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Reduce your weight like a pro this winter- Part 2

  • The right way to feel satiated without overeating

Enjoy every moment of your food. Chew it slowly and appreciate every twist and turn of the taste. Enjoy the texture, the aroma, and other factors. Keep your mind free from any thoughts by concentrating fully on the food.

It is good to leave some space in your stomach instead of filling it to the brim. Try overcoming the urge to eat the last bite off before you leave the table.


Initially, it will look a bit difficult but gradually it will become a habit. Alternatively, you can also consider keeping aside a little portion of food on another plate before you start eating. It will automatically make you eat reasonably smaller quantities to leave some space in your stomach.

  • Motivation and perseverance helps in bringing positive results

Many people leave the weight loss plan even before achieving any results. The reason is clear. They lack motivation. Don’t wait to “find motivation” when you start feeling low. Instead, as soon as you start your weight loss plan join a community that will keep your spirits up regardless of the results.

There are many offline and online communities for overweight people. Alternatively, you can also create a local community by including your other overweight friends or neighbors or simply advertising in your local newspaper.

  • Overweight isn’t a disease

Keep in mind that overweight is neither a handicap nor a disease. While it is true that you should try your best to bring yourself into shape, not being able to do so doesn’t mean the end of the world.


Secondly, set the right priorities. Your priority is not to punish yourself by starving just to lose those extra inches around your waist. The priority is to avoid overeating, minimize the quantity of fat, and follow a healthy fat-burning lifestyle to shed off those extra kilos. Just don’t be obsessed with counting kilos or measuring your waist.

  • Track your weight

Keep monitoring your weight on a periodical basis to understand how many more efforts you need to put into your weight loss regime. It will also give you an idea about how effective any specific weight loss technique is for you so that you can switch to other effective options.

weight track

Thanks to technology nowadays there are many apps on which you can not only monitor your progress but also get actionable insights to make your weight loss methodology more effective. Besides, there are various YouTube videos by weight-loss experts that will guide you about the right way to start and continue the weight management plan.

  • The right way to reduce sugar intake

One of the major misconceptions among weight loss aspirants is that a sugar-free diet is all about avoiding sweet cookies, candies, chocolates, etc. Did you know that even the unsuspecting food items like margarine, canned vegetables, pizza, and spicy snacks can also contain sugar?

It not only hikes the glucose levels in your blood but also lowers down the impact of your weight management plan. So, make sure to read the ingredients carefully before buying any pack or canned food item from the supermarket.

  • Don’t punish yourself by starving

Many people have the notion that just reducing the amount of food will automatically cut down the calories. As a result, they start starving and deprive their body of nutrients. That’s the wrong way.

What you need to do is to replace unhealthy calorie-rich, foods with vegetables, fruits, and other natural foods with low calories and high nutrition profiles.

Vegetables are especially recommended.  They have a high nutritional profile, a good amount of fiber, and nil or very few calories. They also offer you a satiated feeling even when you consume modest portions.

Eating vegetables offer you four major benefits- minimize calorie consumption, balanced eating, improved digestion due to fibers, and an energetic feeling throughout the day.

  • Keep this in mind when preparing vegetables

Make sure that you don’t compromise with the health profile of vegetables just to add the artificial taste by overloading them with spices, sauce, oil, butter, and other unhealthy components.


Instead, use the cooking methods that bring out the original taste of vegetables like steaming and baking. If needed you may add a very modest amount of fresh spices, lemon juice, or healthy oil like olive oil or rice bran oil.

In short, a subtle taste profile not only promotes mindful eating but also makes you fully enjoy the food that you are eating. It might seem tough in the beginning but gradually you would know that swapping loud spicy food with subtle, aromatic, and pleasant-tasting meals is a profitable trade-off.

  • Tweak recipes of your favorite foods to make them healthy

Fond of sandwiches? Can’t live without burgers? Here’s good news for you. Just prepare it wisely. Tweak the recipe, reduce unhealthy stuff with healthy options, and add fat loss-friendly ingredients. Here’s how to do it right:

Take thin slices of bread (= fewer calories) and add more vegetables like carrots, cabbage, cucumber, potatoes, peas, etc. (=quicker digestion) with a modest amount of cheese or your favorite item (to satisfy your cravings). Such food will not only make you feel satisfied but will also save you from calorie overloading.

  • Wisely divide your meal portions

Many nutritionists suggest you fast for 10+ hours before consuming food while others tell you to eat smaller portions more frequently throughout the day. There are still those who ask you to eat only after doing workout sessions or other physical activities. Confused? Let us give you a simple yet effective solution.

Start with anyone’s advice for at least 3 weeks. Check the results. If they are positive then continue with that advice otherwise switch to another method.

In the majority of cases, just having specific meal times is sufficient- but it doesn’t make it a one-size-fits-all solution. So, adopt it as your primary option but keep doors open.

