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Ways to Preserve to Boost Collagen in Your Face Skin


In search of beautiful and smooth skin, you must have heard a lot about boosting collagen. What does it mean actually? For sure, collagen is the main protein in your skin which always structurally acts as a protector and provides a volume to your skin so that it may look more young, energetic, smooth, fair, and wrinkle-free. What is more about it? Collagen is the most significant and strongest protein substance in our body which is formed by cross-linking amino acids.

These amino acids form the fibers of collagen in our body. It builds about 1/3 part of your skin weight and ¼ part of your total body mass. Physiologically, it makes up some long fibers of protein which offers you the strength of your skin to hold it. It also helps skin cells to be repaired and renewed to keep a balance in our skin moisturizer.

If we talk scientifically, our body has about 16 variations of collagen which can be found in the surface of connective tissues, cartilage, tendons, teeth, ligaments, bones, valves of the heart, and cornea in our eyes. However, our skin contains a plentiful amount of collagen when we are young but this supply decreases when we age. That is why it beings to make our skin thinner and wrinkled.

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Some studies have shown about applying collagen topically may not be helpful to your skin to sustain it more youthful-looking. As collagen is built from a large number of protein molecules, hence it is impossible to penetrate it into our skin. It is more difficult to infiltrate into the deep layers of our skin. While we keep hydrated, we can see hydrolyzed collagen is being flaunted topically.

Some miracle ingredients save our skin by helping in the collagen-making process. Instead, you can also look around the uncountable beauty products that contain vitamins, peptides, and antioxidants to boost collagen fibers and their supplies to restore protein strength in our skin. Moreover, some anti-aging specially designed products could be helpful to slow the deterioration of collagen in our skin.

What Damages Our Skin Collagen?

Frequently, environmental facts such as sun exposure with pollution break down the collagen-making process. More likely, you start to feel changes in your face skin in form of wrinkles and fine lines when you look at the mirror. It is more horrible to see these drastic changes in our skin when our skin loses elasticity at a certain age.

Age is a prominent factor as to when we get older, the process of making collagen gets decreased and our skin appears thinner that has less elasticity and structural support. This is why we often begin to feel drooping and sagging skin.

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Some notifications about your skin often warn you to get strict in some eating-healthy rules. You should also know about what can damage collagen in your body. Some of the common factors are our changed lifestyle and eating unhealthy food, and simply our carelessness towards our skin. Environmental stressors such as pollution and free radicals can also be the main reasons for collagen weakening.

It diminishes collagen production directly and reduces elasticity in the skin. High sugar consumption could also be unsafe as it increases the rate of some advanced glycations in our body which damages inbuilt protein tissues and weaken the collagen-making process.

UV rays damage the skin collagen booster profoundly and are causing it to break-down. It decreases the elastic fibers incorrectly and forms wrinkles on our faces. Smocking is another cause of damaging collagen and elastin in the skin. Some unsafe combinations of chemicals and tobacco restrict the blood vessels and compromised the supply of oxygen and other useful nutrients in our skin.

Some autoimmune can also target collagen by antibodies. Now the last and immediate factor is the natural aging process, which decreases and even depletes the natural process of collagen in our skin.

How Do We Get Collagen and Preserve It in Our Skin?

Collagen loss begins to start in the early twenties, says expert dermatologists! So reviving it is more important to preserve our skin’s health. Supplying collagen naturally, stimulates our skin to produce collagen faster.

We can protect collagen with Vitamin C, a serum or antioxidant that protects skin collagen against UV damage. It activates collagen formation and alleviates the oxygen to build-up collagen protein in the skin. you may also use peptide packs as a short chain of amino acids to serve blocks of protein in the skin.

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Some cosmetics are specially designed with peptides to help and promote collagen to improve elasticity in the skin and its firmness. A regular application of sunscreen every morning and evening is vital to keep your skin young and alive.

UV exposure often leads to the breakdown of collagen tissues in our skin and invites the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the chin area, eyes, and forehead. So don’t forget to wear sunscreen regularly.
Apart from that, you shouldn’t forget about your neck, chest, and even back area while caring for your collagen-preserving skincare routine.

These areas catch the more ill-effects of sun exposure and your skin in these areas becomes thinner, hence it more likely shows the aging effects. Taking collagen supplements including powders which you can mix with smoothies, milk, or coffee, can be more helpful to start the collagen process in our skin. Preliminary research also has shown that supplements can help to increase our skin elasticity, the density of collagen, and hydration within the skin. Lean proteins can be beneficial to add to your platter while eating a balanced diet.

An adequate amount of some high-protein foods which contain amino acids are important for collagen synthesis. Some lean-protein foods like seafood, fish, boneless chicken, beef, and pork blow the collagen production in the skin. Not last but least, limiting your sugar intake also boosts collagen in your skin. foods that are rich in sugar often kill the collagen tissues in our blood cells and skin appears loose and saggy. Extreme sugar intakes always increase our aging process by decreasing collagen production in our skin. Hence our face begins to lose its elasticity.


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