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Replace fat boosting oil with these low-fat healthy substitutes


While oil plays a vital role in different types of fried cuisines, it also makes you fatter. That’s why many health-conscious and overweight people keep oil away from their food. You may find it difficult to do that but there is an easy option for you. There are much low fat and zero fat oil substitutes available in the market that pack all the qualities of oil but don’t make you overweight. In this blog we are going to mention some of the best oil substitutes that you can use in your food:

Puréed/Mashed Bananas

 Bananas are high in both sweet and starch. The latter allows it to tie the internal contents together. Besides, it has less water content than many other fruits. So, it allows you to enjoy all the aspects of baked goods- texture, shape, fluffiness, sweetness, and aroma- sans weight boosting fats. So it allows you to enjoy your favorite baked goods without guilty. For the best impact select unripe bananas, overripe ones as the former have better levels of starch and even lower water content. However, they are less sweet than the ripe versions.

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 If you are looking to prepare your quick bread or cookies without mounting too much of fat on to your system then go for unsweetened applesauce. It is free from fat content and unlike the conventional option, it slightly changes the taste profile by adding a subtle sweetness and a little more moisture to the texture for that extra fluffy feeling. Besides it is a warehouse of other good components like vitamin C and potassium. Applesauce also helps in toning up the shape of your favorite sweet dish by binding the ingredients together.

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Chia Seeds

 Chia seeds contain lower fat content than the traditional oil and can efficiently replace your regular oil without robbing your favorite food of its original taste. It is naturally endorsed with the capabilities that allow it to provide all the advantage syrup can expect to form any regular oil. Along with helping in sticking the inner contents the china oil can also absorb the unnecessary moisture. Along with being used for raying the chia seed can also replace oil various baked recipes as well as cake.

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Pumpkin Purée

 Along with baked items the pumpkin puree is equally best for preparing thick smoothies. It can add that delicious bulk to the texture and make the flavor denser which not only makes it more enjoyable but also protects you from over-consuming by offering a filled feeling. The best thing about pumpkin is that it doesn’t have any specific taste profile and it can seamlessly blend into the taste of the food item to which it is added without disturbing the original taste profile. It males pumpkin a preferable choice for both sweet and salty baked items.

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Prune Purée

 Prunes are naturally sweet and can boost your digestion profile which helps in burning one fat while extracting better energy out of your food. You can use prune puree for the purpose. Prune can also provide your favorite dish that crispy layers which make the food visually palatable. They can also bind the inner content and retain the original moister levels which make theme fine replacement or oil.



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