Wisely dividing your meal portions is another wise method to stick to your weight management schedule. Eat a good amount of food during breakfast as it is the first meal of the day. Satiating your appetite well at this time will naturally keep your appetite in check throughout the day.

Moreover, you are most active during the morning till noon which will help you to quickly digest the food, converting calories into energy before they turn into fat.

Eat smaller portions during afternoon lunch and at the night further reduce the portions as you won’t remain physically active during the night which means slower digestion.

Such a balanced distribution of portions results in healthy appetite management thus helping you in your weight management journey.

  • How to shake off the habit of unhealthy snacks?

If you are fond of snacks (though we highly recommend shaking off that habit) then prepare a snacking schedule- just like your meal schedule. Try swapping unhealthy snacks with healthier options which means replacing fried potato wafers with baked lightly salted almonds.

unhealthy food

Many people eat snacks right out of the container which may compel them to overeat as taste profile takes the front seat sending health concerns in the background. Here’s a solution to this: Take small zip lock bags and divide different portions for each day. Quantifying your snack consumption will save you from loading your body with calories.

Did you know that attractive packing is one of the major reasons behind high sales of unhealthy snacks? So, be wise and avoid storing your food on a common shelf that already has various calorie-rich foods or fatty snacks. Instead, choose a separate shelf or cabin for storing your healthy food. Avoiding “unhealthy options” will naturally help you to adhere to your weight management plan.

  • Incorporate exercise in your daily routine- the right way

Exercising regularly not only helps you to reduce the weight but also helps you feel energetic, motivated and “in-shape”. It builds your confidence and when combined with low-calorie intake it allows you to reduce the extra kilos healthily. Many people confuse exercising with tough workout sessions.

Overexerting yourself and looking at those droplets of sweat shining on your face gives a unique satisfaction but believe us that’s not the right way. Ideally, you should start with realistic goals and a balanced regime. Taking a walk to the nearest garden is also effective.

It will help in building stamina. After some time, switch to a brisk walk or jogging and subsequently start practicing general gymnastics. The idea is to follow a linear approach in your exercise regime to avoid risks and ensure sustainable results.

  • How to make exercise a daily habit?

Many people grimace while exercising and their only focus is to complete the daily count as soon as possible. There is a better way out. Exercise should not feel like a burden. Wisely choose the option that “entertains” you.  It can be a cardio workout, aerobics, and Zumba dancing or trying your strength with fitness machines. What you need to ensure is that you should actually enjoy and look forward to the exercise time.


  • Why do many weight loss plans fail in the long run?

Many weight loss plans offer quick success but still the people regain the extra kilos within a year. The reason behind the quick success and quick failure of such plans are common- starving diet plan with less to zero focus on lifestyle changes. Such a meager diet cannot be a part of our daily life.

The human body requires a balanced diet and if you will starve it will not only make you physically weaker but also affects your psychology. You may still stick to it for some time but after the weight-loss period is over, you return to your old eating habits as your mind compels you to “make up” for all those starving days. Also, you will have an impression that you already have starved yourself sufficiently which takes away that guilt factor.

In short, you will resume eating fat-laden snacks, fried wafers, burgers, cookies, etc. and in a short time, your lost kilos will return.

  • Your takeaway

The ideal weight loss regime should thus be balanced and realistic. Instead of fully eliminating the fats and snacks or going for a starving period, you should prepare a balanced diet plan and combine it with a healthy and active lifestyle. Also, make sure that it is not a quick fix method but a long term commitment to gain sustainable results.

  • Conclusion

In this blog we mentioned some of the practical plans for reducing your weight. You actually need to combine different methods without going to extremes. Here is a quick summary of major points that we discussed in this post:

Active Lifestyle: Replace a sedentary routine with a dynamic and energetic lifestyle with different physical activities like sports, workout sessions, daily walks, etc. To make it sustainable combine such activities with social groups

Weight tracking: Maintain a healthy weight monitoring exercise without any extremes. Don’t check your weight every day but monitor it after every 10 days and see if you are losing weight or gaining it. It may remain unchanged as well. Depending upon your observation, make strategic changes in your weight management plan if required.

Wisely optimize your day: Optimize your day to include more physical activities. Identify the sedentary time or the time when you don’t do anything important. Replace such time with some physical activity like playing sports, gardening, or strolling in a park.

 A gradual and realistic transition to healthy eating ways: Gradually start including healthy foods in your diet plan. Do it the right way. Instead of forcing yourself to fully stop eating your favorite delicacies, it is wiser to add some healthy foods in the recipe like adding different seasonal vegetables in your pizza. Gradually start reducing the amount of unhealthy food and increasing the amount of healthy, nutritious options.

Be patient: Weight management is a combination of the right food, an active lifestyle, and positive motivation. Starving yourself may quickly make you slim but it also deprives your body of essential nutrients and weakens your system. Besides, it is not a natural long term solution. So, avoid any hasty, quick or extreme weigh loss methods. Always aim for a gradual, natural transition to healthy foods and lifestyle changes that you can maintain for a long.



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