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Some easy, quick and effective hacks to combat overeating


The saying that there is no shortcut to hard work stands true when we talk about the weight loss plan. But you don’t need to get discouraged if hard work is not your cup of tea. In this blog, we are going to mention another approach that will help you gradually acclimatize your system with fat loss plans instead of surrendering your body to a sudden 360-degree change in diets and lifestyle.

By following these tips you will slowly prepare the body to willingly adopt the healthy changes and harmoniously make health-friendly habits a part of your daily routine.

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Eat smaller portions

 Avoid taking food in larger portions as it lures you to eat more than your appetite and results in obesity

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Avoid appetizers

Also avoid appetizers as far as possible as people tend to overeat appetizers that according to a study can significantly increase the calorie intake.

Tip: You can also try to replace appetizers with healthy salads without dressing. 

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Keep your body hydrated

Drinking sufficient amount of after at least half an hour before the meals can reduce calorie intake as well as appetite.

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Keep sugary beverages away

Sugary drinks, like other liquid beverages, don’t provide you a satiated feeling and thus you tend to consume them more. It increases your probabilities of gaining weight.

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Switch off your phone, television and desktop

 Many people love to watch television or fiddling with the phone while eating meals. It distracts their attention.

Over the period they lose count of their food quantity and tend to overeat. So make it a habit to switch off or phone television and computer when you are having your meals. 

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Color of plate may help you eat less

In a study it was found that you tend to eat less when the food is served in a red colored plate. Likewise certain colors may boost your appetite and compel you to eat more. So, be careful while choosing the serving plates.



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