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Shatavari: An all-rounder natural healer for the entire body


SHatavari is a kind of asparagus which is famous for its stress relieving capabilities that helps in managing physical as well as mental stress. It is also known to enhance vitality and has been used in Ayurveda as a reliable tonic to regulate different functions needed for a healthy body and mind. In this article we will mention some of the best health benefits of shatavari:

Asparagus Racemosus, Satavar, Shatavari

What is Shatavari?

In Sanskrit language, the meaning of Shatavari is the plants with hundred roots. This root-rich plant has numerous roots which pack many rich nutrients with potent medicinal qualities.

While it has been used for last many centuries to treat various diseases, the plant was botanically found in 1799. The experts considered it as major Ayurvedic herbs that are very good for the health and used extensively introducing various ayurvedic medicines.

What is the ideal dosage of Shatavari?

As per some expert recommendations it is good to consume 4-5 millilitres of root tincture of shatavari 3 times a day.

You may also take Shatvari as powdered root (recommended quantity 1 teaspoon mixed with 8 ounces of water- twice a day).

Typically you need 500 milligrams Shatavari tablet to be taken 2 times every day. You may also add 30 drops of shatavari in water or juice and take it for 3 times a day.

In what forms Shatavari is available?

Three popular consumable forms of shatavari include powder, liquid and tablet. People who are more precise to gain best medicinal benefits of Shatvari tend to take it in tablet format which is convenient and packs the precise amount of shatavari extract.

Here are some of the major benefits of Shatavari:

Rich in antioxidants

Shatavari is a rich source of Saponins a type of antioxidant compounds. It significantly reduces the damage caused by free radical activity and thus helps in battling diseases causing oxidative stress. Moreover the Shatavari root also contains other types of antioxidants like racemofuran, racemosol and sparamine A.

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Anti-inflammatory capabilities

 Shatavari has been used for many centuries to fight inflammation due to it proven anti-inflammatory capabilities. In fact the positive effect of shatavari in inflammation can be compared with COX-2 inhibitors a specific type of anti-inflammatory drug prescribed by doctors.

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Good for immune system

 Shatavari root extract helps in multiplying antibodies which boosts the immune system and help you efficiently fight diseases. It is found to be extremely helpful in treating various health conditions including whooping cough.

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Good in treatment of diarrhoea

 Diarrhoea deprives body of the essential nutrients and can have intense impact on the health of an individual by causing electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.

 Some studies suggest that Shatavari can be included in the home remedies for diarrhoea treatment.

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Can act as diuretic

 Excess fluid in the body is harmful for your health especially the cardiovascular health. It can be treated with diuretic but many of them may have extreme side effects.

Being Ayurvedic and natural diuretic, Shatavari plays an important role in flushing out the excess fluids from you body without exposing your body to the health risks or side effects. So it may be better to take Shatavari instead of prescription diuretic.  

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Treatment of gastric ulcers

 Ulcers can be extremely painful as they result in conditions like perforation or bleeding. It is generally caused in small intestine, stomach or esophagus.

 Shatavari has been found a competent supplement in the treatment of gastric ulcers in some studies.

Diabetes, Blood Sugar, Diabetic

Blood sugar management

Shatavari is also found to assist in maintaining blood sugar levels and can thus play a vital role in managing Type 2 diabetes.  Some of the compounds found in Shatavari stimulates production of insulin and thus relieves the conditions associated with diabetes (type 2).

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Good for your skin

Shatavari contains saponins that help in controlled the activity of free radical elements ad thus protects your skin from damage or wrinkles while increasing its elasticity. Shatavari is also found to save the skin from collagen breakdown. So you can expect a healthy, elastic and soft, wrinkle free skin.


Shatavari has been used for last many centuries to fight various types of diseases. It is especially famous in Ayurveda and has been employed to manage physical and mental stress. It is also used to produce health tonics for the body due to its excellent properties.



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