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Want to get rid of overweight? Find fat-busters on your kitchen shelves


Overweight is not a disease but it exposes you to the risk of many diseases and also interferes with your life quality at home and work. There are various ways to get rid of the unwanted fat around your body. For that you need to follow an ideal weight loss plan including the right mix of exercises, balanced diet and home remedies. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best herbs and condiments that are commonly found in any kitchen and play a vital role in your weight management plan. By including these herbs in your food you can realize quicker and better outcome of your overall weight management plan:

Fenugreek, Blossom, Bloom


Fenugreek is commonly found in domestic kitchens due to its wide culinary uses. Did you know that this seemingly common herb plays a vital role in your weight loss plan? More than normal appetite is one of the common causes of overweight.

Fenugreek puts a cap on your appetite and saves you from eating too much. The lower food consumption proactively assists you in your weight loss regime.

Cayenne Pepper, Dried Peppers

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is another commonly found substance in any kitchen. Cayenne pepper derives its heat from a compound called capsaicin but this compound possesses other health benefits as well.

Just like Fenugreek Cayenne can also curb the hunger and reduces your food intake. Additionally, it supports more calorie burnout by improving your metabolism process.

Ginger, Fresh Ginger, Food, Organic


Ginger is used in different foods and homemade essences. Along with many other medicinal properties it is also effective n reducing weight.

Ginger works positively in especially reducing the extra accumulation of fat around the belly- the area that is prone to gain weight. In one study it was found that when taken on a regular basis in ideal quantity the ginger helps overweight people reduce a good amount of weight.

One of the main reasons behind its significant effect on weight reduction is that ginger works on multiple aspects that influence body weight. Along with reducing appetite it also lowers down the fat absorption volume. Additionally it helps individuals to burn more fat and accelerates the metabolism process. In this way, ginger helps people reduce their overall weight without compromising on their health.

Oregano, Spice, Aromatic Herbs


While oregano is a very old herb, in modern era it is better known as a taste enhancing spice to garnish pizzas.  As a rich source of carvacrol, oregano accelerates the weight reduction process.  It is also effective in preventing you from gaining weight when you eat high-fat diet.

So, if you wish to have some off days in your weight loss plan, then try incorporating oregano in your meals. Moreover the Carvacrol supplements can affect different genes and proteins responsible for fat synthesis management in your biological system.


While weight management plan allows you to reduce your weight in a reasonably less period of time, it is important to support your physical workouts with right type of diet and some safe home remedies. In fact, there are various healthy herbs, spices and condiments that can proactively assist us in reducing our weight. By strategically making them a part of your daily meals or taking them in the prescribed format you can reduce a significant amount of weight.



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