It is often believed that women are very moody. We all know about women that they are very sensitive, due to which their mood changes very quickly. In common language, it is called mood swings. Sometimes you have to handle mood swings in women and men both.

Mood swing problems are caused by stress, hormonal changes. It is often assumed that only women are the victims of mood swings, but experts say that the problem of mood swings is not only with women but there are many men who have to face this problem at some time. When you become happy due to mood swings and when you are angry, you do not know anything.

Effect of mood swings in a relationship:

  • It is not easy to stay in and maintain a relationship with such people who has mood swings. You never know about them when and what thing will make them angry. 
  • Such people sometimes appear in great enthusiasm, but sometimes become so indifferent that people even stop talking to their partner.
  • They separate themselves from everyone else and love to spend time with themselves stay alone in the room. Maybe, once the mood is fine, it will soon start normal behavior, but again and again, the partner has to face a lot of trouble due to the problem of mood swings.

Difference between depression and mood swings:

But still, there are some big differences in depression and mood swings which are very important to understand. Depression is caused by external circumstances, physical problems, the death of a close person, the breakdown of a relationship, or something that breaks you emotionally. But the cause of mood swings is only hormonal changes, which are completely internal. Actually, mood swings are a personality disorder and can be overcome with the help of psychologists. But in every situation, a doctor’s help is not needed.

Why men have to face mood swings?

Has there been a turning point in your life too when you simultaneously struggle with different types of emotions at the same time? This question is especially for men because they are often considered emotionless. The man does not feel pain. Our society has been believing that a man never cries and he is very strong.

Men are considered to have a strong heart, it is the social pressure that causes men to neither tell their pain nor their feelings to anyone. Women cry openly, due to which their heart becomes very light, but the man’s cry is considered as a sign of his weakness. Therefore, they have to suppress their feelings inside, as a result, their feelings begin to boil in their heart which troubles them from inside.

Reasons to have a mood swing problem:

There are some basic problems by which people have to face mood swings problem.

Pendulum Situation:

The problem of mood swings comes when there are many things or feelings going on in your mind, some of which are good and some are bad. You will be happy when you remember a good thing and you will be disappointed or angry when you suddenly remember something bad. In such a situation, a human keeps on moving like a pendulum, moving from one mood to another.

Hormonal Changes:

This condition arises due to hormonal changes, it is normal for women to have hormonal changes during periods or menopause, due to which they undergo the most mood swings on those days, but the problem comes when these mood swings are prolonged. Like women, men go through menopause. As their andropause starts approaching, men start to get mood swings. In men, the problem of Irritability begins to surround them due to andropause. Especially those who are between 40 and 60 years of age and eventually, take the form of depression.

Symptoms of mood swings:

Now the question arises that how can you know that you are a victim of mood swings? So let’s know some special symptoms.

1.The success of others:

If you are jealous of people constantly or very quickly. The success of others is not seen by you and their happiness is bothering you, then it is a sign that you are a victim of mood swings.

2. Anger on small things:

If there is no limit to your anger, you suddenly become angry, then it tells that you are also a victim of mood swings.

3. Taunting:

It is often said that taunting or sabotage is the job of women, but if some men start taunting and telling you anything, do not delay to understand that they are the victim of mood swings.

4. Despair and worry:

You are constantly immersed in despair and anxiety and because of this, if you do not sleep, then it shows the problem of mood swings.

5. Madness or fear:

Insanity or fear surrounds you all the time. There is a strange fear within you that continues to haunt you. Then in this situation, you are also a victim of mood swings.

6. Excessive attachment:

Apart from this, an extreme attachment towards something or someone, which is also crossing the limits of insanity, is a big sign that you are a victim of mood swings.

How can you deal with mood swings?

These are the problems, now talk about their treatment.

Yoga and Exercise:

Mood swings only show the internal turmoil of your body. So doing yoga, meditating, or exercising keeps your testosterone levels right, which is responsible for your hormonal imbalance.

Problem Diagnosis:

Apart from this, you can also diagnose this problem yourself. Whenever you start giving feedback on something, then at least ask yourself this question of why you are doing such a reaction. Keep an eye on your behavior yourself, it will solve your problem very soon.

Mood swings disturb our peace of mind and find ourselves restless at that time. Many people ignore it as a small thing. But sometimes it takes a terrible form for people. If you are a male, it is not like being embarrassed in any way that you also have to deal with the problem of mood swings. It is very common. So it is better to treat than embarrassed. In such a situation do not panic but need to make some changes in your lifestyle. By doing this you can handle mood swings in women and men both.


Kiran Sharma


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