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Keep Exercising Even When Your Motivation Slips


When it comes to exercise, people often think about getting fit only. But frequently, to start a workout is always a problem for many of those who think about all the clauses enclosed with it.

Your mental health and psychological concerns take the full accountability of being regular in your workout.

It plays a vital role when you think by the mind when it says to remain calms over your mental condition and the several mood swings. The UK guidelines officially have announced the adults to keep doing exercises regularly. And according to the health survey in London, mostly women are more active and conscious about doing aerobic exercise but not doing any strengthening activity. WHO has also claimed about the people in the UK were only 32% active in exercising. Meanwhile, fatness is increasing in terms of long term chronic diseases as analyzed in England. It slows down the wide majority of women to be more reluctant about the physical workouts.

We always think that we should be more active about exercising but always failed to keep it continue for a long time as our motivation slips down after some days.

Don’t Think About Why, Just Workout

  • When we start an exercise routine, we always think about the result first. We don’t think whether we will keep it up or not. Too often, some smart videos try to target the audience to indulge them in exercise and fitness by coupling into a short-term inspiration.
  • People start to go to the gym since their reasons for a workout are appearance-based only. But it doesn’t fuel their motivation for a long time when they don’t see any result.
  • We shall be more positive if we concentrate and focus on the instantaneous optimistic sensation to reduce the stress. It will increase more energy by making more friends and partners in the gym. It will also deliver the benefits that will truly fill the value in our daily life.

A Slow Start Must Be Get Off

  1.  We are always struck with senseless or typical resolutions approaches to fitness. It is very obvious to start anything on good terms and plans by waiting for a special day or time.
  2.  You shouldn’t wait for a special event or an unusual phase to start a workout or a daily exercise routine, you just need to jump and do everything. People change their diet and start exercising, stop over-drinking, and smoking but within a couple of days, they start losing their motivation and get too tired and stop everything. If you want to come in shape, you have to wait as it takes time.
  3.  By trending towards some high-intensity training and some recommendation, you wouldn’t be able to build your muscle and tone your body. Just do the exercise for a couple of weeks, increase your efficiency by slow jogging, walking, running, and swimming but do it always. Don’t give up at a certain time when you don’t see any results. It will give you a chance to make you inclined towards the high-intensity workouts habitually.

Don’t Love It, Just Do it

You need to leave your comfort level first as it is not always helpful to make yourself habitual about doing the activities you actively like. Roller-skating, bike riding, playing cricket, or bowling may be the choices of your childhood but you should give up these activities

if you seriously want to enjoy your exercise. Don’t stick to the same exercise as it will make your body habitual to this and your body will stop to respond it after some time. Many of you must have realized to feel better and more comfortable about the particular workout or exercise since you stuck in it. It would be easy or more enjoyable doing a specific type of exercise which you like the most and feel comfortable but such as the physical reaction of your body will be zero.

Always try different types of workouts as the choices are not essential if you don’t want to feel bore and monotonous. Different sports or changed activities always work to motivate you towards regular exercise.

Be Generous to Yourself

  • Increasing the motivation or lack of it both are part of the same picture. Some of the ill-fated elements like depression, exhaustion, stress, sadness, or other family issues can have an immense influence on your physical activities. However, when there is support around you, it will be easy to maintain physical activity.
  • It is not always possible to be surrounded by happiness but a positive attitude is enough to handle all the ill-fated activities. Ups and downs always occur in life but you can manage them with a positive attitude if you are kind to yourself. To conclude that you need to get an adequate physical activity to fill your motivation energetically.

Don’t Rely on Self-Control

If you need self-control to do something, it is natural that you don’t really like to do it. It is hard to believe but it is true in terms of doing the things while we really don’t want to do them.

Many questions will fly in your mind like how it could be beneficial for me? How would I feel when I don’t do it? How would I feel when I move out of it? Hence Stay out of your self-control or willpower as sometimes it is essential to do something hard which is not of your choice to do.

Change if it Doesn’t Work

Sometimes we need to change our routine if it doesn’t feel suitable for execution. For example, if it’s raining, you skip your running and feel guilty. It is the psychosomatic combination of your emotions and the confidence that takes you to the point where you feel to inability to execute your plans. But always remember that it is possible to stay back on track.

If your previous exercise routine is not working due to some uncertain reasons, just change it. Don’t beat or guilt yourself and try to execute it on a different new level.

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Kiran Sharma

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