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Keep Glowing Naturally for A Healthy Festive Season


A major component of our body, the skin is always healthy when it glows naturally. However, some specific factors like stress, lack of slip, aging, and eating habits rob your complexion easily on its radiance. It transforms the skin that looks so dull.

Some skincare products that scientists and dermatologists claimed to have the proper attributes to clean your skin and make it glow naturally. On another hand, some ordinary things you can also take into use for a duration of time consciously and on regular basis can also make your skin healthy and beautiful..

Nowadays, most of us are preparing for the festive season like decorating the house, searching for some special recipes, or buying new clothes for a festive feast. Some of them are preparing themselves for the new year eve and carefully trying a different method to bring a natural glow on the face. But always remember that it is not just about your looks but a feeling to feel good internally and it requires some efforts. So here we will discuss the things that you can try to look much pretty and feel better during their festival season.

These simple ways to look beautiful wouldn’t take your too much time and when these are followed intentionally on regular basis, will definitely make a difference to your look and a feeling which will be great to be indulged with.  

Festive Skin & Hair Care with Crunchy Nuts

  • A start food is always incomplete without a good amount of dry fruits. They are a rich source of energy and always enclosed with excessive food supplements.
  • Normally, dry fruits can be consumed easily and impactful if you are taking them in the morning. They are good in taste and can be used in other food recipes.
  • These crunchy, nutty, and equally good in health nuts are the best friends for your life. By eating these nuts, you can kill your hunger with fibers and essential fats along with protein. These nuts are consequently responsible for making your skin supple and smooth. It gives a natural glow to your face.
  • These are under-rated nutritious nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins, dry figs, etc. have special offers for your skin. These nuts are packed with some essential vitamins and minerals like Zinc, Copper, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D that aid in glowing smoother skin that everybody needs in the festive season. Take 10 almonds, 2 walnuts, and 5 cashews along with dry figs and some raisins, they are enough to bring a natural glow on your face even you are running in the age of 40-50s. 

Keep Eating Garden-Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Eating raw food is a thousand years old tradition that our ancestors believe for a great effect on their body and to make them feel energetic and fresh along with a positive impact on their life..

Raw or fresh food have always a positive impact on our body, skin, and hair as well. Fruits and raw vegetables contain some powerful antioxidants that protect the skin from the cellular damage that occurred by free radicals like pollution, smoking, alcohol, and sunlight. These variables are responsible for wrinkles and aging spots.

One should eat the rainbow of some colorful fruits and vegetables for at least five fractions in a day. Some essential vitamins and minerals found in raw vegetables like carrots, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes. These are the good sources of Betacarotene. Lutein is also a very effective mineral found in papaya, spinach, and kale. These vegetables contain some potential antioxidants that are very important for skin cell development to tone your face muscle. 

Practice Some Useful Yoga Postures

  1. Yoga is very essential in this busy life to tone your muscles and to slow the aging. There is a wide variety of Yoga Poses that are frequently good to have practice in your normal routine of life.

  2. Like if you have ever practiced a downward dog position, you must have experienced that your attention shifts gently on your breath. The overall beauty of your body depends on how much you have practiced the Yoga in your day to day life.
  3. The Yoga practice is always a must to stretch your muscles more to generate the hormones which are essential to maintain your fresh look. While inhaling and exhaling during yoga, several types of toxins release from your body by leaving your skin rejuvenated, refreshed, and revitalized.
  4. Yoga is the process of being consciously indulged with breathing acceleration to clean the complete body by eliminating some harmful oxidants. Hence a regular practice of Yoga can bring charm to your face in a short duration of time.

Meditation on Everyday

  • As a candle itself radiate a light, meditation is in the same way influence to bright the inner part of our body. The more you ruminate, the more you radiate the oxidants.
  • Meditation is generally very effective to clean your mind as well as your whole breathing system. It brings light to your spirit by providing the strength to your body to deal with environmental effects like stress, drowsiness, and mood swings.
  • It is not just a figment of your imagination but also it is a quite true feeling to have the capability to feel positive from inside of your body. When you start to feel positive, it adds a natural glow to your skin and you will the beauty of your soul.  

Try to Judge You on WHO you Are

Many times you must have felt about some cosmetics that you have applied but there is no result and your skin is still dry. Sometimes you try the same element or cream to treat your face which is being used by your friend or relative. But you don’t get any results.

Hence it is always necessary to judge your skin tone before using any cosmetics. Try to judge you on what you are and the nature of your skin. 


Kiran Sharma


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