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How to Feel Better If You are Alone This Festive Season?


Are you away from home this festive season? If yes, then read this blog. Here you will learn how you take yourself and overcome all the sadness, and loneliness feelings, and bring a little joy.

The festive season is generally thought of as a time of joy, love and memories. But, it’s a hard time for the people who are living away from their loved ones due to pandemic. It’s quite normal to feel low when you are in a supportive and emotional relationship and unable to reach them out.

If you are living away from your family and unable to travel home due to pandemic scare and feeling isolation during the festive season, then don’t worry. In this blog, you will learn how to cope up with the feeling of loneliness.

  • Be Good To Yourself

Well, this tip may not erase the feeling of loneliness completely, but make you feel better during the festive season. Just think in this way, you are strong enough to tackle your loneliness. When you take care of yourself, you will feel happy. There are so many ways for self-care, like, taking a relaxing bath, spa, curl up with good books, enjoy a hobby, and do something that will make you happy.Be Good to yourself

  • Go for shopping

Another best way to feel better in this festive season is to go shopping. We suggest you to do online shopping because coronavirus still exists. There are so many online shopping sites that offer you eye-catching collections of clothes and accessories at discounted rates. Just open your phone, download the app and scroll the collection.Shopping time

I have personally experienced that when I feel alone, and nothing makes me feel good, I open the shopping app and add the best items in the wishlist. Trust me it’s the best way to escape from the feeling of loneliness. Try this.

  • Declutter your space

If you are a full-time employee, then your weekdays easily go smooth. But this weekend will make you alone and sad. Don’t be sad, because many things are waiting for you, like your necessary home items. Decluttering is the best satisfaction way to reduce the feeling of loneliness. See your cardboard; many clothes are waiting to go to the consignment store. Check your storage, unfit shoes, damaged antiques, and scraps and kick them out from your home. A clean and hygienic home gives you a feeling of positivity and reduces anxiety.


  • Understand that you are not alone

While you may be feeling low in this festive season, don’t think you are only alone. Many people are living away from their loved ones and still managing their things, and emotions in the best possible way. Many people wish they could be with family; others feel they could have an emotional bond with their family members. Whether you have a good bond with your family or not, still you can lower down the feeling of loneliness by understanding the situation, current circumstances and the fact that you are not alone sitting in this emotional distance ship.

  • Rethink Your Expectations

You are alone, that means you have big expectations with your family members and friends. The absence of love and emotional attachment are unbearable, but you need to deal with the feeling of loneliness by rethinking your expectations. Don’t expect from people because the more you expect the worst you feel. Rather expecting from someone, expect from yourself, take care of yourself, love yourself. The more we care about you, the better you will feel.

We humans when we get connected with the people emotionally, we start expecting from them. I am not saying that don’t connect with the people; it’s just don’t set high expectations. Self-caring, self promise, and self-love are the best ways to deal with loneliness.

  • Consider joining a community

If loneliness is making you empty inside and outside and you need new members, new things to overcome from the sadness, then join a community in which you are interested. There are so many festive launches by the communities.

you can participate in this to make your festive season memorable and joyful. Suppose you are involved in a local religious community, where people are quiet and welcome you positively. In that case, you can have a nice time and also get the opportunity to make a connection with the good people. Happy community Group

The festival is a good time to make some new connections. Due to restrictions in the movement, we suggest you spend some time with your neighbours and encourage them to make some special plans for this festive season. Make some sweet dishes with them, decorate the space, welcome other society members and enjoy to the fullest.

  • Share with the right person

Reaching out the mentor who can reduce the pain of loneliness is the best way to feel better. Your mentor will understand your feelings, help you in coping up with the feeling of sadness and loneliness. You must reach out to the emotional health advisor in case you witness a dip in your mood and energy level that have been causing loneliness.

  • Limit social media

As we are away from loved ones, we feel low when we see someone is enjoying their family happily. There are two ways to handle social media, either you limit the use of social media or learn some good things from this platform. Follow the influencers, try their tricks, post the pictures on social media, read the comments of the memes, and try asking me anything on Instagram.

I know limiting the use of social media is hard, but use it wisely. Don’t feel bad when you see pictures of others who are hanging with their friends and family. You can also make your festive season engaging by learning good things from the influencers.

I hope you enjoyed this article. If this global pandemic has impacted on your emotional health, don’t worry, enjoy your self-isolation time and make your festival memorable by making memories with oneself.


Kiran Sharma

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