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Should you really go for rapid weight loss plans?


A majority of people have now started taking their weight seriously which is a good thing. It has also encouraged overweight people to lose their extra weight by following weight loss plans. However, not everyone follows these plans in a healthy spirit. Some people get obsessed with losing maximum weight in the minimum possible time which compels them to adopt rapid fat loss plans.

While it is true that the rapid fat loss plan makes you lose more kilos in fewer weeks, the side effects associated with these new-age plans make them unsafe for your body.

There is no wisdom in adopting plans that boost your weight loss speed but deprives your body of the required nutrition profile. If you are also following any rapid weight loss plan then here are some of the uncomfortable truths that may convince you to switch to longer but safe and sustainable weight management options without compromising on your health:

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Rapid fat loss plans denies essential components to the body

Several rapid fat loss plans eliminate the whole food groups as well and thus deprive your body of the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals that it needs for proper functioning.

  • For instance the zero dairy diet can tank the volume of calcium which is extremely important for bone health and other vital biological functions.
  • Likewise, when you delete carbs from your diet the fiber volume is reduced which can affect the metabolism.
  • Various other ingredients that people give up while following a rapid diet plan are vitamin D, vitamin B-12, calcium, folate, and iron.

Negative outcomes of nutritional deficiency

  • Lack of energy
  • Weak hair with reduced volume
  • Brittle nails
  • Constant feeling of fatigue
  • Weaker immune system
  • Decrease in bones strength
  • Osteoporosis

Note: If you are keen to lose your fat in a shorter period then this is always advisable to take the advice of a certified dietician nutritionist or fitness expert with good experience. 

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Eating less is not the only way to reduce weight

Many people think that the best way to reduce weight is to eat less. The reality, however, is that it is about changing the entire lifestyle.

You have to perform exercises, take proper sleep, replace junk food with healthy options, and keep yourself motivated.

So it is a 360-degree change that you need, not just keep on deleting different food items.

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Unreasonable reduction in calorie intake makes you fatter

Many people cut down their daily intake of calories in “multiples”. They start by bringing 3000 calories down to 2000 calories on the first day and then directly taking reducing it to 1000-1200 calories on the second day.

It sends the signal to the system that it is starving. As a result, the body responds by slowing down the metabolism process so that it can preserve a higher amount of energy. It will result in increased accumulation of fat.

 Ironically enough as you are determined to lose your fat, the systems resolves to store more fat content by slowing the pace of metabolism. The result as you would have guessed is that you start gaining more kilos instead of losing them. 

Note: Ideally it is fine to cut down a maximum of 500 calories and blend this calorie cutting process with other aides like exercise, physical activities fat burning foods, etc.

So instead of being tricked by the instant gratification of minimizing the calories to unreasonable levels, it is best to avoid going below the ideal reduction volume for enjoying long term and more sustainable benefits.

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You may lose healthy muscle mass instead of fat

In their efforts to rapidly lose the fats many people start losing the muscle mass instead.  A rapid reduction in calorie volumes can have serious adverse effects on muscle tone

 It happens because when calories are insufficient your body starts breaking down your muscles to produce fuel and energy. As a result the muscle mass decreases.

 Losing muscle mass also disturbs the metabolic activity of your system. As compared to fat the muscles have a more active metabolic profile.

Talking in figures, a pound of muscle burns higher calories than a pound of fat. Do some math and you will understand that muscle mass loss reduce your calorie burn capacity.

 By consuming a reasonable amount of high protein foods you can build more muscles by conserving a higher quantity of lean mass. It will not only preserves your athletic look but will also speed up the metabolism process to burn more calories which helps you to reduce fat faster.

 Additionally better muscles also make it practically possible to increase your workout sessions, frequency, and exercises.

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Avoid cutting down water content

 Our body is mainly made of water and when you cut down the carbs you start losing lots of it. While it speeds up e weight loss process the after-effects make it a bad choice.

 It can lead to various negative impacts on your body and mind like muscle cramps, low energy, constipation, headache, etc.

 So while on a weight loss plans make sure that you are taking a sufficient quantity of water and electrolytes. Some wise tricks like sprinkling Himalayan salt instead of regular salt can help too.

How to know if you are dehydrated?

Recurring Headaches



Feeling Low energy

Muscle cramps

Frequently feeling thirsty

Especially if you are taking diabetics medications the above diet can increase the intensity of the medications and results in more side effects.



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