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Some healthy savory foods with irresistible taste for calorie conscious people


One of the major concerns of overweight people is how to remain fit and healthy without compromising on their favorite foods. A simple answer to this is that it’s not possible. However, there are some wise tricks to reduce your extra kilos without restricting your cravings. The trick is to try getting the similar “flavor profiles” through healthier options. In this blog we are going to present some of the best ways to enjoy your favorite flavors without consuming the unhealthy food:

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Almonds taste really good and there are different ways you can consume almonds.

You can bake and lightly salt it to enjoy a nutty taste

Soak almonds overnight and peel them before eating in the morning

Soak almonds in honey and store it in a jar to relish the sweet, satiating taste of honey balanced by almonds.

Unlike traditional snacks almonds don’t load your body with carbs and other fat boosting components. Despite being rich in various other healthy components almonds have just 2.5 grams of carbohydrates (per ounce serving) and 161calories.

Another good thing is that up to 15% of calories in almonds are not absorbed by your body due to the inaccessibility of the fat.

Almonds are naturally rich in phytic acid an antioxidant that helps in preventing the absorption of specific materials.

The fat content found in almonds is of the type of monounsaturated fat which is a healthy fat.

Being a rich source of antioxidants, almonds also safeguards you against the effects of oxidative stress that can cause aging and inflammation by harming your cells molecules.

One thing to keep in mind is that a majority of antioxidants are packaged in the brown peel of almond and if you wish to derive the best antioxidant benefits of almonds then consider consuming unpeeled almonds.

By combining almonds with the main meals you can reduce the damage done through oxidative stress.

Almonds contain an impressive inventory of vitamin E which is a kind of fat-soluble antioxidant

It reduces the probabilities of many diseases

Bad cholesterols cause various cardiovascular issues and one of the best dietary methods to lower down its levels is to consume an ideal volume of almonds daily.

One of the best things is that the almonds effectively lower down the bad cholesterol while simultaneously retaining the quantity of HDL or good cholesterol.

The oxidation of LDL can lead to various cardiovascular health disorders. Almonds can effectively stop this process due to the presence of polyphenol antioxidants that prevents cholesterol from getting oxidized

Being a good source of fiber and protein, almonds can help you feel fuller for longer and thus reduce the unnecessary cravings. In some studies, it was found that almonds can also help in naturally lowering down the appetite and thus it plays a vital role in your weight loss plan.

Just like many other nuts almonds can also have some positive effect on metabolism. Up to 15% of almond calories cannot be absorbed by the body. Moreover, some of the nutrient found in almonds compels your body to exert force for breaking them down and digesting them. Collectively all these factors can be a great aid for your weight loss activities.

The studies on human volunteers have proven that the people who consumed almonds were able to reduce more weight than the people who followed the same activities but didn’t consume any nuts in their daily diet.

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Lemon Honey

If you are fond of sugary bevereges and find it difficult to overcome this craving then try replacing them with an excellent anytime healthy drink- lemon honey. You can enjoy it with meals or drink it to revitalize energy during workout session breaks. Preparing it is very easy:

What you would need?

Honey (3 tablespoons)

Salt (One fourth tablespoon)

Hot water (1 cup)

Lemon juice (2 tablespoons)

Filtered water (4-5 cups)

How to prepare?

Put salt into the hot water and mix until it dissolves. Add honey to it this salty water and mix it briskly

Put lemon juice into the water and add more water (around 4-5 cups)

Keep it in the fridge

You can enjoy it during/after meals or during workout session breaks


Lemon packs several digestive properties that help in healing symptoms like bloating, belching, and heartburn, It is also associated with curing constipation

It also acts as a strong cleansing agent and blood purifier

Lemon can reduce the phlegm production in your body

Lemon is a natural and effective antiseptic that is highly effective in dermatological and aging issues blackheads, scars, wrinkles, and burning sensation

Lemon is a highly effective natural remedy for toothache. Applying on the painful areas of the tooth can reduce its intensity.

Being rich in antibacterial properties lemon can also help n treating ore throat, infection and tonsillitis.

It is believed that keeping a glassful of lemon mixed with honey daily can significantly promote the weight loss strategy.

Honey is naturally rich in glucose which is readily absorbed by your body that quickly accelerates the energy levels. At the same time, the fructose present in honey is absorbed at a slower pace thus providing a more sustainable energy profile.

Honey possesses antimicrobial properties that kill the infections causing bacteria and soothes the throat. Thus it is an excellent home remedy for cough during winters.

Honey releases a specific happiness hormone called serotonin that enhances your mood. This serotonin is eventually converted into melatonin (the sleep hormone) in your body. It can regulate and enrich the quality of sleep and help you enjoy a sound good night’s sleep to bust the stress.

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Chia Cereals

If you are looking for the snacks with subtle taste then chia seeds are the best fit for you. These healthy and rich in various nutrients. Being of subtle nature you can mix them with any taste profile. Here we would know how to make chia cereals for your breakfast cravings:

·         Soak chia seeds overnight in a low fat milk

·         In the morning heat it lightly over the pan when you are ready to take breakfast

·         Put it into a bowl and top this tasty delight with fruits and nuts of your choice

·         You may also add cinnamon or cardamom to lightly enhance the taste profile

Health Benefits

Chia seeds have a good amount of fiber- around 40% of its volume. Thus it helps in healing and preventing various disorders related to bowel movements like bowel inflammation and constipation.

Chia foods are loaded with many energy-boosting nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. They have inherent qualities of soaking the liquid. When consumed they start expanding in your stomach which also saves you from hunger pangs.

Chia seeds boast of a prosperous volume of Omega 3 that supports different vital functions of the body. These tin seeds possess a position among top sources for Alpha-Linolenic Acid (AHA) – the plant-based omega acid. In simple languages, these are the positive fats known as polyunsaturated fats that streamline the functions of our nervous system.

As a storehouse of essential minerals and antioxidants Chia foods can keep age-related issues at a mile’s distance and also saves you from inflammation and protects you against calcium deficiency.



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