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Colon Cleansing: What is it and how it works?


If you keep yourself updated about every latest happening in the field of healthcare then you may probably have heard about colon cleansing. In this blog, we would learn about colon cleansing, its necessity, advantages, and side effects along with other substitutes to keep your colon clean.

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How old is colon cleansing?

While it has gained a “trendy character” recently the colon cleansing or colonic in short has been practiced by traditional physicians from as early as several thousand years ago. It simply means cleaning the colon and the entire body.

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What is the process of colon cleansing?

In this practice plenty of water or herbs are administered methodically to flush out the toxins from the colon.

 It involves hydrotherapy where a thin tube is inserted in the rectum for transferring water and herbs into the colon as well as the large intestine.

 Along with this treatment you can also flush the con toxins by taking supplements like



Herbal or “detox” teas

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Are their any risks associated with colon cleansing?

However, one of the major things to keep in mind is that our colon isn’t full of toxins but also contains several good gut bacteria with many positive effects ranging from improving immunity system to healthy cholesterol regulation. However, along with toxins, colon cleansing can also flush out these good microbes which are a bad thing for your overall health.

 It may not only weaken immunity but also upsets your cholesterol levels along with other negative effects. Some of the immediate side effects of flushing out good gut microbes include







Understandably these symptoms deplete the body’s water levels and may result in dehydration.

When is colon cleansing required?

Colonoscopy is the singular instance when you would require colon cleansing.

it is for your physician to decide if you need a colonoscopy and recommend how to prepare for the same.

How to prepare for colon cleansing?

Before a colonoscopy, it is wise to prepare your internal system to be more responsive to it and brace it against the possible side effects. Using laxatives and replacing a solid or heavy diet with a liquid diet vacates your colon thus providing better visibility to the physician before the process.

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What are some safer ways to keep the colon clean?

To keep your colon clean and naturally toxin-free in a healthy way you can follow some dietary and lifestyle measures as below

 It is best to avoid alcohol but if you are a modest regular drinker then too don’t exceed a single drink every day.

 Red and processed meat are among the major causes behind toxin built-up in the colon and affect its functioning. So, as far as possible try to avoid these meats.

 A moderate healthy diet with a good variety of foods like vegetables, fruits, proteins, fermented items, and dairy items (with low-fat content) not only assures smooth functioning of your colon but also prevents the conditions that attract toxins or facilitate their accumulation.

 Healthy digestive functionality actively improves your colon health profile and fiber plays a vital role in this regard. The issue, however, is that we generally get less than the daily recommended levels of fiber but there is an easy way to get over this issue. You can consider taking fiber supplements available readily in the market and are generally safe to consume (still consulting your physician is recommended).



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