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Is Yoga Effective for Weight Lose?


It is 100% true that the Yoga supports all mental, spiritual and physical development which allows to create the best vision of your body.

The advancement of Yoga is associated with countless benefits in losing weight in a proper healthy way.

Losing weight through Yoga is a contentious point as many people believe it doesn’t promote the weight loss. But when it is combined with the healthy eating habits, it has proved so beneficial to lose weight along with providing a healthy body and healthy mind.

It enhances your mindfulness to relate to your body. You would start selecting the food which is healthy to decrease the fat accumulation. Generally losing weight by Yoga has two aspects, Exercise & Healthy Eating.

Several Benefits Are Enclosed with YOGA:

  1. Every Yoga pose demands these two aspects for weight loss. It is not just about some poses to increase your strength; it has many other benefits to enclose with. It increases the flexibility, improves respiration, energy & vitality. It forms a healthy & balanced metabolism in your body.
  2. It improves muscle tones to increase athletic health. It also improves cardio health for weight reduction. And most important, it manages your stress level.

  3. Losing weight through Yoga always helps you to lose it in the fast manner even especially more effective to burn the fat. You would start learning how beneficial it is while it is so easy to lose weight through a gentle, peaceful yoga practice as well.

A Five Thousand Years Old Transcription:

  • Yoga is a five thousand years old transcription that led by Indus Valley Civilization on the insubstantial palm leaves that had paved a way to innovate a perfect weight loss therapy. It was mentioned in Vedic Sanskrit of Hindus and in Rigveda.

  • The researchers have been practicing and tracing the Yoga since a thousand year ago. The history of Yoga is divided into the fractions of practice, innovation and development.
  • The Rishis and Brahmana have refined the Yoga in better way and documented it in their teachings and Upanishads. And later it has developed over the years and now what is being practiced as YOGA.
  • Several yoga principles have been explored in details so that experts can develop it in the most refined way to lose weight. Many researchers have been agreed with Yoga poses in the different methods are useful to lose weight.

Stress Management with YOGA:

  • Stress is the most common reason to gain fat when it resides in our mind. It reveals itself as the form of pain, insomnia, anxiety and the inefficiency to deliberate your thoughts and unable to concentrate. It is the main cause to gain weight.
  • A refined practice of YOGA helps to eliminate it from your mind as well as your body. It helps to cope up with stress in a very efficient way. It makes your brain strong enough to deal with the stress.
  • A great combination of Yoga and stress management brings the physical benefits for you which is beneficial to lose weight and maintain a better physical appearance with a peaceful mind.

Benefits of Power Yoga for Weight Loss:

  1. Yoga tones the body and makes it enable to lose extra calories for weight loss. When we talk about power yoga, it is more likely to have cardiovascular workouts. It helps you to promote the weight loss along with a healthy and stress free lifestyle.
  2. The power yoga enhances the stamina, mental focus and flexibility. It is modern form of Yoga which is researched by many experts to lose weight. It builds by internal heat to increase your stamina.
  3. It makes you strong, free of stress and flexible. It gives you the several kinds of yoga benefits to look much younger, healthy and beautiful. It balances the blood pressure in your body. It provides a perfect combination of yoga series for your whole body.

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss:

  • It is possible to lose the weight immediately with Yoga as it focuses on building the muscle strong and effective to lose weight by increasing flexibility and concentration. Once you start it in regularly, it gradually makes your body so light and flexible to lose weight.

  • There are various types of Yoga positions that you may start to practice for weight loss. These are Plank Pose, Warrior Pose, Triangle Pose, Downward Dog Pose, shoulder stand and etc. that help you to lose weight in a certain time duration.
  • You can practice these positions in a proper way to tone your muscles to lose weight. But be very careful while practicing these poses as it may fall you under the severe muscle pain and other internal bone injuries. It is always recommended to learn yoga in under the guidance of expert teachers so that there would not be any chance to get hurt during any yoga posture.

Yoga and Mindfulness:

  • As we have already discussed the two aspects of Yoga which is mental and spiritual to develop mindfulness. It increases the ability and awareness at many levels to make you more conscious towards the different healthy food that controls your mental stress level as well to keep your mind, spirit & body in a very positive way.

  • A study has shown that the millions of people who are practicing Yoga since a long time, have developed the mindfulness by resisting the unhealthy food and their comfort of eating them. They have become consequently positive and more active in the tune with body. They are more conscious about their eating habits to increase their stamina to practice different yoga postures to look younger by losing weight along with stress.
  • Yoga is associated with lots of benefits especially for those who are struggling to burn the fat as well. It has also been reported that the yoga training for mindfulness has some short time benefits concerning the impulse eating along with active physical participation. It has significantly no association with direct weight loss but it associated with the long term periods of mindfulness training.


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