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Nontoxic Vitamin D: Are You Adequately Getting?


Vitamin D is a sun-safe nontoxic component which is important for overall health, but in many countries, people are not adequately getting it. While sunlight hits our skin, our body utilizes the sunbeams to produce a vital and efficient ingredient for good health which is called Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is totally essential for healthy bone and teeth and helps our body to absorb calcium.

Vitamin D also protects us against certain illnesses and supports various types of body functions. It is quite easy to walk naked outside to absorb vitamin D as much as we can, but we should also be aware that sunlight has its own dangers as well. Hence it is natural to know the complete balance to find about Vitamin D in our body. During the hot days of July, there are many ways to shape up some health-boosting powers through the sun while evading the dangers. 

How Much “Vitamin D” Do We Need?

  • Vitamin D is the most essential vitamin in our body but can be stored as fat in our body while it is not needed, so the only problem is to know the complete balance of vitamin D in our body.

  • The adequate amount of Vitamin D that the US government has recommended is for different ages specifically. Some experts around the world have claimed to absorb it for children and adults need about 800 IU every day.
  • While people under the age of 65 probably need 1000 IU as they generally spend more time in the sunlight and their body becomes used to it. On the contrary, people who are at the risk of its deficiency, need a higher level of vitamin D.

  • In exceptionally, some people have been absorbing Vitamin D even more than 2000 IU units with having no problem. However, just like any other thing, the insufficiency in less or more composition, always has bad remarks. Therefore, it is always recommended to inhale vitamin D adequately is enough. The overdose of Vitamin D will otherwise cause you to fall sick with some influenza-like diseases. It could also make you feel mentally weak and confused.
  • It can also bring irregularity in your heartbeats. Eventually, a specific blood test is the best to know enough amount of Vitamin D. People may be having any symptoms of the insufficiency of vitamin D but after a long time. On a prescription of a doctor, you can go for the Vitamin D blood test to know its complete amount in your body. 

Why Vitamin D Is So Essential?

While we are discussing its amount, it is now become necessary to know why it is so important for our body. Generally, if we talk about its efficiency, vitamin D helps to prevent bone fractures as it makes our bones strong to handle sudden breakdowns. It reduces the risk of cancer in bones, especially colon cancer and breast cancer.

Similarly, it also reduces the risk of diabetes, especially in young aged people. Other diseases like heart, blood pressure, and heart failure from Vitamin D always protect. Vitamin D improves our mood and overall lung functionality. It also decreases the risk of Sclerosis. 

What Happened, If We Don’t Get Enough Vitamin D?

Lack of Vitamin D often develops Osteomalacia diseases which leads our bones to become fragile that could break easily. It also increases the risk of Rickets, a type of disease in children that averts the bones from growing properly, hence it delays their productivity and weakens their immune system.

In adults, the lack of Vitamin D develops the risk of Osteoporosis that painlessly makes bones weak, thin, and easy to break.

Where Do We Find the Best Sources of Vitamin D?

The only best source of Vitamin D is Sun. Few drops of Sunlight can work to gain it adequately in your body. Apart from that, some foods can supply Vitamin D significantly. As experts always say about the best source of Vitamin C for humans is the only sun, not even supplements. But the problem is to find the ideal sun exposure as too much exposure to the sunbeams causes cancer and another skin disease.

On the contrary, too little sun exposure leads to the deficiency of Vitamin D.  Similarly, it is quite difficult to get enough vitamin D through foods. Since you are not interested to attain enough sunlight to keep a balance of Vitamin D in your body, some supplements have been suggested which you can bring at home to take them on a regular note.

Most people generally preferred these vitamin D supplements in their regular days as spending enough time in the sun exposure may not seem adequate for them. It may not be a bad idea if you follow the strict instructions with them. A regular check with your doctor is ideally good to keep a balance of Vitamin D in your body.

How Much Sun Exposure Is Safe?

There are some guidelines to follow while you prepare yourself for sun exposure. Essentially, you should avoid sun exposure without any protection. It is also recommended to avoid sunbeams between 11 am to 3 pm.

It is around 10-30 minutes are definitely sufficient for sun exposure.

You should always use a sunscreen lotion before going under a sunbeam to protect your skin. If the sun is going to be prolonged and your skin is very sensitive, you should cover it with a light scarf or a hat, you can also wear UV protected sunglasses. Sit in the shades where sunbeams are dull or light. Use sunscreen lotion 30 minutes before going to sun exposure.

You should also check the SPF ratings while choosing the best sunscreen about how long it takes the UV rays to burn your skin. SPF30 takes 30 minutes to protect your skin from sunburn before you leave for a sun exposure where SPF50 takes 50 minutes longer. Consequently, it is always recommended to apply sunscreen lotion before you leave for exposure according to the SPF30 or SPF50


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