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Weight Management during lockdown? Here are 8 practical tips for you


With many other challenges, one of the major challenges brought by lockdown is how to continue with their weight management regime. While the lockdown has now been officially relaxed, the people are still hesitant to go to the public places. Understandably it has a significant effect on different weight loss options like workout sessions at gyms, morning/evening walk at parks, etc. So it has now become important to alter your weight loss plan to the new normal and that’s why we have prepared this guide on best weight management tips during lockdown:

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How to stay active at home?

Many people complain that they aren’t able t lead an active lifestyle while staying at home. While it is true that staying active at home isn’t easy, there is certainly some practical way to overcome this space issue. For instance, there are many exercises that you can do in your bedroom, drawing room, or balcony.

Besides, not all exercises need specific heavy-duty equipment. Dumbbells, for example, can be found in most of the homes where fitness fans live. Likewise skipping rope and other daily use simple exercise instruments aren’t difficult to be found in homes.

Moreover, there are some substitutes you can use in place of professional exercise-related paraphernalia. Instead of an exercise mat, you can use a big towel or rug. Additionally, you can check with your gym instructor or fitness coach about the domestic substitutes for the gym exercises.

In short, if you are determined to continue your exercise regime then there is o reason for you not to do it.

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Use creative DIY substitutes for professional exercises and equipment

Instead of counting the reasons or rather excuses to discontinue your exercises, use your creative ideas to fill the gap.  For instance, you can make a decent sandbag by filling a big, strong bag with- yes you guessed it right- sand.

That’s quite easy but there are more creative ideas as well like self-building new room furniture to do some serious exercise while also designing something that your family and friends would appreciate and use.

There are many such creative ideas to remain active and productive even during the lockdown. All you need is to explore them carefully.

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Replace offline sessions with virtual classes

 Did you know that lockdown has brought a major change in the gym culture? Even the local gyms have found a way out to continue their business virtually by providing exercise instructions on videos through paid membership.

Check with your local gym if they have also started providing virtual classes. Better still suggest your fitness teacher start the one and offer them respectable fees. You may also check for the virtual gym classes based on the membership package.

Before that try checking your tube fitness channels as it has a huge collection of free yet effective fitness videos and instructions by celebrated coaches. There is a huge list of options to choose from lie yoga, fitness exercises, complete weight loss plan, and one on one instruction by a dedicated coach – which is generally a paid method.

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Don’t return to unhealthy diet

Many people go out of their way to take full advantage of lockdown. Not only do they abandon healthy exercises but also resume unhealthy snacks and calorie rich foods. If you are also one among them, then it is the high time, you should return to the healthy low-fat diet.

Why don’t you utilize this massive free time to learn the creative fat-free recipes form video platforms like youtube? It will end your low-fat food dilemma forever and help you prepare some awesome snacks that have every good thing any popular snack offers- sans fats.

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Challenge yourself to do daily chores

 Like almost all houses your domestic help might also be on the leave. Many working people don’t love involving them in much of their daily chores. But it is the time for revolutionary change. Take it as a challenge and start the work from the ground level- literally.

Mopping and sweeping make your home sparkle and burn extra calories. Washing greasy dishes may be the last thing you would have thought of washing but when you start doing so, you would realize that it isn’t that difficult after all.

It will keep your house clean, bind the relations with your family members, earns you some serious accolades, and most importantly help you stay slim, healthy, and agile.

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Manage Junk food cravings

 Junk food consumption is more of a hobby, habit, or mood-influenced activity rather than a serious way to satisfy your hunger. Especially during the times of lockdown, such cravings can multiply. There are two ways to manage it.

If you can afford to be strict with yourself then just take all the junk food out of your home.

  • Better still you may consider distributing the packed junk food of your house to underprivileged people or children. They need many more calories and probably a decent amount of fat as well. These snacks can make them feel good. It helps you earn some good karma while also naturally reducing the cravings.
  • Alternatively, you can ask your family members to keep those snacks under lock and key at a place that you could not guess.
  • Now create a weekly reward system where you would reward your positive efforts with a snack (modest portion size) of your liking.
  • Tell it about your family member and ask them to monitor your performance and provide you that modest snack portion whenever you achieve the objectives.
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Watch your portions

 During this lockdown period you are most probably working from home and so there are no significant calorie expenses. If you are still eating larger portions then start reducing them from today itself.

Eating modest portions will manage the calorie intake and save you from the unnecessary accumulation of calories. It helps in reducing the probabilities of weight gain. The idea here is not to starve yourself but to reasonably lower down the portion of food you eat.

Alternatively, you may also consider adding some in-house workouts to burn some calories.

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Keep record of what you eat

 Maintain a note or a digital app to register your workout sessions, diet plan, targets, and achievements and all other relevant information related to weight loss strategy.

Develop a habit of quantifying everything- right from calories and proteins to total sit-ups you did that day. The idea is not to turn you into a freak but a focused person who is fully updated with his weight loss plans and how far he is from the success.

It keeps you motivated and helps you adopt the right strategies or modify y them if needed.


Managing a weight plan during lockdown could be challenging. However, by following some smart tips and hacks it is possible to continue your weight loss plan. In this blog, we presented some of the best foods and ideas you can rely on for continuing your weight management plan confidently.




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