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Practical tips to avoid overeating during upcoming festive time


Right from October/November, the countdown to festive time begins and right now we are in the middle of such a pleasant month. Festive time means lots of joy and feasts. Moreover, as in many parts of the world it is the time for intense winters, the feasts seem even more inviting. The concern, however, is to avoid all those extra kilos that come with those feasts.

One of the ways is to start weight management routine right from now so that by the time the festive moments arrive you are already trained to rein in your cravings or at least replace them with healthier options. Now that is better said than done- especially during winters when we tend to eat more. In this blog, we are going to mention some of the tips that can help you to gain some control over your cravings before the “feast time” arrives. Also, you can use this guide to replace the unhealthy fried foods with their healthier and equally tasty alternatives:

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Why do we feel hungrier during winters?

The body temperature drop during winters. The metabolism functionality also suffers as it isn’t able to get the ideal temperature (37 degrees) needed for optimum performance. Eventually, it lowers down the food breaking process that is vital for producing heat and energy. All these conditions make the body feel that it is on the starvation mode and send hunger signals to your brain.

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Avoid eating processed foods

Food has a close effect on body fat. Eating high fat, processed food loaded with preservatives and added sugars acts as an obstacle to your weight loss exercises but also increases the body fat. So start by managing the variety and portion of your food by replacing unhealthy choices and portions with healthier options. Lean meats, whole-grains, mono and polyunsaturated fats, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruits.

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Use discretion before responding to you appetite cravings

During a shortage of stored fat content, the body asks for food to replenish the levels. These signals are sent to relevant sections of our brain that controls hunger and satiety. These confusing signals suppress satiety levels while stimulating hunger levels. As a result, you start feeling an immediate need to satisfy your appetite. Here one thing to notice is that these signals are not true as you don’t need food but it is the misinterpretation due to winter-induced changes as stated above. AS a result, the food consumption based on such factors is counted as overeating and contributes to weight gain 

However, the brain doesn’t make the final decision on a single factor but considers several things like the temperature of the body. Available food in the gut, blood glucose levels, etc. So whenever the appetite occurs, allow some time to your brain to decide if the body really need the food or not.

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Try preparing festive foods at home

Some of the ultra-processed foods can also b prepared more healthily at home. For instance, the salad dressing that seems so appealing and offers a savory taste is harmful to your body. But you can easily make one at your home by mixing 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of your favorite vinegar and whisking them together. Just pour t in a bottle and spread it over the salad whenever you care for the dressing. What’s more, you can even go creative and make it sweeter by adding some strawberry pulp or any other fruit pulp.

Whenever you get some time on hand utilize it for batch cooking. You can prepare different varieties and store them in a freezer. Whenever the weekend frozen food cravings raise the head, just reach your freezer instead of going to the supermarket. Take out the home prepared healthy version of frozen food and simply heat/fry it. Enjoy piping hot with your family members.

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Exercise regularly

Some of the effective exercises to especially reduce the extra inches of your feet include skipping, cycling, and swimming. Make it a point to do these exercises at least thrice a week but have a target to turn it into a regular activity. Instead of overexerting yourself in the beginning, you can start by performing these exercises as per your stamina. Start some stamina building exercises as well. Did you also know that exercising regularly also promotes some happiness hormones which you desperately require during winters to overcome the winter blues? So as a bonus regular exercising will also save you from that depressed feeling that is so common in winters. 

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Satiate your breakfast time cravings with healthy foods

It is common to feel much hungrier during winter mornings It happens because the temperature further drops down at the night and it takes the warmth of our body to very low levels. This intense lack of warmth is interpreted by our body as a lack of energy and it sends quick energy refilling signals to the brain. As a result, we are tending to stock up our tummy at the time of breakfast.

Overeating or consuming unhealthy snacks is often the major cause behind weight gain. One of the best ways to overcome this is to have hot soup for your breakfast. Hot soups provide instant wealth during eating and after consumption. At the same time make sure to consume the soup with high fiber. For instance, you can prepare fresh mushroom soup with real mushrooms into it. Mushroom is naturally high in fibers and has a natural property to give a fuller feeling. It keeps you satiated for long hours and thus saves you from overeating.

 In a study it was found that the participant who consumed mushroom at the breakfast were able to feel satiated for more hours as compared to those who had anther food item at breakfast 

 The study revealed that eating mushroom kept the people feeling fuller for longer. It is believed that the rich content of fiber found in mushrooms provides a fuller feeling and eliminates the need to eat anything else for several hours.



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