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Some of the most essential nutrients to keep your body fit and fine


There are many health-friendly compounds that our body cannot prepare on its own. For that, you need to provide it relevant foods out of which it can derive these components called essential nutrients. Depending upon their capabilities and intake requirements the essential nutrients can further be divided into two groups.

·         Macronutrients: Macronutrients are the ones that you need to consume in a decent quantity daily. Generally, you need to incorporate macronutrients in each meal plan. It includes components like carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

·         Micronutrients: Micronutrients, on the other hand, refer to those essential nutrients that are required in a small quantity. Minerals and vitamins are two examples of micronutrients.

In this blog we will discuss about some of the major essential nutrients that our body needs to function properly

Bananas, Fruit, Fruits, Carbohydrates


 Carbs are generally looked down on as villains that boost cholesterol levels and cause various diseases. However, it is the carbohydrates that power the brain and central nervous system.

You might be wondering that why then the carbs are advised to be avoided. The reality is that you need to replace the unhealthy carb-rich foods like pasta or white bread with healthier options like beans, whole grains, and vegetables/fruits that have rich carb content.

Diet, Calorie Counter, Weight Loss


 Protein enjoys a prominent place in the body as a major health building component. While most of us are aware of the central role of protein in building muscle mass it is equally essential for the health profile of other organs as well. Along with calcium protein also plays a vital role in strengthening bones. Other benefits of protein include shinning hair and glowing skin.

 In fact protein works at the fundamental level as a constructing element of various hormones and cells of our body. It also protects us from various diseases by building antibodies that fight off harmful bacteria.

 Several amino acids combine to form proteins. Many amino acids are derived from the food as only a small part of amino acids are created by our body on its own.

Note: Many people have the conception that vegetarian diet is not rich in amino acids. The reality however is that there are many vegetarian foods that contain a good amount of amino acids like soy, beans, specific types of grains and nuts.

Fruit, Watermelon, Fruits, Heart


 Vitamin acts as a powerful tool to keep diseases at bay and also facilitates the essential bodily functions. In totality, our body requires as many as thirteen different vitamins.

 You need to maintain a fine balance between different vitamins to make sure that your body should work well without any issue.

 Vitamins act as potent oxidants, strengthening the immune system and cutting down the probabilities of many diseases. It also enhances the natural healing properties of our bodies.

If you are deficient in any specific vitamin then you can ale vitamin supplements.

Nuts, Hazelnut, Protein, Eating, Natural


 You might be wondering that how can fat find a place in this list. However, there are two types of fats- unhealthy and healthy. You need a sufficient quantity of the latter for the ideal functioning of your body.

Fat facilitates proper absorption of vitamins and minerals. Build cells and facilitates muscle movement. It also saves us from blood clotting. The calories present in fat works as an energy source for our body.

 Along with body fats also help in the proper functioning of our brain. It also reduces the probability of type 2 disease and heart disease. They are loaded with effective anti-inflammatory properties and cut down the risks of developing arthritis.

 Some good sources of healthy unsaturated fats are the foods rich in omega 3 and omega 6.

Seeds, nuts, and vegetable oils – avocado, olive, flaxseed, etc. Coconut oil offers you medium-chain triglycerides that offers health advantages and acts as a body fuel and appetite controller.

That said the saturated, animal-based, and trans fat should be avoided. So, cut down the intake of saturated fats (animal-based) like cheese, butter, ice cream, etc.

Drip, Drop Of Water, Wave, Wet, Water


 Most of our body is made up of water that is why water is important for our body as well as the brain. Water not only keeps the body hydrated but also saves us from constipation. It also acts as a nutrient carrier for the cells and helps sin flushing out the toxins. 

 Water also keeps our body lubricated and can rejuvenate our body instantly. Allowing us to work with renewed energy. It is an essential requirement for our brain as well. One thing to consider here is that water can be derived from diverse sources. Along with “water” itself, you can get it from fruits, vegetables, juices, and other food items.

Mineral Water, Lime, Mint, Glass, Drink


 Minerals are equally important for the health profile of our body. They not only help us to stay hydrated but also regulates the metabolism functioning and strengthens our teeth and bones.

 It also helps in keeping BP under control and regulates nervous signal transmission. It is equally important for muscles. There are various minerals and each one has a solid role to play in your system. For instance, calcium is good for bones and BP and zinc helps in quicker wound healing and boosting the immune system.




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