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The positive role of Indian Government in promoting Yoga in India and abroad


The history of yoga goes back to several thousand years and while it has been an integral part of Indian ancient history, the benefits of Yoga are universal. It is the reason why Yoga has now been practiced in many other continents of the world as well. Many Indian and Western celebrities, entrepreneurs, and business magnates also practice yoga to gain the strength of body and mind and create a natural harmony between the two.

While all these factors do help yoga attain a veritable position in the healthcare industry, it would be interesting to know that back at home, i.e., India- are there any government initiatives or programs to promote yoga. Sure, there are many. The central government has been taking many solid steps to make yoga a universal concept across the healthcare world and pave a way for bringing yoga into the mainstream healthcare ecosystem

As proposed by the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21st as the International Day of Yoga. However, the present Central Government’s contribution to Yoga goes far beyond just dedicating a specific day to celebrate this ancient science of wholesome wellness that is getting wide popularity across the world. 

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Yoga OPDs in Government Hospitals

In Government Hospitals of some states like Delhi and Haryana, the CCRYN (Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy) has started 8 yoga OPDs which will go a long way in further enhancing the profile of Yoga in the present medicinal ecosystem. Most importantly if the hospitals take an active interest in similar initiatives (including private hospitals), it can help in making yoga an integral part of the typical medical ecosystem. The uninformed CCRYN works under the Ministry of AYUSH as an autonomous organization. In this capability, the government is positively utilizing its power and rights to further strengthen the trust of people in the power of yoga.

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Financial Help for conducting Yoga related seminars

There have been many initiatives to financially help the State Governments and relevant organizations (especially nongovernment organizations) to organize and manage yoga-oriented seminars on the national and international level.

As we know lack of budget is the main hurdle in achieving many such objectives, this decision of government can certainly help in promoting and increasing the yoga seminars across different states of India which will help in further research and development in this field while also creating awareness among the common populace.

Most importantly it will provide a common platform for yoga-oriented experts, professionals, and organizations at national and international levels to brainstorm on important issues, seek and share advice, exchange views, collaborate, and expand their horizons to achieve the objectives.

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Yoga as a part of police and defense training

The training for Police Personnel and the defense wing staff now has Yoga as a part of their training syllabus. As we know that yoga is about the seamless integration of a strong mind and a strong body- it can help in further enhancing our defense system.

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Providing international exposure to yoga experts

To further widen the reach of Yoga to other parts of the world the Ministry has decided to send Yoga experts for demonstrating and lecturing about Yoga in the fairs/workshop that is organized by Ministry of tourism in other countries.

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Tax exempts for yoga related businesses

As per the 2015 budget the Yoga-related businesses have been exempted from the tax as they are treated as charitable activities. It will encourage the enterprising yoga experts to turn their expertise into sustainable businesses which can not only help those experts enhance their reputation and revenue but will also open one more stream of employment. Most importantly it will attract more young people to learn yoga.

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E tourist visa for short term yoga courses

The foreigners are now being allowed to visit India on e-tourist visa if they are attending a yoga program of short term duration. It will gradually attract the attention of travel companies and encourage them to spread awareness about Yoga and genuine Indian yoga training centers to prospective tourists.

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Yoga App

To make yoga an integral part of the daily lifestyle of the present population the governed has also launched an app by the name Celebrating Yoga that will keep people connected with Yoga round the clock and they can enjoy the app while at home, at work or on the go.

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Yoga at schools and workplaces

Yoga has been gradually introduced in various schools and workplaces as a means to achieve optimal health. The initial response is very positive. Moreover, the government is also introducing other encouraging policies to and taking several initiatives to further increase the formal acceptance of Yoga as a part of a health-promoting active in schools and workshops.

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Abroad employment opportunities for yoga trainers

Indian Government is also channeling its efforts to produce a good number of properly trained Yoga professionals with a comprehensive certificate course offered by a professionally appointed committee. Moreover, teachers have also been employed in various Indian embassies at different missions and consulates. What’s more even the yoga trainers are also encouraged to apply for a secured job abroad with the Indian government paying for single-bedroom accommodation.


Yoga and meditation have been accepted, practiced, and respected as potent ways to heal our body and mind naturally. The present central government has thus made it a point to promote yoga at both national and international levels. Right from offering financial assistance to yoga oriented seminars to make yoga a routine activity in schools and workshops and providing international employment to yoga experts with paid accommodation- the present central government is going beyond its way to promote yoga across the globe.



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