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How to heal your dry skin during winters?


During the winter season, your skin becomes so dry that it seems as though it will crack open if you stretch it a bit. And you know what? Sometimes, it does crack- especially if your skin is more sensitive! The easiest way to get rid of this situation is to replenish its moisture content and increase the retention capacity. Besides, to reduce the existing dry skin issues, you need to take appropriate measures.

You are about to explore different ways to fight dry skin or flaky skin issues during winters. Depending upon your convenience and preference, you can select any option (s) that seems best suitable for you:

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Why you shouldn’t use conventional over-the-counter moisturizers?

Over the counter moisturizers, including some of the big brands, contain various oils that are harmful for your skin in the longer run like petroleum, mineral oil and sheep wool oil- known as lanolin. Such moisturizers actually lock your skin moisture artificially by blocking the evaporation process. Eventually it interferes with water evaporation process and bungs up your skin pores. In some cases these moisturizers may even result in early skin-aging.

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Eat Ceramides-rich foods

The term Ceramides refers to the lipids present in a good quantity in your skin’s uppermost layers. They protect your skin’s surface against various environmental effects of winter. Now the next question is how to increase the production of ceramides in your skin. 

Some of the foods that promote Ceramides production include

·         Sweet potatoes

·         Soy

·         Rice

·         Corn

·         Wheat

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Stop skin-aging by taking antioxidants

 The natural effects of winters like dry skin, loss of elasticity, etc. can accelerate skin aging. To avoid it consider using antioxidants to stall the nefarious activities of free radicals. Along with topical options like creams and moisturizers you can also include antioxidant-rich foods in your daily diet like:

·         Fruits: Grapes, mangoes, apricots, onions and berries.

·         Salad: Red capsicum, carrots, garlic and parsley.

·         Vegetables: Pumpkin, and spinach

·         Beverages: Red wine and tea.

Other rich sources of antioxidants include various types of nuts, milk and dairy products

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Apply Whole Milk on to your skin

 As a rich source of protein and fat the whole milk can go a long way in repairing your dry skin by retaining its moisture content. Take a sufficient quantity of whole milk and use a cotton pad to directly apply it to the dry skin. Rinse it well with gentle circular motions. It will replenish the lost moisture and also retain it even when you go out in winter.

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Nourish your skin with Vitamin E

Avocado contains a good amount of vitamin E that nourishes your skin from the inside. Moreover, it also acts as an effective emollient to make your chafed skin soft again. Just mash the avocado well and apply a thick layer of the avocado mask to the affected area. Allow it to stay for 5 minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Don’t forget to lightly dab the skin.

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Apply coconut oil before leaving your house

 Coconut oil contains a high volume of saturated fats along with fatty acids- 2 major components that keep your skin moisturized. It also acts as a powerful conditioner for your skin. Did you know that a majority of skincare products contain coconut oil? So, one of the best ways to repair your dry skin is to apply fresh coconut oil at least thrice a week and anytime you are about to leave your house in the cold breeze.

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Fight flaky skin issues with extra-Virgin Olive Oil

 Flaky skin is another issue and causes a sharp pain every time the breeze touches the affected area. One of the best ways to repair your flaky skin is to apply olive oil. It acts as a natural, and rich emollient to remove your skin flakes and regulating the moisture levels thanks to a good wealth of fats it contains. For even better impact consider mixing some virgin olive oil with a mild moisturizing cream before applying it to your skin. 

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Eat plenty of leafy vegetables

We all know the importance of leafy vegetables for our body. Right from spinach to kale, celery, and more uncommon options like Swiss chard- all these vegetables regulate our vital internal functions. Did you know that they also help to rejuvenate your skin as well? Vegetable like Kale boosts the melanin production in your skin which shields it from effects of winter. Likewise, other leafy vegetables also have a good amount of different skin-friendly substances like copper. So consuming a sufficient volume of leafy vegetables during winter is another practical way to keep winter effects at a bay.  Vitamin E is vitally important for stopping skin-shedding. There are many delicious vegetables, crispy nuts, and fruits that contain this skin-friendly vitamin. Some of the best options include almonds, olives, and other nuts.

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Use cucumber for charred lips

Another major issue during winters is charred lips that prevent you from smiling freely or even pronouncing the words properly- in some severe cases. You can overcome this issue with the help of cucumber slices. Cucumber has a cool nature and it acts as an ideal moisturizing agent for your lips. Along with instantly soothing the charred lips it also nourishes them from inside and returns their natural suppleness.

Just take a cucumber slice and gently rub it on lips for 2-3 minutes. Make sure that you rub it thoroughly (but not briskly). Use fresh cucumber for the purpose. Allow cucumber droplets to stay on your lips for 15 minutes and avoid licking or swallowing the cucumber juice. Now wash your lips with clean and lukewarm water for half a minute. Dry them with cotton. It will help in bringing back the mixture of your lips.>>


Dry skin issues for winter aren’t uncommon but it could be more serious for people with extra sensitive skin types. So, they need to take extra care of their skin. One way is to use over-the-counter lotions and cold creams but a majority of them contain chemicals thus exposing your skin to various dermatological issues. So, it is best to use time tested homemade solutions for moisturizing and rejuvenating your dry skin.




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