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Does Face Masks Work in All the Hype?


In recent years face masks have been gained wide popularity which is not a bit of understatement if we agree on it. Generally, face masks may offer you highly concentrated handlings to address some precise issues. With regards, some facemasks are made to deliver some specific ingredients under occlusion, unlike a serum or toner that provides help these ingredients to be absorbed more efficiently in your skin. But a fun factor inherits here while the vast majority in innovations have been bubbled up in colors and peeling off substances.

Some of the face masks are gimmicky that wouldn’t certainly essential in your routine, so always think about the masks like boosters; not essential but beneficial for your skin. if you are trying to choose the best facemask, there are three types of performance-based varieties to consider. These are:

  1. Sheet Facemasks: These masks are often called hydrating masks that have all essential ingredients to saturate your skin in an occlusive manner. It keeps oxygen to dissolve in your skin and you will get a high amount of absorption in very less time. People generally like to pick these sheet masks as it can be kept in the fridge for deep cooling for a long time to get anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

  2. Sleeping or Overnight Facemasks: These are like sleeping packs along with a thick texture that helps to trap in all types of ingredients those you layer underneath. These overnight masks are ideal for all types of skin like matured or several dry skins.

  3. Mud Masks or Clay Masks: These facemasks can be used to absorb the essential oil for a mild exfoliating effect. If you have very sensitive oily skin, this is great to use these masks for oily areas. Moreover, you don’t need to put it on the whole surface of your face though. These are little strips that you can use to target a few areas. In fact, if you love enjoying the multi-masking effect, you can use these clay masks on the at-zone to keep it hydrated all day. 

Some Useful Tips to Use Masks:

One should always use the facemasks after a thin layer of serum just before moisturizing your skin. These three types of facemasks are essentially known as the leave-on Overnight Masks to keep your night time over the moisturizing process. These facemasks work as a product or supplement in your routine, so always use them in moderation. Don’t use the facemasks more than once a week to avoid any irritation. 

Let’s Face it:

Obviously, all facemasks are not pretty to use whether they are made of green ingredients or sheets. However, some facemasks claim to improve the complete appearance of your face skin is appealing and it has quick effective skincare that is fixed in a mask form. But in some forms, they are not necessarily meant to be used in the best way to improve the beauty of your skin. But certainly, they have some benefits especially if they are used appropriately. Here you should know about the facemasks and how to use them on your face to keep it more fresh and healthy even more lustrous. 

How Do They Work?

Washing your face, then moisturizing and applying makeup could be simple for you but a basic skincare routine, it won’t work. But if you are one of who cares about some skin conditions from acne to redness, you must be looking for a special skin care product or booster. Unfortunately, some expensive professional care of skin may be unaffordable for you. That is why a facemask comes into existence by offering intense skin care or treatment at the fraction of a cost.

The magic behind the Facemask is based on certain ingredients that keep your skin fresh for a long time because of its occlusion singularity on your skin. Some Facemasks can have the capability to trap the natural moisturizer in your skin and keep it hydrated, dry, and moisturized. It exfoliates the face skin because of multiple ingredients used for the same purpose. Evidently, these ingredients are penetrated in a better way into your skin in a very less time whether the high density of salicylic acid in your skin for acne or the insufficiency of Vitamin C to form the fine lines, retinoid, or the dark spots.

A facemask can revivify these dark spots by offering a concentrated dosage of the intense version of some essential ingredients properly. 

How to Choose a Fine Facemask Routine?

Whether on a social media platform or in a drug store, everyone tries to get the best and right facemask that can be overwhelming and suitable in use. There must be a variety of options on social media or Instagram, but just your favorite celebrity or model is using the mask and you are keen to use the same, it doesn’t mean to work for you. If you are looking for an intense moisturizing facemask during winters or you are searching for the facemasks that can prevent aging effects, always check the ingredients first as some ingredients may address skin issues like redness, rashes, or inflammation. 

For example, if the intensity of salicylic acid is high as an ingredient, it would directly converse your skin areas into acnes. Similarly, a powerful ingredient in Facemask; Vitamin C, should be sufficiently moderated in a facemask to prevent fine lines or wrinkles. Some more ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Retinaldehydes acid, and humectants acid; should be proportionately mixed in a facemask. If you have a rosacea skin type, never forget to note down the dose of Niacinamide Acid. 

While facemasks wouldn’t be replaced with all types of bad skin habits just after one use, you should give them some time to improve your skin as they provide an extra boost to your skin if they are used in a proper way skincare routine. 


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