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How Can a Toxic Overload Prevent Achieving a Weight Loss?


A human body is simply incredible with having various channels of evaluation that sophisticatedly and safely eliminate and neutralize the complete internal toxins. Seamlessly, when your body receives the proper nutrients in sufficient quantity, it simply manages an effective elimination of toxins in a variety of ways through, respiration, perspiration, urination, nasal discharge, bowel motions, ear wax, and among others. Nevertheless, if your body is generating more toxins than eliminating safely, a state of toxicity can occur.

It means, that your bowel, skin, liver, kidney, and other organs are not working together efficiently. Consequently, external and internal toxins don’t get eliminate properly. Some toxins also include environmental pollutants like drugs, heavy metals, some persistent organic pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals. It directs the by-products of your digestive and other metabolic processes in your body. 

We eat according to our body needs but it should be updated or reformed by a specific time period including what we are drinking, touching, absorbing, and exposing to Some hard chemical toxins have bombarded us in modern circumstances from all sides. It can be placed everywhere in what we are eating and drinking as well. 

How Can We Define a Toxic Overload?

What is toxic overload? Simply these are impossible to ignore. Subjectively, they are unnatural substances that are placed everywhere in our body. We live with them every time. Toxins can be in any form on our body such as the products we put on the skin without realizing their nature. Often we eat the toxins as they contaminated water and the soil, even in organic foods and vegetables that we grow.

If you eat the flesh of animals in the form of meat and other food nutrients, it also exposes you to the toxins that convert your lifestyle into a stressful living condition. Subsequently, toxins are unavoidable, every person has some amount of toxins in his body. It is called a toxic overload. Now you can think and should try to know the best thing you can do about yourself is to lower your exposure to the toxins.  

How Does Toxin Overload Lead to Weight Gain?

Well, every person has a protective mechanism even in the toxin’s presence in the body. It includes a sequence of toxins that covert into adipose (fat) tissues when they are stored in our bodies. In actual form, we often create these fat cells in our body to store toxins if required. Additionally, we are unable to let fat mass to go if we didn’t make our body detoxify by eliminating some hidden toxins yet.

It is a natural but protective mechanism that leaves us unable to transit this fat even after best efforts. Some people feel their diet and their lifestyle often expose their body to the toxins level through smoking, alcohol consumption, medications, poor eating habits, and pollutants that working with chemicals, it calls for a time to undergo an intense cleanse or detoxification. 

How Do the Toxins and Obesity Relate to Each Other? 

As obesity is a consistently growing trend nowadays in several countries that always runs behind a western diet and lifestyle. Weight gain cannot be justified or entirely blamed on fatty or sugary foods and the lack of exercise. You should turn out the toxins that contribute to big fat storage to make it more difficult to lose weight as well.

Our body which has a well-organized system or mechanism prepares for internal and external outbreaks from various sources like fungal infections, viruses, bacteria, and even other hard chemicals that we often use to intake.

While the toxins enter your body, they directly enter into the liver to be cut down and flush away. But when your liver is overwhelmed and your other organs like hearts and kidneys are endangered, your body reverts to develop a back-up plan to block the leftover toxins. Later, these toxins get out of your body when you release them by cleaning.

Some environmental and internal toxins level reaches a high density in our body, it is stuffed into storage for later disposal. When the fat cells increase to fight with the toxins overload, you quickly start to gain weight and become overweight. 

How Does a Toxin Overload Start?

It is a natural process that takes place instantly in our body. Many studies have shown that babies begin to store these toxins in fat cells even when they are not born. They are exposed to the toxins in the womb along with more fat cells and can achieve a high risk of accumulating a rapid weight gain that leads to obese them when they become adults. Many people have been exposed to a high level of toxins in their entire lives.

If you look around at your home, various synthetic materials you will find in your food pantry and fridge. The aluminum and plastic canes, and chemical ingredients you can often pronounce to use them frequently in your lifestyle. 

Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Toxins?

As we have discussed, toxins make it difficult to lose weight. Fat cells crammed with toxic compounds don’t allow our body to function properly. These fat cells often release the leptin in an overdose frequency to burn the receptors. It leads to the leptin resistance process in our body. Leptin resistance is a hormonal state to regulate our eating and burning food processes, tells our body to feed more food. This overeating makes us losing weight problematic and difficult.

Apart from leptin resistance, many other reasons escalate the toxin level in our body. For example, if we are undergoing a high protein diet in weight loss during exercise, our body continues to combine it with toxins which leads fat cells to count more weight gain when we make changes in this diet. Hence, it is very essential to eliminate the sources of toxins before following a protein-based diet for weight loss. Toxins torrent in our body slows down the weight loss process.


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