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Nuts, The Shell of Nutrients May Help You to Lose Weight


Definitely, losing weight wouldn’t be an easy task; it requires a lot of dedication, patience, and hard work. Neither saying Goodbye to your favorite junk foods nor saying hello to all sorts of healthy nutrients is easy for you.

Hence, if you are planning to lose weight, you should be aware of the importance of some healthy foods. You have to adjust your diet by replacing junk foods with healthy nuts. And while we talk about healthy foods, nuts come as superfoods that contain some antioxidants that help you to keep your body fit. Nuts are called a powerhouse of fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals along with some healthy fats help you to lose weight around your belly and waist in a very healthy way. Basically, losing weight requires less consumption of your daily calories. While you are planning a diet to lose weight, you must not forget to add some nutrients. Eating nuts would be a healthy option for losing weight in a significant way without having any difficulty.  As nuts are loaded with healthy nutrients that keep your body full for longer. Here we will study nuts in which form help you to lose weight effectively. 

During the process of weight loss, you just need to consume calories in less mode but burn more. These nuts are superfoods that can boost your weight loss process by keeping you full for a long time so that you wouldn’t feel hunger or crave eating junk foods. Nuts; when they are included in your diet in a well-restricted quantity, definitely give your body multiple nutrients at the same time by restricting you from a frequent munching of eating junk foods. 

How Does Nuts Help You in Weight Loss?

  • Nuts are the oldest food in nature that is loaded with the best supplements but remained unidentified earlier. In recent years, it has brought a trend among innumerable weight watchers. A wide variety in nuts that includes Cashews, Almonds, Pistachios, Hazelnuts, Raisins, Walnuts, and Peanuts; has now become a fashion that has its own ground which is unmatched with any other healthy food.
  • Nuts help to lose weight by providing a range of healthy fats like Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated low fats. It has an essential and high amount of vitamins, proteins, fibers minerals, and antioxidants that confer definite health benefits for your weight loss management.

  • Moreover, eating nuts also prevents you from heart diseases and diabetes. It increases a good cholesterol level that prevents you from cancer and type 2 diabetes. However, nuts could be high in fat content as it was doubtful earlier whether to eat them or not as some recent reports have claimed that patients who are eating nuts have an increased cholesterol level and body fat, therefore, they completely avoid including nuts in their diet. Although, it depends on the aging system as well.
        If you are running into the age of 35-40, it would be beneficial for you to choose nuts in your diet. On the contrary, if you are at the age of 40-55, you must control your habit of eating a bunch of nuts at a regular time. 

What is an Ideal Proportion of Nuts for Weight Loss?

There is some substantiated proved evidence to consume 30-40-gram handful of nuts daily to avoid some unhealthy contaminated junk foods which are very effective for weight loss management. Always remember that 100 grams of nuts that include Peanuts, Almonds, and Pistachios holds 600-700 calories.

      These nuts are an excellent source of fiber and plant protein. Almonds, Peanuts, and Pistachios, these nuts you can take as your evening snacks as well to calm down the craving of eating more and more. It gives the toy a feeling of fullness and also adds some daily protein nutrients especially if you are following a completely vegetarian diet. 

What Needs to Look for While Buying Nuts in a Grocery Store?

While you go grocery shopping for nuts, it recommends that you should only buy raw nuts. Always skip the nuts that are fried in Butter, tapped with salt and other spicy & sweeteners ingredients. Many people have now been consuming the nuts that are fried or roasted in oil or too much sugar; it doesn’t give you a good result.

One should always avoid the nuts that have added sugar and spices, they may be roasted in unhygienic chemicals to create some magical flavors. No matter if you don’t like plain nuts, always choose the raw nuts and roast them at your home along with your favorite herbs and natural flavors. Also remember, eating nuts as a portion-controlled snack; always works to control your hunger and keeps you full in longer. Moreover, you should also avoid shopping for nuts chocolates, or bar, it may give you the taste but it will increase your weight against your weight loss management. 

Nuts Are Calorie-Dense, but Nutrients-Loaded

According to the various health survey reports, nuts are rich in healthy polyunsaturated fat & monounsaturated fat, which protects our heart and keeps it in a good working condition. This fiber in nuts enhances the fullness which is beneficial to lose weight. Additionally, dry & raw nuts provide protein, carbohydrates, and other minerals to your body to obtain optimal health. 

Nuts Are Antioxidant Powerhouses?

  • The presence of Polyphenols in nuts makes them antioxidant powerhouses that can combat oxidative anxiety and stress management through its neutralizing free radicals.

  • These unstable molecule radicals cause cell damage and also increases heart disease risk. A study has also found walnuts have a great capacity to fight against these free radicals. Researches have also proved that antioxidants found in walnuts & almonds can shield your delicate fat in cells that are damaged by oxidation.

  • Eating almonds or walnuts can also increase the polyphenol level in the body that significantly eliminates this cell damage and grants a lavish appearance of your personality by keeping you healthy and fit.

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