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Effective lifestyle tips to feel happy and healthy


Our mood closely affects our health. It would not be an exaggeration to say that your mood determines your overall health profile. The studies have found that happier people tend to overcome diseases and other health issues easily than the does who don’t classify themselves as happy. The big question, however, is how to create happiness. Here are a few easy tips that will keep you happy all day long

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Be grateful

Gratitude plays a very important role in generating happiness. There are many positive things and incidents in life that we take as granted. Make it your habit to think about some positive things that happened in your life. You have to inculcate this habit in your daily routine. As soon as you wake up pray and then think about at least 3 positive things or happy moments of the previous day. Starting your day with this gratitude feeling will keep you happy and spirited the whole day long. Why not you better keep a calendar of happiness by noting down these events? It will bring a smile to your face as soon as you see this calendar.

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Remain physically active

Studies prove that body movement, exercise or walking can significantly reduce the chances of depression. There is a number of ways in which you can remain active. Fitness freaks can include workouts in their daily routine while people who love going around can just walk to a nearby park and spend some time in the fresh air. If sports are your thing then you can consider swimming, playing lawn tennis or any other sport daily.

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Don’t be a tech-addict

With all due respect to the benefits f digital technology, too much addiction to technology also stimulates you and may even cause stress. Checking your phone for notifications every have an hour or browsing through the internet for hours together not only strains your eye but also overloads your brain with many unwanted or irrelevant issues.

Begin your mornings with a walk to your nearby garden or another natural place. Sit there for some time and appreciate nature’s treasures. It will make you feel calm and happy. Likewise, keep on taking some time out of your daily schedule to unplug yourself from digital technology. For instance, while at work you may have a few books on your table. Every time you complete a small task take some time out, read a few portions of the book, or have some shut-eye moments. If you have any concerns you can first take permission from your HR manager beforehand.

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Care for the community

Caring for others not only induces a positive feeling into us but also make us feel better connected with society. Even simple, small, and random acts of kindness can make lots of difference. You may not eradicate poverty but can at least offer some groceries or clothes to a poor family. What else, you can even plant some trees in your nearby park. Likewise, if someone from your locality has achieved outstanding success in a y field, go offer them your wishes, sweets, and gifts. Such acts can go a long way in making your happy.

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Incorporate meditation in your daily schedule

Meditation also makes a lot of difference. Meditation is to our mind what exercise is to our body. It helps in strengthening our mind and making t happy. One of the easiest ways t meditates is to concentrate on your breath. Try to balance it, replace quick shallow breathing with a deep and fulfilling breath. It stimulates the way we breathe when we are satisfied. As a result, you will remain happy and enjoy a satisfying feeling throughout the day. Also, try to silence your mind once every hour. It will make it easier for you to meditate properly



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