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Top Healthy Habits To Make You Fit


How to be healthy, this is a big question that every person wants to know nowadays. The environment and food around us have become so contaminated that we really need to pay more attention to health. In today’s time, people should adopt healthy habits and they should make it an essential part of their life. If any person wants to succeed, then he can get success only when his body is healthy. Neither wealth nor success can be obtained without good health. Neither wealth nor success can be obtained without good health. There are lots of people who are struggling with small health problems and these problems build a wall to their success.

Today we are discussing some healthy tips which will work like nectar for them and even if you are healthy, these health tips for you because if you adopt them, no health problems will ever touch you.

so let’s have a look on how to be healthy, there are some key points that can make you fit and healthy.

1. Healthy Food :

Food is a necessary part of our daily life. Excess use of fruits and dry fruits makes the body feel naturally healthy. Our body digests the fruits in 2 hours while the food takes 6-8 hours to digest. The sooner your body digests any food, the more we will be healthy. You must use almonds and walnuts in dry fruits.

Keep in mind that more than 28 grams of dry fruits should not be used at a time.

If you live a healthy life, then you should stop consuming tea, coffee, and fast food. For some people, it is not easy to leave all three things. But you can do it when you start using their substitute. You can use ayurvedic drinks instead of tea and coffee. Sometimes you can cook and eat fast food at your home.

2. Exercise and Yoga:

Exercising daily is a habit that will help you the most in keeping you healthy. You must workout in the morning. You can spend at least 20 minutes on daily exercise and as much time as you want. Morning exercise will keep you full of energy and happy throughout the day. Yoga helps to increase muscle strength and maintain metabolism. Yoga also protects you from injury.

3. Stay Hydrated:

As we all know that Water is the basis of life. We can live without food but we can’t imagine our life without water. Water is the basic need of everyone’s life. The most important thing to stay healthy is to wake up in the morning and drink 3 to 4 glasses of water.

If you drink 3 to 4 glasses of lukewarm water without brushing early in the morning, the toxins of your body will come out.

Take care that you do not eat or drink anything until 45 minutes after drinking water. You should not drink water after eating food. Drinking water immediately reduces gastric fire and does not properly digest food. Therefore, you should drink water for at least 45 minutes after eating food. If you take lukewarm water then it will be more beneficial.

4. Meditation:

Meditation is very important for staying healthy. It also keeps fit our mental health as well as physical health. You should do meditation at least 15 minutes in the morning or evening. Meditation is the best way to become tension free. You will be healthier if you are tension free. Keep in mind that while doing meditation, the surrounding environment should be clean and pleasant.

5. Fasting:

Fasting is the best way to keep you healthy. Fasting helps to improve blood sugar control which can secure you from diabetes.

Fasting may enhance Heart health by controlling Blood Pressure and Cholesterol levels.

Fasting affects your brain health, so it helps to boost your brain function. Fasting helps to keep you young for a long time. It also helps to lose weight.

6. Get Your Sleep: 

To take rest or having good sleep is more important to us. Most people don’t know the importance of better sleep and they mostly skip this fact. If you are an adult, you should take 7 to 8 hours of good sleep. Teenagers need 9 to 10 hours of sleep and school-aged children may need 10 or more hours of sleep.

Many diseases are also caused due to lack of sleep. If the sleep is not complete, the whole day is wasted. You don’t feel good the whole day. During sleep, our body’s vitality repairs the body, the body gets rest so that we are fully recharged. Sleep helps to boost your immune system and improves your memory. Better sleep helps you stay mentally and emotionally fit.

7. Stretching:

There are lots of benefits of regular stretching. Flexibility is an important factor of fitness, stretching can help you to increase flexibility. If you belong to the sports field then stretching is the important thing for you as it improves your performance in physical activities. Stretching is also necessary before exercise. It helps to improve your posture and heal back pain. Stretching helps in stress relief and keeps your mind calm. Stretching also helps to decrease your tension and stress headaches.

8. Nature:

We always heard that we should spend some time with nature. Nature has that power that can heal all your worries and tensions. Being with nature is really good for your health. Nature helps you to improve your concentration power. If you exercise in nature, you enjoy it more. Spending time with nature can help you to lose weight.  If you spend some time under the sun, you absorb Vitamin-D which is helpful to prevent cancer and heart attacks. Nature helps you to keep youthful which means it keeps you young for a long time. Spending time in nature brightens your mood and keep you mentally healthy. Nature also helps to strengthens your immune system.

Everyone wants to live long, happy and healthy lives. By using these healthy habits you can make yourself fit always.


Kiran Sharma


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