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Goodness of Berries: The most delicious way to stay healthy


Berries are one of the most loved fruits on this planet that are enjoyed in many countries- right from China and India to UK and US. They look appealing, taste awesome, and are a staple item in jams as well as baked items- right from strawberry cake to raspberry jam. But did you know that these berries contain numerous health benefits for our entire body? Right from fighting cholesterol to delaying the aging process, the berries help us in many diverse ways. In this blog we will mention some of the popular and not so popular berries along with their key health benefits:

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Acai Berries

 As a rich source of antioxidants the Acai Berries can effectively shield your cells against damage thus saving you from several resultant diseases. It is because of significantly high antioxidant volume that they find a proud place in the list of superfoods. You can either eat them raw or may even add them sufficiently in your baked delights – just making sure that those baked items should be healthily prepared.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that overdosage of Acai berries can lead to side effects depending upon your health and specific conditions or any ongoing medication.

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 It is packed with many nutritious compounds that nourish different parts of your body like the heart, brain, and cells. Among them, the key compound is anthocyanins that give it a bright blue color. These powerful compounds not only accelerate your immunity system to keep you away from various diseases and ailments but can also safeguard you from cardiovascular diseases, a few brain diseases, and some life-threatening cellular diseases. It also contains healthy calories along with a good fiber and water volume which helps in regulating digestion.

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 Blackberries are available in two popular variants Boysenberries and marionberries. Consuming Blackberries is a great way to reduce the probability of developing type 2 diabetes as it significantly improves the sugar-breaking process of your small intestine. Blackberries also reduce the possibilities of cardiovascular and some serious cellular diseases by lowering down the inflammation.

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 Elderberries have been used for last many centuries to protect people against flu or cold-related ailments. In some well-documented studies it has been found that when you consume on the day you get flu- or the best day then it can help in reducing the symptoms. However, there are several precautions to be taken while consuming elderberries. The expectant women should avoid eating it and so does the people with immune system disorders.  

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Raspberry berries have a very decent nutrient profile to keep your body and brain fit and healthy. It not only protects your cellular health against many diseases but also positively impacts your brainpower. This is the reason why even during ancient times the raspberries were consumed to treat issues like stomach pain and morning sickness.

Along with that, there are many other health benefits you can expect from Raspberries.

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Cloudberries If you think that nothing can best oranges when it comes to vitamin C, then you have second thoughts coming. In just less than a cup serving the cloudberries contain double the amount of vitamin C, you can find in a full glass filled with orange juice. Along with the excellent profile of vitamin C, the cloudberries also contain an excellent volume of antioxidants the wonderful chemicals that nurtures your skin and locks in your biological age for a long time but more importantly they save you from dozens of diseases caused by the effects of oxidative stress.

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Bilberries are another wonderful type of berries that are commonly known with their more appealing name- huckleberries. They are believed to be excellent for eye health and vision enhancement. It has also been proven that the huckleberry extract can lower down or in some cases effectively eliminate the probabilities of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. The Huckleberry extract as well as its OTC supplement version contains a great wealth of nutrients for the overall well-being of a person.

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Locally known as Amla in India, the Gooseberries have been long used in the country for effective health management of the body. Along with eating raw these berries have also been used to prepare pickles and jams in India. However, there are other types of Gooseberries as well. The Amla in particular has been an inseparable part of Indian medicine and Ayurveda for treating digestive disorders and fighting against fever and cold.

It has also been used as a potent tonic for the hair. The modern research in this direction points to some encouraging positive results and may reaffirm its ability to fight infections and parasites while also keeping cellular diseases at a bay. It is also believed to accelerate the health profile of the liver and lower down the probabilities of osteoporosis.  Due to its appealing taste profile and versatility, you can eat it without any issues but if you want you may also take it as supplements if your physician approves.

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 Avocado may hardly seem like one but it is a type of berry. Can we call it berry with a “big belly”- which we leave on to you but it does have loads of nutrients to keep you fitter, healthier, and younger for longer? It has a very favorable equation of minerals and vitamins along with good fats- that are essential for the proper functioning of our body. Avocados offer significant benefits for cardiovascular functioning and help you to enjoy a better health profile as you age. You can also incorporate it into your daily meal plan during your healthy weight loss program. It has very satiating qualities and that’s why generally a 5th of a medium-sized avocado is ideal per serving.  

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 Strawberries not only taste awesome but also look beautiful with their amazing dotted texture along with bright color. It contains a rich volume of vitamin C and antioxidants that effectively combat oxidative stress- the major cause behind many diseases. Besides these berries also contain a good volume of fiber and folic acid. The combination of all these key nutrients assures the best impact on your health like improved blood sugar management, keeping biological aging at a bay for longer, and keeping your brain healthy.

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Aronia berries

 Aronia berries are believed to have several health benefits. They contain a diverse portfolio of various minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that are good for the entire body. They have been actively used in folk medicine for treating various cell-related diseases and enhancing the health profile of the heart and liver by enabling them to function at their best. The present research in this field will hopefully produce encouraging results with proof.

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Goji Berries

 As a rich source of vitamin A, B2, and C along with healthy antioxidants and iron, the Goji berries have been proven to offer a range of health benefits to different organs of the body. Some of these great effects make these berries are an integral part of ancient Chinese medicine also reaffirms their positive impact on retaining and improving health. These berries significantly fortify your immunity systems thus helping you to effectively fight against diseases and viruses.

They also improve digestive functions and enhance cardiovascular health. The ongoing research will hopefully reveal the reason behind its health impacts. One thing to keep in mind though is that it should only be consumed fully ripe as the unripe version is toxic for the body. Likewise expecting women and people who are already taking blood-thinning medications should avoid eating Goji Berries.



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