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Overcoming winter food temptations: Friendly health advice to make right food choices during winters


During the winters our appetite naturally increases and many times it becomes quite a task for us to determine what to eat and what to leave. However, by making informed decisions we can take a golden path and consume only those foods that enhance our immunity and disease-fighting capabilities while lowering down the foods that can increase at or forms cough. Here are some of the tips to try or overcoming the effects of winters.

Salt, Pepper, Spoons, Spices

Eat Spicy Foods

Eating decently spicy food helps to retain and increase the body warmth by accelerating blood circulation. Try adding some good spicy food to your daily meals or simply add (or slightly increases) the number of spices you use in the general curries.

Pumpkin Soup, Soup

Don’t consume Cream based Soups

Cream based soup not only look appealing but also have a healthy look. The reality however is that most of such soups you buy from the market contain corn starch. So replace these soup with broth-based soups which are healthier and don’t contain starch.

A piping hot mushroom soup lowers down the throat irritation. Moreover, when you consume the broth-based soups you intake less amount of calories, a very low quantity of saturated fat, and a decent amount of fiber- that’s a perfect equation for a positive inner and external health profile. Try preparing broth-based soups with fresh green vegetables. For bringing the feeling of satiety consider adding some whole wheat noodles to it. You can either drink it standalone hot from the bowl or consider eating it with a hot slice of whole wheat bread.

Hunger, Hungry, Eating, Cookie, Biscuit

Don’t be tempted to eat unhealthy fried snacks

It is but natural to be tempted to eat fried snacks on a cold winter evening but that can increase your weight. It is best to replace them with other healthy options like a warm bowl of oats and milk.

 Foods with good warming quality like dark chocolate (hot). Coffee and tea are also good to be consumed during winters.

Bread, Wheat, Grain, Loaf, Healthy, Food

Eat whole grains

 Have you ever noticed that when you go to the beach or your house terrace to bask in the sun a quaint positive feeling of happiness engulfs you. It happens because the sunlight promotes the production of Serotonins a hormone that controls happiness. In winter the lack of sunlight minimizes the production of serotonin which lowers down the happiness level and makes us feel irritable throughout the day. Whole wheat contains the carbs that also have mood-boosting qualities. Moreover, it is also a great option to overcome sugar cravings.

Other mood-lifters: Whole wheat bread, brown rice, cereals, pulses, bajra, oats, corn, millets, and eggs.

Almonds, Nuts, Roasted, Salted

Consume Nuts

 Skin issues are quite common during winters. Right from dry skin to charred lips and rashes are some of the common instances in the winter season. Nuts can help you fight these skin issues by restoring its original qualities and bringing back the softness and natural moisture.

Garlic, Cloves, Vegetable, Organic

Add Garlic to your food

 Garlic has been a consumer for the last many centuries to strengthen the immunity. Modern science has also proven it to be a potent source of natural immunity boosting capabilities. The garlic enzymes form allicin a chemical that promotes white blood corpuscles that fight infections and keep them away. In that capability, it works as an effective antibiotic  and antifungal supplement while also keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels  under check/



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