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How To Choose Healthy Choices For Women?


The compulsory hard work of doing all the housework and fear of infection has made everyone tired. People have many complaints of strange tiredness.

Women’s Health:

Being a woman is not easy and if you are a working woman then the challenges increase more. Along with home, you also have to handle office work. In such a situation, it is necessary to take more care of yourself. Everyone need to know how to choose healthy choices for women.Due to this pandemic situation, most of the women are doing work from home. Because of this, women are facing many problems. Most women have almost the same complaints-‘ Nowadays, feel very tired. There is a pain in the back and legs and is very irritable. Fear of getting sick keeps haunting us.’ In this situation what to do?

The fatigue of household chores, the stress of epidemics, and the concern for the safety of all have surrounded both the body and the mind. Restrictions to go anywhere are too boring. But the real reason is hidden in the lack of nutrition in food.

What to eat about staying safe is also a major thought. When all the workload increases, women first compromise from food. That is why they are feeling strange fatigue and body pain. It can be diagnosed with proper nutrition. There are some health tips every woman should know for healthy life.

1.Which elements are the reason of the weakness?

According to the research, protein deficiency was found in the food items of 70% of Indians. Protein is the only element that increases the body’s ability to fight diseases and repair damage. We are mainly vegetarian or if we are non-vegetarians then also not taking non-veg food nowadays. Along with this, deficiency of vitamin D and the very essential element zinc has also been observed. It also came to light that people with diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure are more affected by this disease.

2. what you should do to reduce tiredness?

Food should be selected in such a way that the body gets enough protein, calcium for muscles, B-12 to make blood, iron, vitamin-c, and Zinc, etc.

At the top of these are milk or curd or cheese. You should use 500 ml of milk or milk-related products throughout the day. If you divide it, then it is better that is, take a little milk for breakfast, curd in the afternoon, and turmeric milk before sleeping at night. If you don’t want to take curd then you can also make cheese at one time.

3. How Proteins and Nutrients help to keep us healthy?

Pulses provide mainly protein in our food. But micronutrients like zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, Vitamin-B are also very important for us.

To have these micronutrients you need to do three things mainly.

  • Take whole pulses in some form at least 3 times a week. Take it in the form of sprouts or roasted gram. Take kidney beans or chickpeas etc.
  • Take two teaspoons of the mixed quantity of oilseeds like til, melon, melon seeds, flaxseed, sunflower seeds, etc. Two teaspoons of sesame seeds can also fulfillment these elements to some extent.
  • Cook or heat food in an iron pan so that the body gets an iron element. If we take amla with food, enough amount of iron will go into the body.

4.Why Fruits and vegetables are important?

Nowadays, people are not using fruits and vegetables for fear of infection. However, if we use them after washing well in salt or baking soda water then there is no problem. According to the dietary instructions, half of the plate should be of fruits, vegetables, and salads, so that vitamins and minerals are included in the diet. However, if you want to avoid fruits and vegetables, including sprouted whole grains at least 3 times a week. These will meet the essential vitamins and minerals to a great extent.

5. What is important to get nutrition?

We Indians eat bread more than lentils and vegetables. While it should be that even if the bread is eaten less, but lentils and vegetables should eat more. If the vegetable is eating less, include sprouted grains. To increase the nutritional value of bread, add 3 parts of wheat flour and one part of gram flour or chickpea flour and knead it with milk. If you can use the chapatis of millet, maize, etc. two or three times a week, then it will be very beneficial.

6. Why should we take enough amount of water?

To take a sufficient amount of water is also important. If you are inside the house, and the weather is changing, not feeling thirsty, but if you don’t take water completely, you will feel tired. In this case, keep in mind that you should not drink less than three liters of water a day. Especially after the age of 55-60 years, thirst starts to feel less, so keep in mind that even the elders of the house keep drinking a sufficient amount of water.

Some important things that you need to take in a limit:

  • At this time, we are all trying to consume such food items which increase our strength to fight disease. Therefore, garlic, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, basil are being used more. They have to be used, but the quantity of all these is fixed.
  • Many people are using these items more than necessary. Except for fenugreek seeds, the use of other things is only two pinches each day (half teaspoon).
  • Whether it is turmeric, cinnamon powder, whether a clove of garlic, or half a teaspoon of ginger. If they are taken as a kadhai or with hot water other than food even then it should not be taken much. If you take a spoon of fenugreek with food, it will help to keep the blood sugar controlled.
  • you can only take fenugreek seeds full spoon. If you use more turmeric, it can irritate the stomach. Excessive consumption of cinnamon may irritate the mouth and may feel ulcers. Therefore, use them within a limit.

If you want to avoid disease and live more happily then start to take care of yourself and have knowledge of how to choose healthy choices for women.


Kiran Sharma


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