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How to prevent mercury drop from increasing your appetite?


The winter is around the corner and along with a change in the temperature, it will also change some of the vital lifestyle factors- food being one among them. Winter, it is widely believed, is the best season for foodies as your appetite naturally increases during winters. However, if you are following a weight loss routine or have just managed to reduce some pounds post weight loss exercise, then this is the time when you need to be highly careful about what and how much you are consuming. You have to find a fine balance between overeating and total starvation- as your body needs more warmth this season. In this blog we are going to present some practical tips that will help you eat just the right type of food in the right quantity- give or take a few cravings or starvation incidents:

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Don’t waver from your resolution

One of the best ways to prevent overeating is to stick to your resolution. Instead of giving the rein to your craving power, it is best to take control in your hands. Consider that it is all in your mind. Identify when you have to say a firm No and train you to remind and brain to say No even if the tempting food is kept within an easy reach. Start gradually though. For instance, make a list of the important grocery that you need before going shopping. As far as possible avoid going to the shelves for picking each item as it can attract your attention to your favorite snacks. Give the list to a helper and ask them to bring the item- if that’s possible. You may also consider buying from the grocery app rather than going personally to the shop.

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There is nothing like perfect food

Some people have the notion that they need to create a division between good and bad food. The reality however is that each food contains nutritious elements as well as the components that increase fat and cholesterol levels.

So, the objective should not abandon some foods and stocking up others but to wisely balance the portions of foods depending on your current physical profile and projected goals. Just make sure that it should not be misused as an excuse to gorge on a variety of food.

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Preplan your breakfast

Sometimes we tend to consume the junk or highly processed breakfast as we are not able/willing to prepare breakfast in the cold winter mornings. For instance, you may be getting late for the office, and instead of waiting for breakfast to be prepared; you may just decide to buy a burger from the eatery on the midway. In such cases, you can opt for the planning and get the breakfast half prepared in the night itself or choose healthier substitutes like eating muesli/plain cornflakes in low-fat milk which hardly takes 2-3 minutes to be prepared. You may even buy portable milk warmer to warm some milk and pour in some cornflakes when you reach the office.

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Make regular, balanced diet a part of your daily life

 Starving for several weeks only to be followed by a reckless period of unrestricted diet for a month will do more harm than good to your body. It will also keep you away from your weight loss goals. Instead, it would be much better to set a moderate amount of food that is free of excesses (starving or overeating) and incorporate that diet plan in your routine.

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Meal planning is not the ultimate one-stop solution to reduce weight

 Controlled diet is an aide to weight loss program but you also have to include various other activities as well as exercising, physical activity, and giving up a sedentary lifestyle. Now in the practical world, the outcomes of dieting alone are quite encouraging but the reality is that as soon as you return to the regular eating schedule you are more prone to regain all those lost kilos. To sustain the weight loss you need to adopt a daily fitness routine including jogging, morning walk workout sessions or any other physical activity as per your stamina.

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Don’t abandon good fats

Another important thing to consider is that not all the fats are bad. There are good fats and bad fats. For instance, the nuts and seeds may also have some fat contents but that refers to good oils that are essentially important for our body to work well. A trick to avoid bad fats while reasonably consuming the good ones is to use different types of oil for cooking and other food preparations. Just make sure to avoid the ones with bad fats. That said, avoid eating the packaged food items as well as junk food- along with any other item that contains Trans fat.

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Replace packaged fruit juices with homemade option

 While it is true that many health experts advise drinking a good amount of fruit juices, you should make sure to consume only the fresh fruit juices. The packaged fruit juices generally content preservatives and a high amount of sweeteners. So, by drinking packaged fruit juices you hurt, rather than help, your health profile. Buy fresh fruits from the fruit market and make a juice. Consume it fresh. If you don’t wish to go through this entire hard work then consider eating the fruit rather than making a juice out of it.



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