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Have You Decided to Clean or Detox Your Body?


Did you plan a detox ever to clean your body? You must have heard a lot about some health benefits of a detox or cleanse which has been designed to cut off the toxin level from your body. However, many claims about the various detox regimens have been turned into the form of a fast diet and drinking water and other powders.

Most of the time when we think of a detox, we probably start to think about some ideas of a liquid cleansing with lemon water or green juices. But, there is no real definition announced till now.

Many people used to detox their body by liquids in form of juices and others may choose eating raw vegetables or raw foods and even still for others, it is as simple as taking oily and fried foods out of their meals. So lets we start from here only: an idea of significant detoxification might be something different than what have you heard to date.

Fresh carrot juice

If you are a true fan of detoxification and think it is very essential to free your complete body of harmful chemicals in toxins form, but the idea of cleansing is just to use some real foods that help your body to do the job that has designed to do so correctly and properly. 

Why many people don’t even realize about their body’s natural and cleansing system which is built to detox every time. Instead of avoiding the carbs and depending on a liquid diet to combat the toxins, you must believe in feeding it with some essential nutrients naturally for a cleansing that might help you.

As you are aware of the liver, urinary system, skin, and gastrointestinal function of your body those constantly help you to clean your complete body through some natural processes like urine, sweat, and other movements. Some hard chemicals develop in your body with any number of health problems you must hear about including, headache, fatigue, drowsiness, weight gain, depression, dull skin, lower immunity and so many types of aches and pains. A natural process of detoxification might be helpful to remove these hard chemicals or toxins from your body. 

Let’s discuss the best way to stay with cleansing to consistently incorporate greens and lots of raw vegetables, fruits, and other healthy carbs in your diets. If you generally follow a diet that is high in fiber and also loaded with sufficient water intake and taking out all processed and packaged foods, it will surely help your body to detox itself naturally every time.


The only mistake which most people make is equating detoxification with weight loss. By doing a hard cleanse with liquids or other low carbs calories intake may lack other essential nutrients that cause fatigue, headache, nausea, and electrolyte losses.

Well, it is not necessary to discuss several health benefits associated with detox including weight loss, improved energy, resolved muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, constipation that sounds great, right? But what you should not realize is that your body’s natural detox!

The digestive tract in our body like kidneys, liver, and skin is associated with breaking down some hard chemicals that eliminate through natural processes of our body such as, urine, sweat, and stool. Here we will discuss some registered and certified processes to get down on detoxes. 

  • How Detoxification Naturally Works?

A complete theory of detoxification says to eliminate hard chemicals and other wastages of specific food groups by allowing some essential nutrients and water intakes. Solid foods should always be replaced with liquids in lemon juices, maple syrups, green tea, cayenne pepper, freshly squeezed vegetables, and fruit juices. Never forget about a cleansing that can last from day to month. Fresh Juice

  • Can A Detox Be Effective?

There are several myths about it but there is still no conclusive medical evidence that can claim to heal your body with detoxes. Your digestive tract may be improved by cleansing if you have some digestive disorders like gastroparesis. If we talk about solid foods, it can also be very helpful for our body’s digestion. For example, fiber which is found in some plant-based vegetables slows down constipation and helps to improve your digestive system when it absorbs some nutrients.

green veg.

It removes toxins and other hard chemicals via stool from your body. Our body’s digestive track always uses probiotics from the carbs or fibers to nourish our intestines with some beneficial microorganisms that help to maintain our complete immune system. Detox can be effective if it is not done with a long-term weight loss.

If you lose some weight through detox, it results in losing water efficiency which all returns while you consume a carbs-free diet. For gym lovers, losing a significant level of carbs means losing their body’s all preferred essential fuel sources during a workout. Hence, a detox may not appropriate while you do some exercises in the gym for any support. But if choose to do a detox, you shouldn’t do it for more than 2 days when you are doing some light exercises. Even say “No” to exercises while you detox your body for 2 days. 

  • What Consequences Are Associated with Detoxing?

If you decided to detox your body and ready to spend big bucks on fresh juice of fruits and vegetables, you must be sure about its benefits and drawbacks associated with it. It is not right to say that detox is always condemned with risks only, it has many benefits like increasing intakes of vitamins and other minerals either they have been taken from natural drinks or other supplements. It also helps you to identify some food sensitivities in your body by eliminating foods for a specific time period.  

Well, some risks are also outlined in detox. A diet that you follow in detox is low in carbs. It will impact your body and will let you with little energy to exercise. It will also disrupt your complete metabolism system and glucose level in your blood. You might also feel gastrointestinal disorders with frequent bowel movements. A detox diet can be low in protein as well. Hence, whatever you decide, always remember about your body which is meant to be detoxed naturally. 


Kiran Sharma


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