “Eating a balanced and healthy diet that can keep you physically active during the hard times of physical workout to reach your desired weight. 

Which Things to Be Considered?

There are certain boundaries to lose your weight in some exceptional cases like if you are pregnant, it is never advised to lose your weight. Parents need to seek official advice from health professionals for their overweight children about what you can do to help them to lose their weight with the available resources.

If you are undergone major surgery or revived from a long-term medical condition, it is always advised to ask your GP before planning a weight loss program.

Eventually or substantially, it is always important to keep maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some weight loss programs may fall you under some health problems, so it is always recommended to check your all previous records of health before starting a weight loss plan.

If you have an eating disorder, you must seek help from some healthcare professionals. Whether you are a girl, boy, men, or women, it is natural that you must have some eating disorders, so don’t ignore them and choose the best workout plan accordingly.


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