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Sore Throat Remedies that Offer Rapid Results


As the name suggests sore throat is the condition where you feel an internal pain in your throat and have difficulty swallowing food or water due to the same. It is generally accompanied by itchiness as well as a constant irritation. It can interfere with your daily life and make you feel down.

While various over the counter medicines generally prove to be efficient in relieving sore throat, you may see the doctor if it doesn’t improve. That said, it isn’t a serious health issue and in most cases, it can be healed through some easy home remedies. In this blog, we are going to discuss some home remedies as well as a general medical diagnosis of the sore throat along with a few lifestyle tips that can help this condition heal faster

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Honey is loaded with potent antibacterial capabilities allowing it to competently fight against viral infections by attacking and finishing off the responsible bacteria. It also has excellent wound healing qualities. Along with working on the root cause honey also reduces the symptoms like a continuous cough. Take a jug of water and add 5 tablespoons of honey into it. Mix it well and drink this honey water throughout the day. You can also replace sugar with honey while preparing the tea.

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Salt mixed with warm Water

 One of the major contributing factors is thick mucus. Salt has the powerful capabilities to cut through the mucus and loosen it. Besides salt can also decimate the bacteria and reduce associated pain. These qualities make saltwater gargling a great way to get some relief. Warm around 8 ounces of water and add ½ teaspoon of salt to it. Gargle properly with this saltwater making sure that the water touches the interior areas of your throat while gargling.

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Herbal Tea

 Different herbs have different qualities that can work on diverse factors behind the sore throat. So, it is also recommended to take these herbs. One of the best ways to naturally incorporate these herbs into your daily routine is to take herbal teas Here are a few herbal tea options that work best on sore throat:

Clove Tea- For fighting inflammation and bacteria

Raspberry Tea- for soothing pain, combating inflammation

Camomile Tea- For lubricating the throat in addition to above

Peppermint tea- To reduce the pain

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Hot Sauce 

Specific peppers used for producing hot sauce pack a good volume of capsaicin. This substance can effectively combat the inflammation and also soothes the pain. Take a warm glass of water and add some drops of hot sauce into it. Properly gargle with this water. For best results repeat at least twice a day.

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 One of the powerful ways to fight sore throat is to fortify your immunity system to help it fight better with the infection causing elements. With a decent vitamin C profile, lemons can make your immunity system stronger. Besides being acidic in nature lemon can also cut through stubborn mucus. Besides, it lowers down the associated pain. All these features make lemon a great home medicine to get rid of sore throat. A properly warm glass of warm water and add 1 teaspoon of lemon water into it. Mix it well and drink.

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Lifestyle tips to get rid of sore throat

 Moisture plays a vital role in treating sore throat. So avoid dehydrating substances like alcohol and caffeine and instead take plenty of healthy fluids like plain normal water, fruit juices, etc. to replenish the moisture profile of your throat.  

Warm liquids, honey, and natural beverages also have a comforting impact on your throat. 

Avoid the actions that make your sore dry like talking too much, shouting, etc. Also, take good sleep to help your body’s internal system do the self-healing.

Some surrounding factors like dry air can further aggravate the sore throat. For that, you can use a cool air humidifier. Spending some sessions in the steamy room can also help in improving your condition.

Also don’t stay in the smoky environment or sitting near someone who smokes.

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How is sore throat diagnosed?

In most cases, you should notice a significant improvement by following the above-mentioned home remedies and lifestyle tips. However, if the condition persists then you can consider seeing a doctor. He will diagnose your condition and treat it through medications:

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Throat swab

 In this method a sterile swab is rubbed over the throat’s back to take secretions. The same is sent to the lab for testing purposes to identify the presence of streptococcal bacteria responsible for causing strep throat. 

The results can generally take 1-2 days but many clinics also have the facility of in-house rapid antigen tests that take just a few minutes. However, the traditional lab tests are more reliable as they are much more sensitive than rapid antigen tests.

In molecular testing methods, a swab is swiped over the throat’s back to collect secretions for lab testing to ascertain the presence of streptococcal bacteria. This test takes a few minutes thus allowing for a quicker diagnosis and accurate treatment.

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How can sore throat be treated medically?

 Generally if the cause behind sore throat is viral infection then it should heal within a week without any medical intervention.

·  In some cases mild pain relievers might be taken but generally you can do without them.

·  You should strictly avoid giving Aspirin to the growing children or teens as it may (though not necessarily or always) cause life-threatening health conditions in them.

Make it a point to continue the entire dose of antibiotics as prescribed by the doctor. You may start feeling much relief after a day or two but that’s not the sign to abandon your dose. Not completing an antibiotic course may give a chance to disease-causing bacteria to attack again due to inadequate immunity strength.  

 Moreover not completing the entire course of antibiotics can even cause serious health conditions in children.



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