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Top 10 Tips for weight loss


A healthy lifestyle means a person with a healthy body, mentally free and emotionally fit. If you have these three then you are the luckiest person on the planet but if even a single of them is missing then you have to work a lot. These three points are related to our daily lifestyle whether you are an adult, a teenager, or a child. Sitting on a chair and working for long hours, includes lots of consumption of junk food and eating habits force you to fall into physical illness and this result is seen in your weighting machine’s increasing number. According to BMI if you are overweight, you have to put lots of effort to become a normal weight person. Regular Gymming is not possible for all so here are some tips for weight loss to whom, who are concern about their figure, because not only women want to become slim but all have a desire to stay in perfect shape.

The following tips for weight loss beginners and women at home are easily applicable to a routine and great change and drive you to reach the goal and attain optimum health without extreme workout.

1. Drink Plenty of Water Before a Meal:

Yes, that’s true if you drink plenty of water before your meal it helps you to reduce weight. Water regulates the digestive system and muscle function. Drinking water is so much necessary as it let you feel as if your stomach is filled and your hunger gets minimized. Water also keeps our body hydrated every time and prevents us to eat more. Water can be replaced by high-calorie drinks which help to weight loss benefits.

Drink Water

2. Green Tea:

This healthy beverage is loaded with antioxidants, caffeine, and many more substances that boost metabolism and release fat-burning hormones, ultimately fats cells break down. Green tea is considered a weight-producing supplement. It has almost negligible calories but provides plenty of nutrition to our body.Green Tea

3. Intermittent Fasting:

With this strategy you can, get incredible results, you only eat at a specific time. Fasting for some hours or eat only once a day or two can burn calories easily but it should be done under the guidance of a dietician. You have to limit yourself to intake 500-600 calories per day but always remember when you are eating don’t rush to high-calorie food, and super friend items instead of them you need to have low nutritious food.

intermittent fasting

4. Cut Down Sugar:

Every woman, men dreamt for a thin waist, and younger-looking skin, for it just kick out the sugar from your diet plan and get imaginary waist. A little bit of sugar is sufficient for a whole day which you can find in fruits and veggies. These are the full package of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and other nutrients. Cutting down on sugar means you are going to rack up amazing health benefits it is a master key for weight loss tips. Adding sugary syrup is devastative for your body weight so next time when you are on purchase pay attention to the amount of sugar included in your buys.

suger free diet

5. Prefer Low- Carb Nutrient:

Rich carbohydrates food is responsible for increments of insulin level in blood which is risky for the body it also increases body fat and weight in women with PCOS if you complete your lunch or dinner plate with low carb diet you can head your bodyweight rapidly but make sure that you are using a small plate instead of a big platter. This is a significant tip for weight loss with PCOS suffering women.

6. Aerobic Exercise:

Exercise is directly related to belly fat or weight loss. Aerobic exercise indulges your whole body with a continuous rhythm which can perform for weight loss at home as well. Running, swimming, and walking is the best exercise to get drastic changes in your body this will keep your heartbeat up, breathe hard and sweat for better result. It is an advanced tip for weight loss for beginners that sure to choose the type of exercise according to their lifestyle.

7. Intake of More Fiber:

Only a single fiber will give you enormous benefits like control the level of cholesterol, reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart issues, help in digestion, and most importantly work for instant weight loss tips. This magic fiber fulfills all the needs of your body so you eat less and satisfy the appetite. 30 grams of fiber per day is sufficient for anyone to intake.

8. Eat More Vegetables and Fruits:

By consuming vegetables and fruits whether raw, boiled or as a form of salad or soups, you are able to satisfy your hunger. These are the best options to start a weight loss journey for anyone who is wishing for weight loss. You can start your day including them in breakfast and also lighten your lunch and dinner.

9. Chew Slowly:

One of the best ways to stop increasing weight is chewing slowly. It can help to get fewer calories and increase the level of hormone that triggers weight loss. Brain orders a little bit later to your body parts to function so it is easy to observe for the brain that your stomach is full and it slows down food intake.

10. Get Good Sleep:

Sleep is also an important character as diet and weight loss exercise. Sleep less than 6-7hours per day causes heftiness. Sleeping hours vary from person to person but according to research one should at sleep least 6 hours a day. If you are working at late-night hours, you are inviting obesity .poor sleep gives you many sleeping disorders which worsens weight gain diet, increases appetite and make you dull. So make a change in your lifestyle and sleep properly to maintain your body weight.

If you are planning for weight loss you should go for the above tips for weight loss and can get extraordinary results in some days but you have to determine and keep the promise with yourself only that you will do them honestly and regularly than the result will astonish not only you but your surroundings.


Kiran Sharma

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