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Want to get rid of bad body odor? Try these effective tips


We all want to have pleasant, inviting natural body fragrance but the reality is that not every one of us boasts of the same. Many people struggle to keep bad body odor at bay. There are many factors behind bad body odor right from the weather changes (too much heat for example) to diet and hormonal profile. That said there are some strong ways to keep bad body odor away and acquire a pleasant natural smell. Let us present you some easy home remedies to get rid of bad body odors:

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Choose your food carefully

Have you ever noticed that it is extremely difficult to remove the smell of onion or garlic even if you have washed the bowls for many times with a detergent. So, it is a logical fact that eating such foods will also make your body smell. So, try minimizing the number of such foods and avoid excess consumption.

Instead, you can increase the fresh, sweet smelling options like fruits, specific salad items with mild/sweet taste, and certain types of beverages like lime water, chaas, and coconut waters. As for the meals prefer having a green vegetable with least spices and onion/garlic.

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Bath twice in the day

Sweating is among the major causes behind body smell. It forms an invisible salty layer on our skin which gives out a strong smell. We sweat more in summers and depending upon the body composition some people sweat profusely. So it is advisable that along with the main bath in the morning you should consider taking at least one more shower during the mid-day or when you are sweating profusely.

To save time you can spend just 5-7 minutes on your midday bath. It will not only relieve you from body smell but will also refresh your senses and helps you work with a renewed zeal. Bath with scented soap and consider adding skin-safe antibacterial agents like alum to the bathwater.

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Replace chemical laden deodorants with homemade option
You don’t have to depend upon the expensive chemical-laden deodorants of the market. Just prepare your homemade deodorant by blending essential oil and skin-friendly herbs.

Some of the best pleasant-smelling herbs with potent dermatological benefits include rosemary, sage, leaves of chrysanthemum, celery, and parsley. You can either buy extracts of these herbs or simply make an infusion by combining several of these herbs.

Add it to some water and wash your body with it after taking your bath. You may also consider adding these herbs to your daily meals/beverages. For instance, adding rosemary or sage to your tea can boost up its personality. Likewise, you can include herbs like Celery, parsley, sage, rosemary and lovage should in daily eating plan.

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Use Lavender Oil

You might have noticed that several odor stabilizers use Lavender scent and it is due to the potent quality of this fragrance to cut through the odor. You can also use Lavender- the original lavender, to get rid of your body odor. The easiest way is to buy some real lavender oil extract and apple it all over your body just after bathing.

As we mentioned that apart from external reasons the food that we consume also influences how we smell. So drinking lavender can help you fight off the body odor. 

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Camphor tea

 Camphor is another highly preferred option to regulate and neutralize the odors and give a fresh smell. So drinking camphor tea is another way to keep bad body odors at bay. Here’s the preparation recipe.


·         Lemon (single Rind)

·         Milk (250 ml)

·         Camphor oil (3-4 drops)

Preparation method

 After warming (not boiling) the milk, soak lemon rind and allow it 10 minutes. Now add to it the camphor oil. Drink it just before sleeping at night. It will help fight your bad body odor.



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