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What are the different causes of Mood Swings?


We all have our share of bright and blue feeling days. It is a part and parcel of human life. However, when it takes extreme proportions it becomes a problem. Technically termed as mood swings, this condition calls for immediate action to prevent it from getting worse.

For instance, if you feel extremely depressed without any reason or feel highly elated and such sessions last for up to several days, then it is best to check with a psychologist. In this article, we are going to mentions some of the major reasons for mood swings along with a few primary advices on how to cope up with it:

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What causes chronic mood swings?

Mood swings generally happen due to stress and worry or many times. However there are other factors that can cause mood swings in individuals:

·         Sleep disorders

·         Diabetes

·         Thyroid disorders

·         Multiple sclerosis

·         Parkinson’s disease

·         Developmental disorders

Is it normal for children to experience mood swings?

Many times people don’t take moods swings in the children seriously as it is considered as a common part of their growing up. But sometimes it can also be a cause of some underlying mental conditions like learning disability.

It may also indicate the presence of ADHD or hyperactivity disorders which frequently interferes with his mood and can affect the social relationship and life quality of a child.

 When the child enters the teenage the hormonal changes cause mood swings which keep on increasing until they reach adolescence. AS they enter young adulthood the swings gradually subside.

We will now discuss about some of the factors that can cause mood swings:

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Irregular or unhealthy Diet

 In many cases the inadequate diet is also a cause of mood swings. It happens because a poor diet causes fluctuating blood sugar levels that negatively affect the mood.

 Another possible food-related cause of mood swings could be digestive disorders especially diseases like inflammatory bowel disease or Celiac disease that disturb the absorption capability of your body. It prevents your body from absorbing various nutrients and may lead to mood swings, or in some cases even depression.

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Chronic Allergies

 People with seasonal allergies are also prone to mood swings especially during specific months/weather. The common allergic symptoms like watery eyes, frequent sneezing, itchy skin, etc. causes tiredness and mental fatigue thus leading to mood swings.

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Lack of Sleep

 Sleep plays a vital role in regularizing your biological and mental health. Research shows that our mind keeps on generating a high volume of formulated or unformulated thoughts almost the entire time. The only way to calm your mind is to take a good sleep.

People who don’t sleep well, either due to unhealthy work schedules or chronic health issues are not able to prevent their minds from generating fluctuating thoughts. It leads to mood swings.

 The disturbed circadian rhythm of a body also plays a role in influencing our mood. If you get rid of depression and mental fatigue after a good sleep and find yourself refreshed and excited enough to face the day ahead, it indicates that the mood swing happened due to lack of sleep.

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Due to medication

 While it is obvious that antidepressant drugs have a clear impact on the moods, other types of medication are also known to influence the mood of a person.

 At the same time some antidepressant medication can also cause mood swings in which condition the psychiatrist might decide to change it with a more suitable medication plan. Some mental disorders are so similar in nature that they can be misdiagnosed (for instance depression and bipolar disorder). It can also lead to mood swings

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 Addiction is another cause of mood swings and that’s why people going through a de-addiction plan experience frequent swings between different moods. Mood swings also happen when an addict is not able to access the substance s/he is addicted to (like drugs or alcoholic drinks).

Avoid ignoring such mood swings as they can eventually increase to worse levels that complicate the situation. So it is advisable to get such swings treated while these swings are still manageable.

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Mental Illness

Mood swings can be a symptom of mental illness as well, in which condition it becomes necessary to seek timely medical help. Some types of mental illness types associated with mood swing are:



·         Sad feeling

·         Feeling worthless/hopeless

·         Sleeping too little or too much

·         Significant increase/decrease in appetite

·         Feeling fatigued or tired

·         Ceased to enjoy activities that you love

·         Finding it difficult to make a decision or concentrating your attention

·         Death or suicide thought

Cyclothymia: Cyclothymia is a period of low mood and it is also associated with feeling low

Other types of mental illness associated with mood swings are Borderline Personality Disorder and Bipolar Disorder.

How to get rid of mood swings?

There is no sure-shot or instant way to treat mood swings but some of the activities help in reducing its intensity and gradually helping you to overcome it:

·         Daily exercise

·         Changing your diet

·         Exercising stress management techniques (after learning from a qualified trainer)

·         Improving sleep quality by adjusting your sleeping schedule


The person might feel very depressed, worthless, or highly elated without any logical reason. This is not an uncommon condition and many of us go through it. However, sometimes it may take chronic proportions. In such cases, mood swings last for a long time like several days or even a week. General this is a condition that if left untreated can affect mental health and eventually cause mental disorders.



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