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Losing 5 pounds in just one week, is not a joke! It depends on the metabolism of one person’s body which is different one to another. While you take it so easy to lose weight fast, you can lose that much you want in a certain period of time but it brings several kinds of other issues in your body. 

By including some physical workouts and other activities or the body compositions, it is possible to shoot up the fat in a short time.

It needs the complete strength which you could earn by eating some essential food intakes like eggs, boiled meat, pulses, fish and etc.

whether it is a matter of metabolism system of your body or it is the part of physical workouts, losing weight always brings challenges for you. These all are uniquely associated with each other.

Carb is a common friend of losing or putting on weight:

  • It comes back to the concept of calories that goes in and out while you eat less than you burn and you will be losing the weight. Other hand, while you eat more and you are doing hardcore workouts or physical activities to digest it, it remains the same like no fat no burn. And while you are drinking just water and the water all the time, you have nothing to lose! Drinking more water or eating a low carbs diet, people are always certain to advocate to lose the fat.
  • The diet can itself goes into the thinking about your eating style and working style. Eating carbs if you want to put the same weight as before, always good for you. Carbs are counted in the good food book as they usually get digest itself after some time in your body.
  • The problem is in eating the oily and glutted foods that can never be dissolved itself in your body and a sound core body workout is  needed. When really, you want to gain the fat you lose soon, you should start eating carbs.

       Based on my own experience about losing the weight, most of us are and to choose the snacks those are low in nutrients density.

  • While we talk about the nutrition, they are probably high in the calories. If we talk about the scientific methods of losing weight, one should always have asked to live on the liquid diets for a certain period of time which is seriously not good for health. Although, it is quite easy to lose weight, but you can never imagine about the other harms that will occur in your body after some time.
  • If you want to lose weight, you need not worry about only the liquid dinks or diet, even one can do it by including some common calories in the food. Hence, just swipe off just drinking the water, unsweetened tea or coffee. The major offenders are refined grains like chips, cracks, cookies those are made of refined grains.

Scientific-backed ways to burn the fat:

  • There are uncountable diets explored to lose the weight and millions are people following them regularly. For example, these endless diets are enclosed with many supplements, meal supplements and various types of plans that claim to ensure a fast weight loss but they might have lack of the scientific evidence.
  •  Consequently, there are many scientific strategies that have a major impact on some effective weight loss programs. These programs include the intermittent fasting, exercising, and cycling alongside to keep the track on calories intake to reduce the number of carbs in your diet.
  • One of the scientific weight loss programs is fasting that gives you a guarantee to lose the weight fast. Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating foods in regular short portions in the short terms for a shorter time during the day.
  • Studies have claimed that eating in a small portion after a certain short time, always helps to reduce the fat in just 6 months. It leads losing the weight of many overweighed individuals. Intermittent Fasting involves eating just 25%-25% meal of the day in 4 portions. You need to eat 500-600 calories at a time. It is the fast method to burn the fat and very easy to follow.

Keep a track on your Diet as well as Exercise:

If you want to lose the weight, you should be aware to burn it with the help of physical workout.

The more you eat, more you need to work out each day. It is a most effective way to lose weight if you keep an eye on your diet and workout accordingly.

Undoubtedly, there are several apps with the help you can count down your diet and physical activities as well. Tracking physical activity can be very effective for you to manage your weight.

Eating Thoughtfully:

Eating consciously is also a practice of those who required to pay the attention about what they are eating and how much they have consumed. This can enable you to taste the food you really want to enjoy and similarly maintain the healthy weight.

In today’s lifestyle, millions of people lead a busy life where they often prompt to eat quickly on the office table on the run while they are working at their desks. Some people are used to eat while watching the TV or cell phone, it makes them eating more and more. Hence it is always advisable to count your food if you want to burn the calories fast.

Mindful Eating Techniques:

  1. It includes to eat on table with the preferred sitting.
  2. Always pay attention on the food, enjoy it and love the experience. You should always avoid the disruptions while eating the food.
  3. Respect your food and its makers by concisely eating it.
  4. Do not turn on your mobile, laptop or TV at the time of eating.
  5. Eating slowly is also the fine way to reduce the fat. You need to take more time to chew it, it avoids over-eating.
  6. One should pay the brain and mind are fully active while eating the food

Kiran Sharma

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