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The lenient yet effective way to reduce your weight


Most of the weight loss plans concentrate on reasonably reducing the intake of food which is quite right. However, many people want to shed off the extra kilos but aren’t prepared to force a seemingly “oppressive” schedule on their regular lifestyle. For such people, we have brought a list of different practical tips. You can go through this blog to select the ones that align with your preferences and comfort levels. By regularly following these tips you would realize that adopting a healthy weight loss plan doesn’t need to be a tough feat to achieve:

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Eat at a slow pace

In another study it was found that the people who eat faster are more likely to overeat than the ones who eat at a slower speed.

The issue of obesity is thus higher in fast eaters. One of the best ways to slow down your eating speed is to count every time you chew the food.

Some experts suggest that it is best to chew each bite for at least 40 times but it is practically almost impossible for most people. So, you can find the right balance and set a specific minimum count (like and adhere to it 10, 15, 20, etc.)

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Size of plate can affect your food consumption

 Eating in large plates is another reason for overeating as it tricks us to believe that we have taken a small serving and tempts our mind to add more quantity or demand additional servings.

On the other hand, the smaller sized plates make the food look more and thus sends a signal that you have consumed sufficient quantity and don’t need to go for more.

 Especially when eating foods with some fat content it is best to use the plates that are smaller than the standard size.

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Properly chew your food

When you thoroughly chew each morsel of the food it sends a signal to your brain that you have eaten enough and allows it the required time to process this information well.

Also, it delays the eating pace which reduces the portion sizes and intake quantity of food while providing the feeling of fullness with each bite.

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Out of sight out of mind- this trick really works

 Out of sight out of mind, this proverb fits well for unhealthy foods too. The sight of jars of snacks lying on your kitchen shelves or energy bars in your dining table is a sure invitation for your mind and taste buds.

So avoid storing them.  So take all the unhealthy foods out of your sight.

It may not always be possible for you to take them out of your home as you won’t like to deny your family from your favorite snacks. Don’t use it as an excuse.

Just tell your family members about your weight loss plans and ask them to keep these snacks under lock and key at a place where only they can access it.

It is even better to keep healthy foods like fruits in place of unhealthy snacks. However, it is difficult to appease your mind with a bowl of fruits when it is craving for snacks. It will make your mind regard the fat loss plan as some sort of punishment and that will weaken the resolution.

So a more practical approach would be to opt for healthy, zero/low-fat snacks with good fiber content like cornflakes or certain kinds of wholemeal crackers.

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Don’t cut down the proteins

 Protein helps in reducing your appetite by providing the feeling of fullness. As a result, you consume fewer calories which eventually leads to weight loss.

 Protein has a favorable influence on GLP-1 and ghrelin- two major hormones that regulate your appetite. 

 A research suggested that adding more protein to daily diet allowed participants to reduce their daily calorie intake (by 441 calories). As a result, they were able to lose around 8 pounds in 3 months. Remarkably, this experiment didn’t include any other diet restrictions (in terms of food variety, etc.)

Some examples of protein-rich foods include Greek yogurt, quinoa, lentils, and almonds.

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Consume foods with high fiber content

 Fiber regulates your digestive and metabolic activities and also provides you a filled feeling. So, increasing a fiber-rich diet is another way to lose weight.

Fiber also has multiple categories and among them viscous fiber is has a more immediate and efficient effect on enhancing fullness leading to reduced consumption of food.

Upon being mixed with water the viscous fiber creates a specific type of gel that speeds up the nutrient absorption process and lower down the speed of the emptying process. Thus you feel fuller for many hours which keeps your appetite under check.

To get the maximum quantity of viscous fiber increase the number of flax seeds, oat cereals, Brussels sprouts, oranges, and asparagus.

 You may also take the supplements that provide viscous fiber to your body.



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