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Body Mass Index Says About Your Wellbeing & A Healthy Lifestyle?


BMI, your body mass index, can be tied to the risk of your disease which always tells about your body weight isn’t so important to measure your overall health; your diet habits and lifestyle play a significant role. Among all the numbers about your BP, body temperature, and cholesterol that your doctor evaluates on appointment; your BMI is one that sticks in your memory, right? This is due to the exact figures your BMI tells you about your weight if it is in the normal, overweight, and obese category. You must have heard about the obesity pandemic. Truly, more than 2 or 3 out of 10 adults are overweight and fighting to lose some pounds according to the survey claimed by National Health & Nutrition Examination. Many public health specialists have now raised an alarm as well to recognize it as the biggest driven cause behind several health issues. It also hits the financial toll in a great number like obesity costs around 200 billion dollars a year when you claim weight-related medicinal bills. Hence, you must have understood, how knowing your BMI is important. It is like a unique measurement that clarifies the risk of all your health problems. Obesity can land you at a dangerous risk of health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, gastritis, and arthritis. But your weight matters a lot.

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Why BMI is indeed a stand-in for your weight stacks-up? When you are carrying some extra pounds on your body it really makes difference whether it comes to threatening you about your upcoming severe health problems. To know about your BMI, you must first calculate your overall body weight in kg. It should be according to your height in meters. You can also take help from an online calculator to avoid the calculation yourself.

What Is Actually a Secure Healthy BMI According to Your Body Weight Range?

A secured healthy BMI is always categorized with your normal body weight range. If you avoid the calculation to see your weight stacks-up with your height, you can take assistance from an online body mass index table. A bodyweight always differs depending on the height, for example, if your height is 5’5”, your body weight should be around 114-144 pounds. Similarly, if your height is 6’2”, your body weight shouldn’t less than around 150-187 pounds.

What Do You Need to Know About a Low BMI & Your Body Weight?

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Low body mass index which is also considered underweight is always below around 18.6. Appropriate body weight depends on your height. An average height of a woman is 5’3” shouldn’t cross the weight range around 107 pounds as less will put you underweight or low BMI. It also can be considered a low body weight range.

What Do You Need to Know About a High BMI & Your Body Weight?

A high body mass index is considered overweight which excesses the obese categories. BMI of 25-29 is considered overweight and 30 is above obese. A BMI table always includes all categories like extreme obesity which falls your BMI at 40 and above.

Why BMI Is Considered As The Best Measure of Your Body Weight?

Unfortunately, a body mass index isn’t perfect to measure the population as a whole. It can be helpful especially because it is being used more widely for other weight assessments. But why? For one person, BMI isn’t enough to tell you how much body mass you should have compared with your fat. For example, if someone is larger with a more muscular body composition, can be wrongly placed into the overweight or high BMI obese category due to the fat muscle weight. Moreover, BMI is not just a single number to direct your weight measurement with your body fat and doesn’t indicate obesity which matters a lot. Generally, BMI is only a medical denominator that doctors often use to find out the perfect combination of your height and weight. You should use some other measurements that can also advocate your waist circumference.

Why BMI Can’t Detect the Risk of Obesity in Postmenopausal Women?

By measuring around the belly button, a woman should have her waist measurement not less than 35” whereas a man should have less than 40”. A waist circumference should be accurately measured according to cardiorespiratory fitness as BMI does. Some researchers have found these measurements could predict the risk of severe heart disease. But it glares a problem. For example, if you are an overweight person but don’t have any health problems, it necessarily doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. Your healthy eating with workout training habits means more than what your BMI calculator says. Being overweight may also be protective for your health problems, research says too. For a young man of 40 age, being overweight is related to the minor risk of death from any type of disease. Rather than shooting for a specific body mass index, what is really important is to develop some healthy habits like yoga, exercising, cardio training, swimming, playing tennis, and eating healthy.

Muscle Weighs More Than Body Weight Is Associated with Gut Health

While we talk about fat versus muscles, muscle weighs more than your body weight and it is always related to better health and longevity. As our BMI doesn’t claim about our muscle mass, it visualizes our health as overweight, it overlooks all health parameters completely. And it is so common for people to get zoomed into a wrong health indication.

Diet & Exercise

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Your age doesn’t matter, eating an organically compiled, and balanced diet with regular exercise incorporates with your muscle health effectively. Some other ingredients also support the health of your muscle which include nutritional drinks and supplements to aim to get a significant and sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. A BMI number doesn’t tell you about everything about your health, the more you understand about your body composition, you can simply maintain a healthy, active, and peaceful life at any age. Always be adhered to some rules in your life which include daily exercise and healthy eating methods.


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