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3 Ways to Take Care of Dry Skin


Dry skin is one of the most inconvenient conditions that not only robs you of your natural beauty tips but also poses the risks of skin cracking in some cases. However, with some changes in your lifestyle and personal care regimen, you can regain the natural moisture, elasticity, and flexibility of your skin. It will help in enhancing your overall beauty profile:

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Use ideal moisturizing lotions with thicker base

Keeping your skin hydrated can go a long way in keeping it from drying. While there are several moisturizing creams available in the market you need to choose the one that is the perfect fit for your skin.

At the same time, the way you apply the moisturizing solutions also determines their impact. Light moisturizers feel fine and silky on the skin but it is better to go for the thicker variants with a heavy texture as they stay longer, seal your skin well, and lock the moisture more effectively. The only downside is the greasy feeling on your skin. However, comparing with the immense benefits it provides, this is a trade-off you won’t regret.  

While lotions are also fairly good at moisturizing the skin, their thin, watery texture makes them evaporate quicker once you apply them to your skin.

 Avoid using the moisturizers with a strong fragrance and also check the label to see if it contains any dyes or other elements that can irritate your skin.

It is best to buy hypoallergenic moisturizing solutions as they don’t generally cause dermatological allergies, itching, etc.

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Wash your hands responsibly

Washing your hands often is another major cause of dry skin. While it is not possible to avoid washing your hands properly, especially at the current times, you can keep good, medically safe moisturizers on your sink and apply them every time you wash the hands.

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Reduce the length and frequency of showers

Shower is considered as the best way to retain and enhance your skin beauty but did you know frequent or longer shower sessions can dry your skin by robbing it of its natural oils and depleting its moisture content? So, people with dry skin should shower responsibly, keeping in mind these things :

 Don’t use very hot water for bathing. Lukewarm water is ideal for showering and in the hot season you can take cool water

Bathing once a day is enough to avoid any repeated showers on the same day

Briskly rubbing your skin with pressure might give you a feeling that it removes the hidden dust particles, etc. but it only damages your skin. Instead, go for gentle patting to dry your skin well



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