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How Many Calories Are Sufficient to Consume a Day?


People always think of the calories in each of their intakes. Most of them think about the food in dietary terms to keep them fit and healthy somehow. Nevertheless, it is still in confusion what amount the calories is sufficient to consume a day and the amount of energy which is provided by their intakes. Naturally, if we consistently take more than needed, we will get more calories and we get unnecessary weight. Similarly, if we take insufficient, we will lose our weight and eventually lose muscle mass.

The correct definition of the sufficient calorie amount is still to be marked with the correct amount of energy. Food type and the amount we usually eat always determines the total amount of calories that we consume a day.

On a weight loss diet, a certain number of calories are always based on the type of food which is deciding the close factor in consuming it or not. Alongside, the time and postures of eating can also make the difference as our body often uses the energy in different positions throughout the day. Our overall body energy depends on how energetic we are and how competently our body takes the energy to burn it or to lose it according to our age.

According to several dietary guidelines in the UK and the USA, girls are more likely to consume between 1600 to 2400 calories a day than men from 2000-3000. However, it always depends on the age, height, overall health, and our activity level. 

Facts Upon the Calories Intakes & Uses 

As the calories depending on age, height, sex, and health, weight recommendations and maintenance are 2 things that needed to be considered while we plan to lose weight on certain possibilities. Eating breakfast could help with weight reduction and maintenance. Our brain generally uses 20% of the energy used in a day.

It is always recommended to intake 2000 calories for women and 2500 calories for men to maintain the balance of calories in the body.

Your age, muscle-fat ratio, and bone density are factors that affect the complete calorie intake. For example, if you are eating a diet consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits which accumulates 500 calories has more benefits for your health. It will keep your body feeling complete in hunger. You can also keep a check on calories with some healthful diets that range from 1000 to 3200 for an infant to an active female and male of the age group of 16-18 years. 

Metabolic Rate Slows Down as People Get Older

When we reach the age of 19-25 years, we need to intake 2000 calories for women but as soon as we get at the age of 50-55, it reduces the need for more energy, it falls to 1600 only. Our metabolic rate slows down as age increases and we need to cut down on our calories by sufficient food intakes and certain workouts.

As we already discussed the brain uses 20% of the total energy for brain metabolism. Rest is used in basal metabolism in a resting mode for certain functions like digestion, breathing, and blood circulation. Moreover, we need more energy in the cold environment to maintain constant body temperature as metabolism increases to keep producing more heat. Conversely, we need less energy in a warm environment. It depends on the age that how much mechanical energy we required for our muscle growth to maintain the postures and body movement. 

Energy from Respiration Converts into Physical & Mechanical Power

We need to know how proficiently our energy from respiration converts into our physical & mechanical strength. It depends on food categories and their types to maintain our physical energy as our muscles are used to grow in anaerobically or aerobically form. In another way, we required more calories to boost some bodily functions like thinking, breathing, and meditating to keep a balance on our certain postures.  

Guidelines to Burn Calories and Lose Weight Effectively

To count the calorie is not easy, it is a matter of what we are eating and how much we are burning as well. We are discussing some tips to burn sufficient calories to lose weight effectively like:     

  1. Breakfast: One should always have a breakfast which is made with protein ingredients to keep yourself full in hunger to prevent the craving to eat the snacks during the day.
  2. Regular Meal: You should never skip eating a healthy meal regularly as it will help to burn the calories fast and avoid eating some mindless eating. 
  3. Fruits & Vegetables: Ones in a day, we should always eat some fruits and vegetables. It may not be very tasty but it can bulk out the need for heavy metals. Fruits are high in some effective nutrients and fibers and low in fat. 
  4. High-Fiber Carbohydrates: For eating slow-burning calories, we should intake some high-fiber carbohydrates like avocado, healthy fats, and legumes. These carbohydrates take time to release the energy. Hence we don’t feel hunger as quickly.  
  5. Workouts: Exercise helps to burn the extra calories to make us feel good and fresh. Regular exercise in any form could be beneficial for us. So challenge yourself to do regular exercise to keep fit and healthy. 
  6. Water: Drinking water is always healthy that has no calories. It fills you up. If you want to lose your weight, you should stop consuming alcohol & soda water and start drinking water. Juices are always good to have instead of drinking some sweet drinks. 
  7. Fibers: Eating more fibers found in fruits and vegetables can also help you to feel fresh and active. Fibers that are found in vegetables and fruits can keep you full of energy and always encourage healthy digestion. 
  8. Sleep: Sleep reduces anxiety and depression. Insufficient sleep may affect your body metabolism that gains weight.  It is always good to have a sleep of 8 hours to keep you fresh and healthy.

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