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Want to get best results out of your weight loss plan? Here are 9 practical tips


Many people resolve to reduce their weight and start the weight loss plan with enthusiasm. However, along the way, they lose the drive and eventually abandon the plan. If you connect yourself with such people then here are 9 best tips to lose weight that will help you pursue your plan until you achieve success. The readers are advised to make a checklist based on this guide and keep on updating:

  • Replace processed or frozen food with the fresh one. Instead of canned beans you can buy the fresh ones likewise opt for fresh pineapple in place of a canned option. Fresh vegetables and fruits are great sources of nutrition and vitamins sans any artificial preservatives.
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  • Food certainly plays a vital role but it is a complement to and not a substitute for other fat-burning methods like exercise, drinking a good amount of water, taking proper sleep, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, etc. Just remember what you need is to change tour lifestyle instead and food is just a part of it.  
  • Chop a good portion of vegetables and keep it in your fridge. Whenever you crave for snacks just open the fridge and take out the plate of chopped vegetables and satisfy the hunger
  • Prepare a specific diary to note down the reasons and specific goals of your weight loss plan and update it daily. You may also use an app for the purpose.
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  • Avoid conditions that can allow or encourage you to eat unhealthy junk foods to snacks. Watching television, just sitting on your couch or playing video/computer games for long hour’s awesome fertile conditions that can force you to start binge eating
  • Don’t punish yourself by only eating raw vegetables. It will only multiply your cravings. Instead, just manage the cravings by shallow frying in fat-free or low-fat substitutes for butter.
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  • Avoid eating right from the wrapper. Even the healthier snacks like lightly salted almonds can add your weight if you overeat them. So always quantify your food intake- especially when eating snacks. Take a bowl, put the ideal portion size, and return the pack to the shelf. It will send instructions t your brain that you don’t have to eat more once the bowl is empty.
  • Replace these unhealthy activities with healthier substitutes like taking a stroll in your lawn or nearby garden or just enjoying a badminton session with your friends and families to ward off boredom and get some energy.
  • Utilize your fat loss plan as a challenge to learn tasty low-fat recipes.
  • Replace carbonated drinks with plain water or low-fat buttermilk.


A wisely designed weight loss plan can go a long way in helping you to remove extra kilos and calories. However, you need to strictly follow some techniques and routine management tricks to ensure that you get the best outcome out of your weight management plan. It is equally important to have a firm resolution for continuing the plan until you realize the results.



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