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Can eating more help you to reduce weight?


Going through a weight loss plan could be a demanding exercise for many people. Along with performing the physically demanding exercises, cutting down your favorite foods is another tough decision for the people.

What if someone tells you that you can reduce the weight by eating some protein-rich food with a low-fat profile? That’s true. In this guide, we are going to provide a list of such foods with a high protein profile but low on unhealthy fats. 

Black Beans, Beans, Dried, Food, Texture

Consume Black beans

 Blacks beans come at affordable costs can be prepared in a variety of ways and seamlessly fits into your appetizers, main meals, or in-between snacks.

So if you wish to go for some creative experiments to hike your protein intake then eating black beans ca be the best option to choose.

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Lima beans

 Lima beans pack a decent amount of proteins that can make up to 20-22% of their total volume content. They are delicious and can be eaten at any meal- breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

You may either enjoy them boiled and lightly salted or prepare gravies out of them.

Corn On The Cob, Corn, Food, Field


 Every single cup of yellow corn offers you 15 grams of protein. Besides, it provides you a feeling of fullness that reduced your appetite. Eating corn keeps you satiated for long hours and an instant supply of proteins allows you to devote more time to exercise.

Other friendly components on yellow corn include minerals, calcium, and fiber. It is good for your metabolism as well.

Oats, Cereals, Field, Food, Grain


 Oats provides 17% protein of their total volume. Besides they also offer lots of other nutrients well. Being of subtle taste it isn’t difficult to combine them harmoniously with another food item of your choice.

You can either enjoy their simple taste by eating milk and oats for the breakfast or replace white bread with oatmeal bread at the time of lunch.

They also have a good quantity of complex carbohydrates. It is advisable to prefer raw oatmeal over the prepared version as the latter can have added sugar that contributes to weight gain.

Tempeh, Food, Soybean, Healthy, Cook


 Tempeh is a less known cousin of Tofu. Unlike the latter, it isn’t easily available in the common shops but you can find it in food supermarkets in the refrigerated section. Being prepared with soybean Tempeh has a good amount of protein- it forms around 17% of its total volume.

Especially if you wish to hike protein intake then it is best to prefer tempeh over tofu as the latter has a higher protein content.

Chickpeas, Legume, Market, Chickpeas


 Legumes provide you a good quantity of proteins and instantly make you feel satiated that helps creates a boundary along with your appetite.

Along with other essential components, legumes have a good amount of fiber too that helps in regulating the metabolic activities.

Tomatoes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Oil

Sun-dried tomatoes

If you are looking for a colorful way to add protein to your meals then go for sun-dried tomatoes. There are extremely tasty and brighten up the flavor of any dish with their reasonably tangy taste.

In many cuisines sun dried tomatoes are the major ingredient of their foods. In addition to protein, they are also a good warehouse of o there nutrients as well as fiber. 

Guava, Green Fruit, Branch, Fruit


 As a tropical fruit, Guava is better consumed during the season. Purchase it fresh from the vegetable market to enjoy the best benefits.

Along with a decent protein profile Guava also packs a good amount of vitamin C that offers you the required flexibility to increase your workout sessions for improved outcome.



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