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Best tips to manage ear health and avoid hearing loss


Just like any other sense organ, ears play a key role in our lives. Right from communication to gathering information the importance of ears can not be ignored. However, a huge number of people in the world lose their hearing power or experience a high reduction in their hearing capabilities. It affects their entire life quality- right from professional lives to social and even domestic lives. In many cases, such hearing impairment is avoidable by taking timely actions. By adopting healthy habits and keeping our ears out of harm’s way we can keep our hearing capabilities intact. In this blog, we are going to explain some of the best tips to enjoy excellent hearing capabilities 

Protect your ears from loud noises by wearing ear plug

  Any noise that compels you to talk in a loud voice to be heard by the person standing just near you can potentially harm your hearing capabilities- especially if you are frequently exposed to such noisy ambiance. Whether the noise comes from chainsaws, lawnmowers, machinery or a place frequented by heavy vehicles- the most practical and cheapest solution to overcome this is to use earplugs.

Available both online and offline the earplugs act as a powerful barrier between your ears and the ambient noise thus cushioning your delicate eardrums from being hurt. For the best results, it is recommended to buy customized earplugs to suit your specific requirements. As far as possible purchase earplugs only from medically accredited entities.

 You may also go for musicians’ earplugs that filter out the harmful loud noise levels but doesn’t alter the sound integrity of music and conversations.

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Use headphones responsibly and keep the volume low

 Headphones are the best ways to enjoy your favorite music at your preferred sound levels without disturbing those around you. But did you know that irresponsible headphone use can eventually hurt your hearing capabilities and also result in hearing loss? It is not just an uninformed conjecture but solid information as per research by the leading and highly respected global health institution- WHO.

 The next natural question coming up in your mind will be how much is too much? Here’s the simple straightforward answer- just make sure that you don’t exceed the 60% volume of your headphone- remember, that’s the maximum limit- the lower the better. Also, make sure that headphone music listening shouldn’t exceed one hour (collectively) per day.

 Though they seem to be trendy and more convenient, the new age earbuds can do more harm to your ears due to their very close proximity to the eardrum- the most delicate part of your ear. Rather you can go for safely designed headphones that fit over your ears.

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Offer adequate rest to your ear

 When visiting a concert or another noisy event, you can still minimize the negative impact by allowing your ears to rest for a few minutes. You may walk into a quiet corner for some time. If that’s not possible then you can always go to the washroom, maybe on the pretext of arranging your hair or makeup, clothing, etc., and spend some time away from the noisy ambiance.

There might be a few cases where you can’t find the opportunity to give rest to your ears. In such instances, ensure that you compensate the next day by giving your ears a rest of at least half a day – ideally 16 hours.

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Cotton swabs can hurt your ears

 Right from childhood we have been inculcated that ear wax is bad even abominable and must be removed frequently through cotton swabs. However, it might be surprising to know that ears can independently keep themselves clean and tidy enough to avoid any issues. Ear wax can work as a shield against various harmful ambient particles and dust thus keeping your ear canal safe. Some people may even go to the length of scrubbing their ear wax forcefully which can seriously hurt the delicate eardrums.

Instead of exposing your sensitive eardrums and canal to the cotton swabs you can opt for a damp towel for removing any excess wax. Besides you can shop for medically approved ear wax removal products after consulting your physicians. These solutions make the wax soft enough to pour out naturally without any external help.

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Some medications can negatively affect your hearing ability

 Along with taking proper care of your ears you should also be aware of the side effects of certain medicines on your hearing ability. Due to the intense effect of some medicinal chemicals, they can impair your hearing- especially when administered regularly for a long time.

Normally aspirin and various other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are mainly associated with harming your ears. However, it is best to see if you experience any ear issues after starting a specific medication, in which case you can visit your physicians and consult the issue- instead of ignoring it.

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Dry your ears well after taking a bath

 Accumulation of moisture in the ear invites bacteria and allows it to thrive. These bacteria can cause diverse ear infections that eventually harm your hearing ability. So after taking bath properly dry your ear well with a towel. Don’t ignore if you feel the water being lodged in your ear. Immediately lean your head so the affected ear should face down. Lightly tap on to your ear until the water comes out.

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Exercise on a regular basis

 Just like other parts of your body, your ears’ health can also be improved by the regulated flow of blood. So, maintaining a well-planned fitness regime including running, cycling, walking, and other cardio exercises can also protect you from hearing-related issues by managing your ears’ health. It enables ears to work properly and to their best capability.

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Keep yourself stress-free

 If you hear a ringing voice inside your ear then it may be because of stress. While a little stress is a common thing in a modern, hectic life, you should make sure that your stress should not reach unmanageable levels. During stress mode, our body responds instantly by preparing for a fight or flight mode.

An adrenaline rush along with excessive pressure on internal parts can be experienced when you are overstressed. Body heat increases nerves are pressurized and blood flow speeds up. All this pressure travels across the body including your inner ear and it produces a tintinnabulation inside the ear-something that can interfere with the normal hearing capabilities of your ear.

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Go for a regular checkup of your ears

Just like your overall health, you should follow regular ear checkups as well. Just like an eye screening test, there are a hearing screenings as well to ensure that your hearing capabilities aren’t diminishing. It helps you to identify any initial signs of hearing loss and opt for proactive treatment before the situation worsens.



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