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How to make your teeth strong and healthy?


Healthy and white teeth not only enhance your personality also but form an essential part in your overall health profile. By practicing a well-planned oral healthcare regime, you can keep them safe from various diseases and plaque. It also helps you to keep your teeth white and shiny. In this blog you are about to read 5 best ways to keep your teeth white from outside and strong from inside:

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Consume calcium rich diet

Calcium provides essential minerals for your enamel which helps you in getting stronger teeth. So make sure that you are consuming a good amount of calcium in your diet. Try including calcium rich foods like cheese, butter, milk and other dairy products in your breakfast or other meals. Likewise nuts and leafy greens are also rich in calcium and thus form an ideal part of recommended calcium rich diet.

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Avoid acid-laden drinks

The acid rich drinks like branded cold drinks and many packaged fruit juices with artificial ingredients can strip the layers of our enamel which makes your teeth yellow. Consider replacing these acidic drinks with plain water that quenches your thirst without affecting your enamel.

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Choose right type of toothpaste

 Instead of using any retail brand toothpaste consider brushing your teeth with specific enamel friendly medicinal toothpaste that makes your enamel healthy and offer a natural sustainable whiteness to your teeth.

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Avoid or reduce the foods that stain your teeth

At the same time you need to replan your daily food plan. Some of the foods like tomatoes, dark soda, coffee and red wine have multiple acids that can rob the natural colour o you enamel or make it weaker.

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Take proper care of entire mouth

 A healthy oral regime demands a proper care of your entire mouth- not just the teeth. Brush and floss your teeth appropriately until it is clean. Likewise take good care of you gums too.  Tongue, gums etc. form surroundings of you teeth and keeping them healthy will also have a positive influence on your teeth health.

Other vital tips to make your teeth stronger and healthier

·         Along with brushing your teeth in the morning it is equally important to brush them lightly after each meal. It will clean the food residue around your teeth or gums and thus saves the teeth from harmful bacteria or plaque.

·         Check your toothpaste for the ingredients and make sure that it contains fluoride as this is the teeth-friendly element that makes tooth enamel stronger and prevents them form decay.

·         Thoroughly brush your teeth to remove bacteria/plaque even from the awkward corners of your tooth layer. Choose an ideally shaped brush and brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes until you feel they are properly cleaned.

·         Properly floss you teeth on a regular basis using sawing motion.

·         Certain type soft food acids cause caries or cavities in tooth by soften its surface material. It causes minerals to dissolve which can eat into your tooth material, making them weaker from inside. So restrict the intake of such foods like artificial fruit juices, aerated drinks etc.

·         The dental plaque containing bacterial can convert the sugars into tooth-decaying acids. So it is advisable to keep a cap on sugary foods as well.


Your teeth play a vital role in your overall health. Along with enhancing your personality, strong teeth also help you chew your food properly that aids digestion. By preparing and following an ideal oral healthcare plan you would be able to keep your teeth strong and healthy. It is equally important to have complete dental checkups at least twice a year.



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