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Effective and practical home remedies to remove unwanted hair from skin


Unwanted hair on the skin not only affects your beauty profile but also compels you to feel embarrassed at the social events. While there are many creams and beauty products available at the market claiming to remove those hairs, these chemically loaded creams do more harm than good. Besides, the process of removing hair from your skin is also tending to be painful to some degree. So, we have compiled a list of effective yet safe natural remedies to remove all those unwanted hair from your skin with the least pain.

Sugar and Lemon

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Warm sugar has the natural quality to stick to the hair of the affected area without gluing to your skin or causing pain. Besides, sugar is naturally endowed with exfoliating qualities. Lemon juice on the other hand makes your skin lighter while also bleaching the skin hair

Instructions to use

  • Measure two tablespoons of sugar and lemon juice
  • Now pour some water in a small bowl- up to 10 tablespoons are fine
  • Add sugar and lemon to it and keep for boiling
  • Off the gas upon noticing bubbles
  • Allow some time for the mixture to cool down
  • Apply a sufficient quantity of this solution on the affected area and allow it to sit for around half an hour before washing with cold water
  • Properly rub the affected area using circular movements
Lemon, Citrus Fruits, Mint, Citrus

Lemon and Honey

 Honey is a great natural moisturizing agent and thus it is a great way to enjoy a pain-free waxing process without compromising on the efficiency.  

Instructions to use

  • Take a tablespoon of honey and pour two tablespoons each of lemon juice and sugar into it
  • Add very little water and heat it for around 4-5 minutes
  • Let it cool down
  • Rub cornstarch on the affected portion before applying this paste
  • Take a cotton cloth or skin-friendly waxing strip and pull out the hair (moving in the opposite direction of the hair growth
Oatmeal, Dried Cranberries, Cranberries

Banana and Oatmeal

A rich source of antioxidants, oatmeal scrub is a natural hydrating agent for your skin and naturally brightens up your skin. Besides, it is the best way to painlessly remove unwanted hair from your face.

Instructions to use

  • Take a ripe banana and two tablespoons of oatmeal
  • Mix them well and then massage it on the portion with the area with hair growth for around 20 minutes
  • Now use cool water to wash the mixture
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Lentil and Potatoes

Due to the combined dermatological friendly qualities of ingredients in potato and lentils, a natural crust is made on the affected area. It facilitates removing the hair. Moreover, as a potent natural bleach potato does the ultimate trick by minimizing the visibility of hair and lightening the skin tone.

Instructions to use

  • Soak some lentils overnight. Make a juice out of potato and put 5 tablespoons into a bowl
  • Now grind the soaked lentils until it turns into a fine paste with smooth consistency without any lumps
  • Now mix all the contents and apply it on the area with hair growth giving it some time to dry well
  • Now wash it properly with cold water until no residue is remaining


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